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The Official Flags of the
Provisional Peoples'
Democratic Republic
of Diego Garcia

Our Battle Flag:

PROPEOPDEMREP BATTLE FLAG:   Derived from both the American and the British flags, with the Jack of each sharing the field, symbolizing the friendship of the U.S. and U.K.  The stripes represent the unique and separate nations of each.  Over the Jack is the map of the Republic.  In the field is  a death's head representing the loss of hope for all who venture to the Republic.  The head is surmounted by a bonnet of tropical flowers representing the tropical beauty of the Republic.  The lettering stands for "Diego Garcia" and "Indian Ocean".  Beneath are two cutlasses, dripping with blood, representing the contribution of the Citizens of the Republic to maintaining world freedom by destroying the evil twins of Terrorism and Tyranny, and the shedding of the blood of our enemies (on several ocassions to date).  The Blue and Gold in the swords represent the official colors of both the US Navy and US Air Force.

Our Civil Ensign:

The Civil Ensign represents the colors of the sea, the sky, and the lush tropical island itself.  The four stars in the field represent the Southern Cross, symbolizing the Republic's location South of the Equator.

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Of course, we let the Brits think they really run the place, and this is the official
BIOT Commissioner's Flag:

BIOT Commissioner's Flag

The BIOT Flag - used only by the Commissioner and presented by the Queen in 1990.

The Brits also have their own Coat of Arms for the BIOT, and here it is:
BIOT Coat of Arms

For those who have had enough of the Brits, here's one for you:

And here's the official Union Jack, which British People seem to enjoy
wearing as an article of clothing (but looking at these pictures, I'm not complaining):

Brit Flag Girl 1Brit
          Flag Girl 2Jerri's Jack!

Not to be outdone, these Yankee Girls sport their flags as well...


 Other Countries have played a role in the development of the PPDRDG, and here are their flags:

Philippine Flag

The National Flag of the Philippines

Mauritian Flag

The Mauritius Civil Ensign

And we can't forget the Australians, who so ably defended our Republic from the Afghani Air Force during Enduring Freedom!

Ozzy Rhino Flag

And for those of you who contributed to the bombing campaigns from 2001 - 2006,
here are the official "colors" for the Diego Garcia Chapter of the Yankee Air Pirates. 
This is about 2000 x 2000 pixels, so you can download it, take it to your local speed shop,
and have it made into a sticker for the back window of your truck!

Download this pic &
                  have it printed as a sticker for your pickup truck

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