What is Digital Space Art?

“Space art,” sometimes called “Astronomical Art,” has a long and respectable history. Artists have been creating imaginative works showing conceptual and fanciful spacecraft, strange new worlds and awesome galactic vistas since long before the first primitive artificial satellites were boosted into earth orbit.

Until the advent of the computer, space artists relied on traditional media, such as oil paints on canvas or acrylics on illustration board, to show us their visions. Today’s powerful desktop computers provide an optional medium.

The images on this Digital Space Art website show some of the capabilities of today's affordable three-dimensional (3D) modeling and rendering software as used to create photo-realistic images of space subjects.

The hardware models in these images--spacecraft, booster rockets, interplanetary probes, and so on--are realistic extrapolations of designs not so very different from vehicles that actually flew. You won’t find any physically unlikely “fantasy” spacecraft here. Most of these images feature the hardware in a prominent role--they’re not just extraterrestrial scenery.

Take a few minutes and browse through the site. You’ll find the following pages:


Enjoy your journey into the far-out realm of Digital Space Art.


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