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The Peoples' Factory for Cheap Trinkets
to Keep the Rabble Happy Presents:
Souveniers of Diego Garcia
Yes, the government of the PROPEOPDEMREPDG offers many special mementos for its Citizens!  Available in bulk, or one at a time from the Ship's Store, (at extremely modest prices) these valuable treasures can't help but appreciate in value, just as the sentiments they memorialize swell in your breast, and bring tears to your eyes!

Do you have a souvenier that recalls the glorious time you had on our favorite island?  Why don't you take a picture of it, and send me the photo, and I'll put it on this page along with the other wonderful, sure to soon be, heirlooms!

Meanwhile - are you out there now and want to make some a quick $20?  Here's how:
Greetings ---  I'm a sand collector.  Really!  I have about 212 samples from around the world, but none from Diego Garcia.  I use the Internet to trade sand with other sand nuts around the world, and was wondering if someone there is willing to send me about a half coffee mug full.  I am willing to fork over $20 U.S.  plus shipping and handling.  How about it?  Mac McIlvain, Hayward, CA  <>

Here's somebody else willing to pay you for your souveniers:
Surfed in to your site looking for Afrts discs.  I collect the Beach Boys, and would be interested in purchasing any AFRTS LPs by them. Thanxx for any help you can provide!  Bgas ( )

Finally, if you would like to buy something without going back, see the For Sale Page.

Now here is the oldest item in this gallery - a Zippo from REINDEER STATION - which was the original name for the Communications Station and Base on Diego Garcia.  From 1972, with many thanks to Les Bywaters, RAF, for sending the photo!

1972 Diego
                  Garcia Zippo

The Mugs, Belt Buckle, and Ashtray below are from 1973.
"Island Command" was the name for the SEABEE base, NAVCOMMSTA was the Communications Station, once commissioned.
Once again, many thanks to Carl "Vig" Villanueva for sending these!

1973 NAVCOMSTA Coffee
                  Mug1973 Island
                  Command Coffee Mug

1973 Diego Garcia Belt
                  Buckle1973 Diego
                  Garcia Ashtray

Here's Vig's 1972 hat, sitting on a Mauritian Blanket.  In those days, the supply ship still brought trade goods from Mauritius.
1973 Diego Garcia
                  ZippoVig's Hat & Mauritian
                  Blanket, 1972

Here's a "coaster" from 1974 from David Perkins (ET1 at Transmitter Site).

Above - An Ashtray from 1981. courtesy of Bill Allen.  I wonder if they let you smoke out there now?

Here's a selection of hats from Roy Hodge:

The Cigarette Lighter below is from 1982.  "Footprint of Freedom" mug and the pewter mug are from 1988.
1982 Diego Garcia
1988 Diego Garcia
                  China Mug1988 Diego Garcia Pewter
                  Beer Mug

The Yacht Club windbreaker above is from Lisa Severino, DGYC Vice-Commodore, 1990.

Here's a BIOT Zippo from 2012, courtesy of Sandra Flores.  I guess they haven't banned the Ship's Store from making a profit from tabacco yet!

Here are some items I pulled off of ebay.  If you are looking for DG souveniers, there are usually several for sale at any given time:
Solid Brass
                  Zippo - NSF, date unknownUnited Seaman's
                  Service Zippo

Shot Glass from Diego
                  Garcia - from late 90s or early 00s

Diego Mug
                  from 1992

                  Garcia Mugs from 1977

Here's a  Souvenier Plate:


The silly practice of "challenge coins" has infected the citizenry of the PROPEOPDEMREP!

Here are several photos of the damn things that people have sent to me:

BIOT Coin - 1999 (still on
                  sale in 2009NSF Coin - Flip Side
                  Ammo Coin, 2001
                  Coin - also from 2001
28th Air
                  Expeditionary Wing Coin - 2001


If you owned a bike, you had a license plate!

Thanks to Roy Hodge for these photos of his plates (late 80s - early 90s)
                  License Plates - courtesy of Roy Hodge - late
                  80s-early 90s

Send a photo of your favorite souvenier today!

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