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Fishing Report for Taylor Creek & Gunnison River, CO

date = June 18-22, 2006                    location =                                  other = Gunnison / Taylor

reporter = Barry Prahl                         email =        fishermen = Courtney Prahl

water_temp = 40-50                            water_vol = Moderately High            water_clarity = Clear

air_temp = 40 morning-75 evening       weather = Nice and cool, some overcast afternoons         hatches = Green Drakes 11-2pm

details :   I had to be dragged off the river the fishing was incredible.  My daughter and I fished the Taylor river pocket waters around Almont,CO. every evening there was a wall of caddis so thick I'd never seen anything like it.   The evening hatch made the river boil with hungry trout.  We caught 15-20 fourteen to sixteen inch browns and bows almost every night.   I fished the Gunnison river down by Coopers Ranch on wednesday and thursday between 11 and 2pm.  There were green drakes coming off on wednesday caught more than a half dozen health browns and bows.  Thursday I went back for more the sun stayed out and there was a caddis hatch between 11:30 and 1:30pm.  I caught twenty three trout on a tan elk hair caddis (18 size).  My daughter and I took a guided float trip on monday and did ok, it was a learning experience for her fishing from a raft and on a big river.   She did great and I'm sure proud of her.  All in all GUNNISON is fishing really well.  We hadn't been in about three years,  Now that the whirlings has been handled, the rainbows are coming back nicely.  All the browns in the rivers are native.  I would highly recommend a trip to Colorado to get away from the heat here and go where there is water everywhere.  (PS. Mount Crested Butte was still pretty much covered in snow.)  Enjoy your next fishing trip.

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