Family Reunion Meeting

October 29, 2006


Present: Rev Robert Edgar, Patricia &, Robert Williams, Jr., John Williams, Jr., Leonard & Johnsie Williams, John Sidberry, Elizabeth Richardson, Vera Richardson, Lesia Richardson, Joyce Alston, Susie Williams, Janet Roberts


Scripture: Acts: 17: 24 – 29

Prayer: Aunt Elizabeth

Family Devotion: Minister Edgar Williams

Subject: Family Union with the God Head & Union with the Christ and the believer

1.     Family Union with the God Head – John: 17: 21 – 22 – 21 - That all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you, May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. 22 I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one.

-        We need to understand the union of God so that we can understand the union of family.

-        God sent Jesus – we all know the life of Christ and his reason for coming.

-        Verse 22 –  “…glory that you gave me” – we have the same stuff  (substance), God’s glory in us.

-        The book of Acts tells us that we are the off springs of God – because of this we have a great rich heritage; God is the ultimate father

-        Verse 22 – “…that they may be one as we are one” – we need to be concerned about each other.

-        Edgar will leave his number to keep in touch with family, visit the sick – Mildred, Roosevelt’s wife


2.     Union with one in Christ and the Believer  - John15: 1 – 13

        “I am the true vine”  - we are clean because of the word that was spoken Ephesians.

       We need to abide in him in order to be fruitful; without him we can do nothing; we are being washed by the word; the Holy spirit is going to do the work; without him we can’t do anything; we don’t have any substance, no fruit; things we want to accomplish; we are going to accomplish it big time;

       Abide in love with Christ; we can’t do it on our own;

3.     What we should do as a family?

       We will come together and all might not be right,  but love will cover all sin; We should come as a open books because we love each other; everyone should be on one accord – We will not leave here tonight with any grudges or jealousies.

       Example; Italian family – if one doesn’t have that the other have they will rally around that member

        We need to respect each other for our individual strengths; together we complete the puzzle. Everybody must work together.

       We need time for healing – give James 5:16 – Confess your faults to one another and pray ye for one another so that you may be restored and healed – tremendous power

       You can’t tell everybody because they might be mature enough to handle it. Profess it to God

       I love you should come from the heart, the devil will get mad and leave you every time we show love as a family.

       We have to have union with the Godhead, Jesus Christ and with each other.

       Union – communication, love, unity because we are the believer

       We need to cover each other in prayer.

       Do we believe that with God all things are possible? Yes – there is healing in love. Agape love, abide in me………..

4.     Family sharing their feelings:

       Those going through: Revelations. 1:9 – We have to go through; the more you want God, the more you will go through; you will gain an anointed patience. So count it all joy when you have to go through. You will go through a spiritual transformation. You will gain the fruit of the spirit – from God and a big heart for everybody; nothing can stop you – I am invisible in Christ; everyone has a mission, just say thank you Jesus; let God have his way.

       Romans 12:10 – Be kindly…serving the lord, rejoicing in hope, pray all the time; bless them that curse you – they are appointed to you because God is preparing you for promotion.

Family Business 


    1.     Review from last two meeting - August 20/September 24 – Joyce reviewed the meeting notes from the last two meetings.

    2.       Action Items: Transportation quotes – (Committee – Aunt Susie, John Sidbery and Leslie Richardson).

a.       The committee is still working on getting quotes.

b.     John verbally gave a quote he received for $1200 to travel to Virginia.

c.     John indicated that he should have list of other quotes by Saturday, November 04, 2006. He was instructed to have them all written down and be prepared to share at the next meeting.

d.     Concern: Wouldn’t taking a busload of family to visit our sick family members be too much for them.

e.      Response: the purposes of our family trips are twofold: Fellowship and Educational. We will try to arrange a place where we could fellowship with our family members and provide an educational learning experience for our family, especially the children. (Ex. – Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C., etc.

f.      Along with the sick we should also go and visit family members incarcerated. Along with the visit we should be a financial blessing as well. We need to make sure it is approved first through the department of corrections.

g.     Family members were encouraged to be patience. We are in the process of trying to get seed planted – We are getting ideas – Some things are important and some are necessary.

5.     Family Annual Dues Please continue to pay ($25.00). This is separate from the Family Reunion Dues.

6.     Joyce Shared email: Herbert Caudle – (Jerome sent email) – Joyce will start sharing emailed information with the family

a.      Prayer List – No one had a list ready to turn in except for Edgar and his family..  We have to protect our family. This month that we are in, (October) Satan is trying to attack our family. We need to have a prayer list of our family – Pray that the blood of Jesus will protect our family. We need to cover them; certain things will not change if we do not cover them. Prayer will help our children - pray for their future mate. We are all intercessors.

b.      Mediate on your list – send in this week – Edgar will come this Tuesday to pick up the list – Uncle Leonard will set a box up by the television in his shed for us to put our list in.

c.     Tell others who are not here. Our prayer list is important, this will help unify the family.

7.     Process after the list are collected:

a.      Edgar will pass it on to the family on the Internet.

b.     Family members will send information from the Internet to Edgar.

c.     Format: Each family will send a list of their immediate family (father, mother, brothers and sisters. From the brother and sisters, list their children

d.     From these list we will begin to call the roll in prayer (calling each family member out)

e.       Next we will pray in categories – specific. Edgar Williams will share vital information at proceeding meeting to increase our prayer life. For example, How to tap in with God to know that you made contact with him.

f.      Edgar’s number –  Home  - (252) 492- 0644; (Cell #1) – 410-961-4624; (Cell #2) – 252- 213-8233

g.     John  (Edgar’s brother)– (Home) 252 438-8181 (Cell) 252 432-9787


Action Items

1. Prayer list – Get those in.

2. Bus Quotes

3. Aunt Virginia – information on how to contact Warren

4. Lesia – Write down list of who is here and contact those who are not here

5. Hospitality Committee: Aunt Sue wanted to form a hospitality committee –To send out cards for family members that are sick or are celebrating their birthday . It was recommended that we collect at least $2.00 a month so that we will also be able to include a monetary gift. A motion was made that Aunt Sue be chairmen of the hospitality committee by Joyce Alston and Aunt Elizabeth –second motion; Aunt Sue asked for an assistant, she asked that Aunt Elizabeth be her assistant – Joyce Alston made a motion that Aunt Elizabeth be her assistant. And John Sidberry second the motion.

6. Joyce mentioned that if you can’t get to our family website – Go to Google and type in Williams, Sneed, Green family.

7. Closing Prayer – John Williams


Next Meeting: Sunday, November 19, 2006 @ 5:00


Written by Janet Roberts, Secretary – 10/29/06


Williams, Greene, Sneed Family Meeting

September 24, 2006


Attendees:   Patricia Williams, Robert Edgar, Jr., Dominique Williams, John Michael Sidberry, Vera Richardson, Leslie Richardson, Elizabeth Richardson, Roosevelt & Marletta Alston, Leonard & Johnsie Williams, Susie Williams, Virginia Preston, Joyce Alston-Williams, Robert Edgar Williams, Sr.


The family meeting began with opening pray by the President Rev. R. Edgar Williams

Scripture Read was Ephesians 1:18 by Joyce Alston-Williams


The meeting began with apologies from Joyce for not having the last minutes prepared:


Actions Items from August, 2006 meeting

Family Visits

Annual Family Dues

Newsletter Publications


Established Protocol for family meeting as presented by President, Robert Edgar Williams


Edgar recommended the family have a bible teaching session prior to conducting business for the meeting.   He informed the family that this would be his established platform prior to every family meeting.


The Lesson Discussion was taken from:   Ephesians 3:10, I Peter 3:22, Hebrews 12:23 and Hebrews 1:1


Edgar informed the family that other family members are watching.  Not only those who are alive and well but those who are also dead and gone.   He then provided the above mentioned bible references to support this.   He informed the family that in addition to the bible teaching for each family meeting everyone should prepare their spirits prior to coming to the meeting.   He also implied the expectations that he received from everyone and this would be the established protocol for the 2006-2007 family meetings;


  1. Everyone is Special
  2. Everyone is Important
  3. All Officers Should Complete Assignments
  4. Operate in a Spirit of Excellence; Having Credibility
  5. Receiving Constructive Criticism
  6. We will not be repetitive
  7. Everyone should bring goals, ideas and objectives to the next meeting
  8. Establish a prayer list of everybody in the family needing prayer and asking the family to pray for everyone on the list each day.


Business Discussions


Edgar asked for volunteers to help undertake some of the responsibilities of things to be accomplished. There were no volunteers.  He then asked Lesia Richardson (Elizabeth’s daughter) if she would assume the responsibility of making contact with all family members reminding them of family meetings.   She accepted.


Then again Edgar asked for a volunteer to assume the responsibility of assistant secretary, again no volunteers to report.   Joyce assumed responsibility until some else could do so.


Then Edgar opened the floor and asked if anyone needed to be forgiven or did anyone need to apologies to anyone that was present in the meeting.   No one responded.


Round Table Discussions


Edgar asked for round table discussion and everyone had 30 seconds to say whatever they wanted, regarding expectations of the family committee, suggestions the floor was then opened.


  1. Patricia Williams – Recommended Welcome Packets
  2. Robert Edgar, Jr. – No Comments
  3. Dominique Williams – Family Trips or Monthly dinners
  4. John Michael Sidberry – Comments of Excellent Family Reunion

5.     Vera Richardson – Meetings Need to Start on Time

  1. Leslie Richardson -  (My apologies I did not record will provide next meeting)
  2. Elizabeth Richardson - (My apologies I did not record will provide next meeting)
  3. Roosevelt Alston – (My apologies I did not record will provide next meeting)
  4. Marletta Alston – More people need to attend
  5. Leonard Williams -
  6. Johnsie Williams – Family Reunion comments, things went well
  7. Susie Williams – Family trips, and church obligations
  8. Virginia Preston,- House to house prayer meetings
  9. Joyce Alston-Williams – Encouraged Family Bible Study



Action Items for Next Meeting





Meeting Adjourned Next Meeting scheduled October 29, 2006, 5:00 pm Leonard & Johnsie’s house.

The Williams, Green, Sneed Family Reunion Minutes

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

7:00 pm


Present:  Edgar & Patricia Williams, Leonard & Johnsie Williams, Roosevelt Jr., & Marletta Alston, Jimmy & Myre Sidberry, Richard & Mildred Alston, Ronald Alston, Elizabeth Richardson, Leslie Richardson, Montelus & Gwen Williams, Vera Richardson, Leisa Richardson, Domique & Shaletta Williams, John T. Williams, Susie Williams, John Michael & Tomeka Sidberry, Tony & Neisha Williams, David & Gwen Height, Carolyn Sidberry, Donald & Angela Alston, TW & Magnolia Caudle and Joyce Alston-Williams.


Begin with:

Prayer by Jimmy Sidberry


Family Website


The family meeting started with a computer projection of the Family webpage that’s maintained by Notre Daine Williams.   Many family members who had never seen the website were very impressed and though most family members have been informed of the family website, many had no idea that the family history and family photos, military displays and other information could be obtain.  Many were very touched also by the Page devoted to “Sonny Boy”   Many were also provided the website address and alternatives to accessing it, if they didn’t have a computer.   Information was provided.


Family Reunion Expressions


Overall the majority felt that this was the best family reunion ever.   Many also recommended we do the same next year.


Elections Officers


The family elected officers for the position of President and Vice President.

Robert Edgar Williams was elected President and

Ronald B. Alston was elected Vice President


The family then unanimously voted that all other officers remained the same.

Vera Richardson – Food Committee Chair

Roosevelt Alston, Jr. – Treasurer 

(Note:  286 Greentown Avenue, Warrenton, NC 27589)

Janet Roberts – Secretary

Lewis Roberts – Parliamentarian

Joyce Alston-Williams – Activities Committee Chair

Family Business



Round Table Discussion


Building Family Communications & Connections, How do we do it?


Many made recommendations on improvements in family communications and family connections. 


       The local family members recommended and unanimously voted on holding monthly family meeting to keep everyone informed of what’s going on and to plan activities.   Everyone agreed meet the last Sunday of everyone month at Uncle Leonard’s house.


       Also recommended was to scheduling a family visit to visit our related that were greatly missed at this year reunion that we normally would see.  Every year like:  Uncle Sam & Aunt Lavonia, Aunt Mae, Aunt Irene and Uncle Alonzo.


These discussions led to the conclusion that the NC family members would plan a trip bus trip to fellowship with other family members in Virginia or DC and pick up Uncle Alonzo on the way for church service or dinner with everyone. 


Gwen Height agreed to inform the family members up north and get back with us on what visit would be the best for all those involved, especially for those who were sick and not getting around well.


Susie Williams, Leslie Richardson, John M. Sidberry agreed to provide  bus and 16 passenger van quotes to the next meeting scheduled on September 24th.


The meeting was then adjourned

Minutes by Joyce Alston-Williams in the absence of the Secretary


Highlights of July 16, 2006 Family Reunion Meeting


Tables & Tents: The family felt that we had enough tables and tents for the reunion.


Chairs:  Chairs are still a concern for the reunion:

*       Aunt Susie will provide 25 chairs for the children.

*      Junior will try to get around 30.

*      Family member were asked to bring picnic benches if they have.



Food Committee:  Vera gave a report on the menu. We will be serving food for all three days; Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Estimated cost:  $963.67

Each family is asked to bring a desert and a 2 liter soda for the reunion – Out of town family members as well as the family in North Carolina


Activity Committee: Joyce gave a report on the activities. Funds needed $180.50

*   Will have a moonwalk scheduled for the children.

*   Additional games and prizes will be purchased for the children.

*   We will have a DJ for Saturday


Home Coming Activity: Aunt Elizabeth will be collecting money. We will raise money in the name of Robert and Nannie Williams.


Finance Committee:  Junior gave a report on the amount of money already collected. We need to raise more money, we only have $537.67 in the treasurer.



Deadline for dues extended to July 30th



Next Meeting date: Sunday, August 6, 2006 @5:00


2006 Williams, Greene, Sneed Family Reunion

Meeting Minutes

Warrenton, North Carolina 27589

March 25, 2006

Location: Leonard & Johnsie William’s residence

Attendees Present: Leonard & Johnsie Williams, Leslie Richardson, Elizabeth Richardson, Roosevelt Alston, Jr., Vera Richardson, Dominique Williams, Leisa Richardson, Joyce Alston-Williams

Absent Committee Members: Lewis and Janet Roberts, Parliamentarian and Secretary, Leslie Williams President

The 2nd 2006 Family Reunion meeting begin with scripture from Psalms 24 by Elizabeth Richardson and prayer by Joyce Alston-Williams

Then the minutes from the previous meeting were read. All family members agreed with the reading of the minutes. However, indicated that the date of the Reunion was not published in the last meeting minutes. The dates were concluded as August 18th, 19th and 20th 2006.

Next action items were discussed from the previous meeting.

Action Items:

(Family Equipment Purchases)

Table Quotes – To be provided by Susie Williams, not present. Leslie R. assumed the responsibility and will provide at the next meeting.

Tent Quotes – Leslie and Leonard decided to get together to obtain quotes and will present at the next meeting.

New Discussions were:

(Family Equipment Purchase)

Johnsie W. Recommended we add catering pans to the family equipment list. The family agreed but suggested that it will be added to next year’s (2007) family equipment purchase.

(Food Committee Request)

Vera Richardson, Food Committee Chair made requests for a menu, cooks and etc…

The Family discussed many food selections and the 2006 Reunion menu has been suggested.

2006 Family Reunion Menu


Side Dishes


Bar-B-Que – Dominique Mac & Cheese - Mildred
Chicken – Baked & Fried – Leonard & Vera Corn Pudding - Elizabeth
Fish Cole Slaw – Joyce
Brunswick Stew – Mildred & Myre String Beans Drinks & Breads
Baked Beans
Macaroni Salad

Vera concluded that she would provide the family with an estimate of total cost needed by the Food Committee including paper products and dcor.

(Activities Committee Recommendations/Request)

The typical activities like volley ball, badminton, basket ball were established in addition Joyce suggested sack racing and competitive games that family members could sign up for. She also agreed to bring pricing to the family for moonwalks and water slide rentals.

Other areas of interest the family members had was working on a family project like actually creating a family tree on a large wood panel that would project the different branches of the family that would display how we are all connected. The family agreed that this would be a fun project and Joyce agreed to follow-up with Deloris Williams for more information and input.

Also discussed was the taking a nature trail walk to the old family cemetery. Some family members didn’t know if was access and Leslie agreed to take anyone that wanted to go on Sunday morning.

The next family meeting will be held in the same place, Leonard and Johnsie’s house on April 29th, 5:00 pm

The meeting was them dismissed with prayer by Elizabeth Richardson.

Minutes Submitted by,

Joyce Alston-Williams


2006 Williams, Greene, Sneed Family Reunion

Meeting Minutes

Warrenton, North Carolina

February 12, 2006

5:00 p.m.


Location:   Leonard & Johnsie William’s Residence


Attendees Present: Leonard & Johnsie Williams, Mildred & Richard Alston, Elizbeth Richardson, Susie Williams (also so standing in for Willie Leslie Williams, President), Roosevelt Jr. (Treasurer)  & Marietta Alston, Vera Richardson (Food Committee Chair), Leisa Richardson, Joyce Alston-Williams (Activities Committee Chair)


Absent Committee Members: Leslie Richardson, (Facilities Locator), Lewis and Janet Roberts, (Parliamentarian) and (Secretary).


The first 2006 Williams, Greene, Sneed Family Reunion meeting came to order with the reading of scripture from the entire 2nd Chapter of Proverbs by Joyce Alston then prayer was followed by Elizabeth Richardson.


Open Forum Discussions:


Then the floor was open for discussions.  Many positive comments were made regarding last year’s reunion and responses many had received from other families and other family members that had attended our reunion. 


Inspiring thoughts of new beginnings and starting off with new aspirations were mentioned as well as everyone motivating each other to make this year’s reunion even better.


Joyce asked if she could resign her position as activities director due to her hectic schedule with work and school.  The family members offered to support her with activities for this year but recommended that she maintain her position until the next election.  She agreed.


Business Meeting Discussions:


v    Will we have a family reunion this year?


     It was discussed and concluded that Yes we should have a family reunion every year.    It was expressed by Leonard Williams that we should not take for granted that we have all the time in the world let to get things done and that the family was already too spread abroad, therefore, it was absolutely necessary to have a reunion every year.   Everyone agreed.


v    Where will the family reunion be held this year?


     After discussion of facilities available and the time remaining to send letters and make preparations, it was unanimously concluded that the reunion will take place on Greentown Avenue in Leonard and Johnsie William’s yard.


v       How many days will the family reunion consist of?


     It was unanimously agreed that we would hold a three-day event this year.  Starting with a fish fry on Friday night, “The Reunion on Saturday” with an active agenda planned and a Sunday afternoon gathering after church services.


v    What will the fees be for this year?


     After discussions and recommendations of dues for the reunion.  It was concluded that the reunion fees would remain the same as last year $50.00 per single and $100.00 per family.



v    In an effort of family fellowship and becoming closer it was suggested we have monthly Sunday dinners and rotating the dinners at each other’s house.  Everyone thought it was a good recommendation.


     Elizabeth Richardson volunteered that she would like to have a brunch for all of the family and will let us know when it will be a convenient time for her.


v    Other discussions made were of the family purchasing our own equipment for reunions and events. Susie Williams recommended we start by each family purchasing a table this year.   Everyone agreed that single individuals could double up and purchase a table and families would purchase a table.  The prices of the tables were estimated at $59.99.  


     Susie Williams will bring quotes to next meeting to confirm amounts and family will set a deadline to pay for the tables we will purchase this year.


Other family purchase recommendations were for tents.   Family agreed to forward all requests to Leslie Richardson for quotes and pricing.   Everyone agreed that we would not be prepared to purchase tents this year but rental quotes are needed.


     Leslie Richardson to provide quotes.


v    Family members asked to proof all official letters and notifications going out to other family members prior to being sent.


     Joyce to contact Janet about preparing the family letters.  Important to get attendance responses so that we know approximately how many people to make preparations for.


v    Family members asked to contact other family members to improve attendance at family meetings.


v    All committee members to should bring plans, recommendations, quotes and discussion topics to next month’s meeting.


v    The next scheduled family meeting will be March 25th @ 5:00 p.m. at Leonard and Johnsie’s residence.



Meeting Adjourned with prayer by Joyce Alston


Minutes prepared by Joyce Alston


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