Mesilla Valley Flyfishers, Inc.

Las Cruces, New Mexico
A Federation of Fly Fishers Club

Fishing Report for the Lease  3/06/03

Reporter = Jim Hulsey    email =

Other Fishermen = Wade Hedgecoke

Water Temperature = I forgot to measure it.

Water Volume = Moderately Low          Water Clarity = Clear

Air Temperature = Warm          Weather = Absolutely beautiful day.

Hatches = None

Details = I am glad they call it fishing and not catching. Neither Wade nor I could figure out how to catch them. I ended up catching one and losing two. Wade caught two. They were all rainbows in the 12 - 14 inch range. I had a strike on a black Wooly Bugger and on an olive one. The one I caught was on a size 16 Halfback which is similar in appearance to a Pheasant Tail. Wade caught his on an olive Wooly Bugger.

Our lack of catching was not from a lack of fish, however. I sat above one large pool and watched as 15 - 20 nice sized fish fed actively for half an hour or so at just about noon. I tried every fly I could think of without results. They would take a look at a lot of them but wouldn't quite go for them. I could never see what they were feeding on but this was when I caught the one on a Halfback. Very frustrating.

We saw very few insects on the water and saw no rising fish.


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