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An RST & SPC from any QSO counts for QRPTTF
QRP To The Field (QRPTTF) 
Saturday, April 22, 2023 
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Updated 8 May 2023
Date and Time
 Saturday, April 22, 2023
 (The 3rd Saturday in April)
 0800-1800 Your Local Time
 Eastern:   0800-1800 EDT
 Central:   0800-1800 CDT
 Mountain:  0800-1800 MDT
 Pacific:   0800-1800 PDT
 Elsewhere: 1200-2400 UTC
Bands and modes
 QRP (5W or less CW) 
     on the non-WARC HF bands only
Standard QRP calling frequencies
QRPTTF is an annual operating event to encourage QRPers to get on the air from their house, their backyard, or from the field," and of course, make QSOs and have fun.
QRPTTF encourages participation by QRP hams of all skill levels.
CW speeds are usually in the 13-20 wpm range. 
Exchange:  RST, SPC/code, Name
   SPC  is your U.S. State, Canadian Province, or Country
   /code  is your station code or spell it out if you wish!
   /H = HOME station           Example: 559 IL/H Stan  (HOME station in Illinois)
   /B = OUTBACK station    Example: 549 KY/B Bob (OUTBACK station in Kentucky)
   /F  = FIELD station           Example: 449 OR/F Steve (FIELD station in Oregon)
Mode: CW and/or SSB
Power: QRP 5 watts or less; 10W SSB
CQ: The recommended CQ is "CQ TTF"
Suggested Frequencies (Non-WARC band only, 160/80/40/20/15/10M):
    CW QRP watering holes:   3560, 7030/7040, 7116, 14060, 21060, 28060 KHz
    OR ... whatever else works.
Spotting or announcing yourself on QRP-L or other service is allowed.
OUTBACK stations may use existing home antennas and power source.
Per band: Number of QSOs per band TIMES the number of SPCs and FIELD stations worked
For clarity: if you work a FIELD station in UT, it counts as a UT SPC + a FIELD station SPC.
QSO points: ADD scores for each band for QSO points
Total Score: QSO points TIMES Multiplier
 x1  for HOME or OUTBACK/Backyard stations
 x2for FIELD stations
If you've never worked a contest before, or find the 35 word per minute exchanges of other contests intimidating, try QRPTTF.  It's pretty low-key and built for fun.  If you hear a station calling QRP TTF, give a call.  Don't be afraid to say PSE QRS (please slow down) if he's too fast for you.  Many stations will match your speed. If you miss an element of the exchange, ask for a repeat (SPC? or NAME?").  We all fail to get the exchange at times.  Often, by listening to a QRPTTF station working another, you can copy the exchange before you call. These are all tricks to help you with your code speed and to get you on the air to make some contacts.
Remember, we want to work you as much as you want to work us!
Every year, summary sheets are submitted that say "These were my first CW contacts ever," or "my first contest."  That's what this is all about.  Of course, working our old friends is fun, too!!!  Get on the air, have fun, and enjoy the great outdoors if you can - and QRP.
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2023 Results
(Open Office)
User Submitted
PHOTOS.   If you snap a photo or selfie of your QRPTTF station, send it along with your
Summary Sheet to be included on the results page. 
Questions or comments may be directed to: qrp-l@mailman.qth.net (QRP-L Forum)
or na5n@zianet.com
72, Paul NA5N and Jan NQT
Socorro, New Mexico
(MS Excel)
Many QRPers aren't Spring Chickens anymore. Emails and Summary Sheet comments over the past years have strongly supported the Home or "Outback" option (operating from your back yard) for the QRPers unable to travel to remote destinations or due to health or family considerations.  Many of our more "mature" QRPers enjoy operating from their backyard or patio. Therefore, the backyard "Outback" theme will be a permanent change to the QRPTTF rules.
The rest of you are encouraged to operate "From the Field" -- a local park, your favorite fishing hole, or wherever.  There is no specific theme for 2023.  For  those
FIELD stations, you multiply your band score by two for your Field effort.
PLUS ... working a FIELD station counts as a separate SPC for scoring purposes (automatically calculated on the Summary Sheet).
QRP is just plain fun and we want everyone who participates in QRPTTF to have fun, regardless of your age or limitations you may have.
72, Paul NA5N
"Outback" in your Back Yard
From your HOME shack
Results Page
Edit and submit above Summary Sheet, which calculates your score automatically.
Send Summary Sheet (logs not required) to na5n@zianet.com by May 10, 2023

Mailing address:
Paul Harden, NA5N
72 Polvadera Heights Road
Lemitar, NM 87823
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