Almost Lifesize Pix of the Vibroplex Vertical and Midget

big pic Wirechief's Key
big pic of Midget

These two bugs were already featured a page or two ago, but they are rare and sought after enough to deserve a place just to themselves. A left-handed Vertical resides in the Gil Schlehman collection. Probably about twenty Verticals are currently accounted for in collections. Two Midgets are known to exist, with another two likely for a total of four.

When an insulated sphere of conducting material is charged with electricity, the charge passes to the surface of the sphere and forms an extremely thin layer. Boit proved that the charge resides on the surface (click 'go'). A copper ball is electrified and insulated. Two hollow hemispheres of copper of a larger size, provided with insulated handles, are then placed near the sphere. So long as they do not touch the sphere, the charge remains on the sphere. But if the hemispheres touch the inner sphere, the whole of the electricity passes to the exterior, and when the hemispheres are separated and removed the inner globe is found to be completely discharged. From 'Hawkin's Electrical Guide #1' (1914).

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