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Fishing Report 4/08/06
South Platte, CO


date = April 8, 2006      location = Other      other = South Platte, CO

reporter = Randy Hulsey        email =        fishermen = Steve Lewis

water_temp = ??         water_vol = Low          water_clarity = Clear

air_temp = 40-60F        weather = Partly cloudy, 5-20mph wind

hatches = Sporadic midge hatch most of the day

details = Fished the South Platte between Spinney and Elevenmile Reserviors (approx 70 miles west of Colorado Springs, CO). Began fishing at a deep bend in the river straight out from the "Barn" Parking Lot at about 10:00 am.

There were small gray midges coming off the water, but very little surface activity. Since this is the tail-end of the spawning run (coming up from Elevenmile Res.), we began fishing with egg patterns and assorted midge patterns. Steve managed to pick up a nice rainbow fairly quickly on this rig, but after that things progressed rather slowly. We saw a few fish in the water, but as the sun got higher, we realized that the pool we were fishing had quite a few fish in it. Many were engaged in the typical spawning behaviour of chasing each other in circles (it was either that or very advanced whirling disease!), but there were quite a few actively feeding near the bottom. A quick check with the seine indicated that there were a few light midge larva coming downstream.

We then switched to various thread midge larva patterns in lighter colors. The color combination that seemed to work the best was an olive thread midge (~size 22) up top and a white or gray thread midge for the dropper. This got immediate results and both Steve and I quickly started catching fish. Before the day was over, we each caught somewhere between a dozen and 20 fish (rainbows and cuttbows). Each of these were scrappers, and ranged from 14" to around 18-19".

After covering about a 1/4 mile of the river, we finally called it a day around 2:30pm and after hearing everyone else's fishing reports of 1 or 2 fish, went home two very happy fisherman!!!

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