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This is the what Joyce had to say.

Hello Everyone,

 I just wanted to get back with you with an update on the cemetery and
 FINALLY the family reunion minutes.

On Thursday, of last week Ms. Mary Lib Taylor and her husband did come out
 to spot the cemetery.  When I told the other family members of this there
was about 13 total to take the walk to the cemetery and my dog Shane.   It
 was quite exciting.

I was able to take a few pictures some are not that clear but maybe you can
 get an idea of the cemetery's present state.

 I also contacted Richard Hunter, Warren County Clerk of Court and he
 recommended that we first clean it up and but up something to indicate all
 four corners of the cemetery so it can be easily spotted then someone will
come down and officially spot it so it can be considered a registered cemetery.

 Well it's going to be a lot and everyone is in favor of contributing.
There is a pretty decent path to walk to it that the loggers cut so we
didn't have to walk much in the woods.

 Well I'll keep you all posted on any updates and sorry for my delay.  Till
 next time.

 Peace and Love to you all.


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