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Fishing Report for the Gunnison Drainage, CO

date = 24-1 july     location = Other      other = gunnison drainage co

reporter = r. michael charske        email =        fishermen = none

water_temp = spring        water_vol = Moderately High           water_clarity = Clear

air_temp = upper 40's - 70's/80's         weather = clear - partly cloudy

hatches = salmonfly, golden stone, green drakes(sparse), pmd's(sparse), little yellow sallies (eve clouds of em in willows)

details = report above is for the lake fork of the gunnison

from red bridge area and above (allthough the river runs north so that would be below in water current terms)


all 4 days i fished the lake fork...

saw only 3 fisherman the entire time (and they were in one group)

i refuse to fish nymphal if dries are coming so i didn't start fishing until 10 am

10:30 a sporadic stone was visible

by 11 am you couldn't keep em out of your neck and ears and and and water turned alive with large browns many in the 2 - 3 lb size

sight casting to slurping fish was the rule and fishing better than excellent

2 pm sporadic bugs and my fishing was done for the day

used all patterns from boxes, henry's fork styles, stimulators, even a couple of old sofa pillows, all in orange shades

wading is difficult this time of season and relative good physical condition required to boulder along and wade the drop off banks but road is seldom more than 20 ft above you

big blue creek

this is one of my favorite spring season streams

difficult to access without 4 wheel drive

saw not one soul in 2 days of fishing it...

fiesty brookies to 10 inches are eager to take your #16 royal wulff

(many times fish argue and fight one another for your fly)

a very light rod

(if i have ever considered a zero weight rod it would be for this stream)

easy wading/easy unrestricted casting

hatches included some pmd's, bwo's and a few stones

(but it has never mattered for these fun fish)

when in the gunnison area go by and say hello to dan in lake city (dan's fly shop)

he has been there as long as i remember, i think he says 40 years

i fish this region only early (before 4 july) and late (after 21 sept) and i avoid holiday weekends

i rarely see another fisherman

(by colorado fishing standards this is remarkable)

am off to work (fish when i should work when i can)

2 august i am bc bound

tributaries of the elk river and the great green drake hatches, large wild cutts and glacial clear green waters

hope to return on the 11th and would love to make a meeting

another job (motion picture) may preclude

(supposed to start on the 12th) but still hoping to see all soon

zero limit

best of drifts


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