Red Garnet or Rhodolite Garnet Earrings
Prices for 14K Gold (14K) or sterling (SS) settings

4mm round$24 (14K); $14(SS)
6x4mm oval$32(14K); $19(SS)
8x6mm oval$51(14K); $27(SS)
8x6mm oval
$72(14K); $33(SS)
8x6mm rectangle$48(14K); $24(SS)
8x6mm rectangle
$68(14K); $31(SS)
9x6mm pear$44(14K); $22(SS)
9x6mm pear
$66(14K); $29(SS)

Pear Leverbacks

Raspberry Rhodolite Garnet Earrings

A very bright stone with a pinkish hue

4mm round$30 (14K)
7x5mm oval$54(14K)
7x5mm oval
6mm triangle$47(14K)
6mm triangle

Triangle Posts

Custom Faceted Stones

#263 Raspberry Rhodolite Garnet
2.75 ct. stone, chrysanthemum
cut 8.5mm, in 14K gold ring. size 7;

#473 Raspberry Rhodolite Garnet
1.23 ct eight sided brilliant
6mm with silver sapphire accents
in a 14K gold ring

#466 Raspberry Rhodolite Garnet
1.55 ct Chrysanthemum cut
6.5mm in a 14K gold pendant

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