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Fishing Report for the Lease  3/15/03

I fished the lease Saturday from about 10am to 2:30pm.  I only fished the upper part from the upper boundary down to the Lunchtime Hole.  Saw a lot of fish in the pools.   The water was very clear and low probably because irrigation has started.   Fish weren't too spooky unless I totally abandoned caution.

Best flies were a size 18 Beadhead Pheasant Tail and a Beadhead Caddis Larvae in tan with a brown soft hackle collar.  Sometimes, I used a pinch-on strike indicator and let the current push the fly up along the edges of the banks where there are undercuts.

Fish were feeding on small mayfly emergers most of the morning.  There was a hatch of a tiny gray mayfly not a Trico.  Then about 1pm they seemed to go deeper and were feeding on something else.  Didn't see any surface activity at all.

It was important to vary the amount of weight to get the fly deep quickly in some holes.  Oh yeah, caught 10.  All were rainbows.  All nice size too with the smallest 11 inches and the largest about 17 inches.  And better yet, all were caught on my new President's rod.

Bob Silver


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