Mesilla Valley Flyfishers, Inc.

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Fishing Report for the San Juan  6/08/07

date = June 8, 2007             location = San Juan                

reporter = Roger Pastoor       other fishermen = Alex Montes

details = HELLO

We just returned hours ago from the San Juan River. I’m still a little bit sleepy. Alex Montes asked me a long time ago if I wanted to join him for a fishing trip and this weekend we made it happen. We left El Paso late Wednesday night and drove through the night with his top-of-the-line Clackakraft drift boat in tow.

With the first light we arrived there, set up camp on the Cottonwood Campground and went immediately fishing. It was somewhat hard but after a couple of minutes on the Texas hole we were so exited that all the tireness was gone. I stopped counting after I landed twenty and I do not know how many I hooked. Alex could not fish so much because he was busy to net my fish.

During the day it was sunny but a cold wind kept us moving/shivering.

Fishing on Friday was a lot slower on Texas hole and we drifted down stream but it did not get really better.

Saturday morning it started slow on the Texas Hole but it picked up perfect for Alex after noon when a storm came in.  It got cold within minutes and the wind was blowing so hard that it pushed us away even we had set two anchors.  In the late afternoon it was no more fun and we decided to drive home. We had planned to go early Sunday morning anyway.

The regular midges, UFO’s etc. # 22 worked fine and Alex caught one on a San Juan worm at the Texas hole.

My success from Thursday must be credited to a special design I got from a German fly fishing magazin. It is from a Frenchman and was described to seduce even the most selective trout. That’s what we need for the San Juan. Right ?  Generally it is a Hare Eare with a bright orange head. I tied several variations with a brown dubbing body, white goose biots body and a pheaseant fibre body. I always used fine copper wire for the ribbing.

We fished only around Texas hole from the boat because the Mosquitoes tried to eat us alive. It was a horror on the campground and the river.  I never got dressed or what ever faster than there. They bite through the clothing!  I was too afraid to go to the bushes to let the coffee out. So we stayed away from the other places. If you wanted to have a snack you jut needed to inhale.

Double hit ! Don’t get fooled. It is a huge Brodin net and the rainbow is a 18 incher. ( I caught about a dozen German Brown’s at the T-Hole. I think I developed some kind of a German connection)

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