Mesilla Valley Flyfishers, Inc.

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Fishing Report for the Lease  6/09/07

date = June 9, 2007             location = Rio Penasco                

reporter = Randall Vallee       other fishermen = Vickie Vallee

details = HELLO

I just wanted to share our fishing trip yesterday-it was awesome! Vickie caught 9 Rainbow Trout and 8 Chubs'. Both of us were using ultra-light fly rods, which made it even more exciting. I hope you enjoy some of the picture's we took, of course we didn't take a picture of every fish we caught and when I went to take a picture of my largest fish the batteries in the camera died and we both forgot to bring the spare one's, left those in the truck.

070906-1.jpg (17527 bytes)

This is the first one I caught. Landed him on a Prince nymph.

070906-2.jpg (19298 bytes)

This one was a nice size one and it too was caught on a Prince.

070906-3.jpg (20083 bytes)

I was working at bringing this one in, Vickie was on the other side of the river.

070906-4.jpg (10907 bytes)

This is one of Vickie's little Chubs on a Prince.

070906-5.jpg (22960 bytes)

Trout and Fly Rod.

070906-6.jpg (29820 bytes)

070906-7.jpg (14632 bytes)

Release of one of the many we caught.

Vickie used Prince Nymphs and Caddis larva fly's, I used 1 prince and the rest I caught on dry's-Viza-Wulf, Copper Wing Wulf Jacob made up, Hopper and Adams dry fly's.


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