Citrine Earrings
Prices for 14K gold (14K) 0r Sterling Silver (SS) settings

4mm round$24 (14K); $14 (SS)
6x4mm oval$28 (14K): $17 (SS)
9x7mm oval$50 (14K); $22 (SS)
9x7mm oval
$72 (14K); $30 (SS)
8x6mm rectangle$50 (14K); $26 (SS)
8x5mm pear
$49 (14K); $26 (SS)
8x5mm pear
$70 (14K); $38 (SS)

Oval Posts

Pear Leverbacks

Custom Faceted Stones

#98 Citrine
6.7 ct brilliant rectangle
14.5x10mm stone
in 14K gold pendant

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