Bio-Warfare Against the American People?

Recent email postings indicate "something" strange is going on around the country. People report flu symptoms that won't go away, lack of energy, etc. The common denominator seems to be military jets flying overhead. Perhaps the government is continuing its bio-warfare experimentation against the American People.

50 USC [U.S. Code], Sec. 1520 Jan. 16, 1996



Sec. 1520: Use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents by Department of Defense; accounting to Congressional committees with respect to experiments and studies; notification of local civilian officials.

(a) Not later than thirty days after final approval within the Department of Defense of plans for any experiment or study to be conducted by the Department of Defense, whether directly or under contract, involving the use of human subjects for the testing of chemical or biological agents, the Secretary of Defense shall supply the Committees on Armed Services of the Senate and House of Representatives with a full accounting of such plans for such experiment or study, and such experiment or study may then be conducted only after the expiration of the thirty-day period beginning on the date such accounting is received by such committees.

(b)(1) The Secretary of Defense may not conduct any test or experiment involving the use of any chemical or biological agent on civilian populations unless local civilian officials in the area in which the test or experiment is to be conducted are notified in advance of such test or experiment, and such test or experiment may then be conducted only after the expiration of the thirty-day period beginning on the date of such notification.

(2) Paragraph (1) shall apply to tests and experiments conducted by Department of Defense personnel and tests and experiments conducted on behalf of the Department of Defense by contractors.

Report One

Jasper, Arkansas - February, 1997

A few days ago a medical person that I happened to have met last September called me and asked me if I knew what was going on Jasper Arkansas. He said that since one of the mentioned possible causes by the Harrison Newspaper was a UFO he thought that I would be interested since my company Beyond Boundaries researches recent UFO phenomena all over the world. His story was that a few days before his phone call to me, Feb. 7, 1997 some elementary school children were in P.E. on the schoolground at the Jasper elementary school when something flew over.

The weather was dry and sunny, no recent rain, nothing oozing up from the ground, no smell of anything in the air, etc. The children started suffering severe symptoms all at the same moment which included headaches that made them think their heads were going to burst to breathing difficulties. Later they broke out in an angry red rash and their skin became very dry and scaly. They went inside the gym where their teachers seeing them collapse on the floor - about 46 of them at the same time started to a phone to call the para medics. The teachers then collapsed.

In the meantime someone was able to summon the ambulances and the arriving EMTs started collapsing when they began trying to transport the children to medical clinics and the hospital in Harrison, Arkansas.

When they reached the clinics some of the attending medical personnel started collapsing with the same symptoms.

Some of these people actually had to be hospitalized in ICU.

Then two days later when the hospital laundry contractor employees were doing the hospital laundry at another location some of them collapsed with the same symptoms.

Since that day, according to my source, there have been helicopters bringing in military personnel, the CDC from Atlanta has arrived, and military air traffic has increased over the area.

This is an ecological corridor of National Parks surrounding the town.

He said his phone line was tapped, and he had been warned not to talk about this incident as had the town-people this part of the story is unconfirmed at this time.

And, the people of the town had been organizing meetings trying to take the matter into their own hands to get answers because none of the authorities were answering their questions or suggesting the possible cause of their children's illness.

According to one caller on the Art Bell Show the blood and urine of the children showed a strange foreign element present. My source said that these symptoms reminded him of radiation sickness with the only symptom missing hair loss.

The people of the town of Jasper, population 300 are very angry and perplexed that there has been virtually no attention from news media other than the small local papers. The school closed for at least a week and when it reopened many parents kept their children at home saying they would homeschool them rather than send them back into that unknown perilous situation at the school.

As a UFO investigator I know that this area of Arkansas and some of Missouri are very active areas now in multidimensional activity, UFO sightings and abductions.

Some of the children have reported that the object they saw overhead was a jet aircraft.

Joyce L. Murphy Beyond Boundaries PO Box 250 Rainbow Texas.

Report Two

Western Idaho - July 1997

Subj: The state of Idaho
Date: 7-23-97

To Whom it may concern;

This past winter was quite the episode, we were hit by massive floods and mudslides, and lost power, in some places up to two weeks. The most interesting thing though was how the government reacted.

The state of Idaho told us that the two highways leading into our area would be shut down for at least a year. When some of the locals with heavy equipment decided to cut through the mud and open a way through they were told by the State to get out of there. Leave it alone. Our local sheriff told them to keep going. He's a friend of mine and told me he got quite the tongue lashing over that. After that FEMA moved in and the locals around here seem to be the only ones not working. If you live here and don't work for them, I guess you don't work. what's worse is that an awful lot of people I know including myself have been getting these strange sicknesses.

One day I went to town and at least 15 people told me that they had no energy, couldn't sleep, had no motivation whatsoever, and that if the last year, they were feeling worse and worse. Several of my close friends told me that they had seen aircraft over the area spraying last fall. I personally believe this area is some kind of experiment. There is so much more that is weird, I'll try to cover it quickly.

1st For three months last summer we had large transport choppers flying overhead always headed in the same direction north into the wilderness area. Most of the lights were at night. Then a good friend of mine went to Larry Craigs (Sen-R) office and also to Dirk Kempthorns (Sen) office. The army replied that it was a simple 3 day training exercise. That is totally false they were moving into and out of that area for at least 3 full months.

2nd Another friend went to see an elderly man in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho. The man didn't feel very well. Two days later my friend went to see him again and was told by his daughter that the man had died. and that they had no idea whatsoever what killed him. A Nurse told us that all the hospitals in Boise were full all winter and that they weren't supposed to tell anyone why.

3rd 7 people in Caldwell Idaho died of a strange disease that takes all the air out of your lungs and oxygen out of the blood. Channel 2 news out of Boise said that there were no common ties of any kind, no apparent links, that could explain how seven people including one infant could all get the same disease.

They never really found out what it was.

4th A close friend who works with me suddenly lost his breath one night. He was rushed to the hospital in Boise. Was put on oxygen the whole way down, and in the hospital. Lie was told he was almost dead when he got there. They couldn't tell him what caused it. They had no answers for him at all even though they did every test you can imagine.

5th Last Saturday (July 19) while in town for some R&R I noticed what looked like jet trails, three or four times that day. All were x shaped, and all spread out quickly but hung in the air for a long time.

6th Last but not least. Following the mysterious deaths in Caldwell, the news talked about strange stuff being dropped from the sky over Caldwell. And that nobody knew what it was. It was all over houses, cars, equipment, shrubs, etc., They said it looked like feces, but that they were unable to confirm what it was. Isn't that strange.

Please distribute this information as you see fit....

Here are some supporting pieces of information:

1. DOD Study: The Effects Of Chronic JP-8 Fuel Exposure On The Lungs And Secondary Organs (I have a faxed copy of the research proposal on this.)

2. DOD Study: Immunotoxicity Of Jet Fuel (I have a faxed copy of the research proposal on this.)

3. WHO Reports World Wide Epidemic Of Respiratory Ailments. Their web site is World Health Organization WWW Home Page

It seems the commom denominator is military jet aircraft. Perhaps a pattern can be discerned here. If any other incidents from around the country can be discovered, a pattern may emerged, and evidence of a (dare I say it) "conspiracy" uncovered.

I live in southern New Mexico, just west of the White Sands Missile Range. The military holds "exercises" over this area often, along with foreign troops, such as the Germans from Holloman Air Force Base. We have jet aircraft, transports, and helicopters (including Black, unmarked, and Russian) flying over us constantly.

My wife and I have both complained of having little energy, and were surprised to find many of our friends complaining of the same thing - but have no evidence of a cause and effect relationship.

I am sending you silver.doc, (attachment) a document that will give you some information, that should help you get well. I am using 2 oz. of Colloidal silver every day, one at night one in the morning

We are now being sprayed in Phoenix, Az. every day with something.

No, I am not the author of "what's going on in Idaho", a man faxed it to me from Idaho. But he is not the only one who has called me and told me the same things are going on in Casper WY. plus two small towns in Fla. We are all getting sprayed. Watch the sky in the morning. You may see streaks in the sky, not like those left by a jet aircraft, they spread out and devolve as it falls to earth.

Deer D: I Would like to relate to you what happened to me approximately one month ago in relation to Mr. x, He had written me a letter and told me that he wanted me to call him on a certain Monday and he would tell me 4 things that were very important. When I called him he said that he had written 3 of the things in a letter and sent me, and that he would now tell me the 4th. What he told me over the phone was so hot that the Feds. disconnected our phone lines in the middle of the conversation with some kind of electronic crash. When I tried to call him back on my cell phone and tell him not to discuss things of such a critical nature on the phone, I could not get through to him even though I could hear his phone ringing.

What he had to tell me was that U.N. forces that have been stationed at various places on the western Utah and Nevada deserts have been gathered now into one place on the northern end of the Bonneville Raceway (the speed strip) and they have been armed with gunships, personnel transports, and various other equipment. 2 days later the news confirmed that there were U.N. soldiers gathered on the western Utah desert and that they were undergoing some sort of chemical warfare testing. That I'm sure was just a cover-up for what their true intent and purposes are.

Those are the soldiers that will be used to bottle up the people on the Wasatch upon the collapse of the economy and cause the fulfillment of the Horseshoe Prophecy. The massive 1-15 construction is all a part of that intent to bottle the people up so that they cannot leave that area. I'm sure that the biological warfare and all of these calamities are being timed together. It is only a matter of time before it all starts to happen.

Coast to Coast -what's it gonna take? July 28,1997

Baltimore, Md. nets and nets of fish being pulled from the water dead, open sores. Baltimore is also on ozone alert.

Casper Wy. Casper is being sprayed again today. We desperately need samples. Those of you who need documentation, here's your chance----go get it !!!!! Could any one with an airplane get a sample?

South Fla.- we are getting hammered again today, there are many lines in the sky. people that I know personally have been ill. Symptoms appear to be headaches, all over achy feeling, and some times stomach problems, vitamin C and colloidal silver appear to be handling the problem fairly quickly.

Phoenix, Az. -Phoenix was sprayed all weekend, we have video of it showing the fall out. It appears to be hard to catch the planes in action, but the lines are there!

Indian Ocean- a small freighter was discovered that had been sunk. On board was an entire biological warfare factory capable of harvesting anthrax and plague. Numerous empty broth containers on board and numerous empty cases of glass ampoules were on board. The hole in the ship was blown from the inside out. All indicators point to thousands of vials being produced.

Don't forget several weeks ago in Perth, Australia. Another lab had already shut down its operation. Intel. sources indicate there are several more ships around the world in operation. We are unsure why this particular ship was scuttled. No bodies found. U.N. troops in Iraq had been hunting for these labs. Their intelligence sources strongly suspected there was a bio lab in Iraq. All sources indicate these labs were transferred off shore to these freighters owned by Iraq-registered in the names of other countries. source ---langley

more later

From: (Val Valerian)

Leading Edge International Research Group

Just as a Point-Of-Interest, we have uncovered evidence that the military has been conducting biowarfare on the population of Oakville, Washington since 1994, and as of late a military officer has informed a resident to "shut up and don't try and connect the dots." (last month). The specifics are related as follows:

Military Conducting Biological Warfare in Washington Air Force General Threatens Local Resident "Not to Connect the Dots"

In August of 1994, a bizarre sequence of events began to occur in the small town of Oakville, Washington. Gelatinous blobs of biological material began to rain down over an area of over 20 square miles during a storm. It would happen six times in 1994, and continue periodically thereafter. The latest was during the third week of June 1997.

The fact that this was going on would not generally be known outside of Oakville until an episode of Unsolved Mysteries on Thursday, May 8, 1997, hosted by Robert Stack: (9 min, 36 seconds) Unsolved Mysteries 5/8/97

(Introduction, Robert Stack):

"It came from the skies to wreck havoc on the earth. It sounds like a bad science fiction movie, but for the little town in Washington there was nothing entertaining about the scourge that befell them in 1994. Six times it rained down from above, leaving dozens of local residents ill, and several pets and small animals dead."

"It all happened in Oakville, Washington, population 665. Here in Oakville, clouds fill the skies daily, bringing rain some 275 days a year. So, when it began pouring on the morning of August 7, 1994, no one was particularly concerned - until they realized it wasn't raining rain. It was raining tiny blobs of gelatinous goo. It came down in torrents, blanketing 20 square miles, and brought with it something of a plague."

Maurice Gobeil (local resident): " I got sick, my wife got sick, my daughter got sick and everybody that lived here got sick."

Beverly Roberts (local resident): " Everybody in the whole town came down with something like the flu, only it was a really hard flu that lasted from seven weeks to two or three months."

Robert Stack: "The local police were among the first to report the perplexing precipitation. Officer David Lacey was on patrol with a civilian friend at 3am when the downpour began."

David Lacey (police officer): "We turned our windshield wipers on, and it just started smearing to the point where we could almost not see. We both looked at each other and we said 'gee this isn't right'. We're out in the middle of nowhere, basically, and where did this come from?"

Robert Stack: "Officer Lacey pulled into a gas station to de-goo his windshield. As an added precaution, he put on a pair of latex gloves."

David Lacey (police officer): "The substance was very mushy, almost like if you had jello in your hand. You know, you could pretty much squish it through your fingers. We knew it wasn't something we would normally see, because we had never experienced it before. We had some bells go off in our heads that said that basically 'this isn't right, this isn't normal."

Robert Stack: "Local resident Dotty Hearn was equally baffled. By the time she stepped outside that morning, the storm had ended, but the blobs were everywhere. "

Dotty Hearn (local resident): "It looked like hail, laying on top of the wood box and everywhere else, so I just went over and I touched it. It wasn't hail. It was a gelatinous material."

Robert Stack: "By mid-afternoon, officer Lacey had inexplicably taken ill."

David Lacey (police officer): "I was to the point where I could hardly breathe. I started to put together that possibly whatever the substance was, it had made me violently sick and ill like I had never been before, to the point where it just totally shut me down."

Robert Stack: "Across town, Dotty Hearn wasn't fairing much better."

Dotty Hearn (local resident): "I started feeling dizzy, and everything started moving around. It got worse, and as it did I became increasingly nauseated.

Robert Stack: "An hour later, Dotty's daughter and son found her sprawled on the bathroom floor."

Sunny Barclift: "She was cold, drenched with perspiration and pale. My mom had been vomiting, had extreme vertigo and had been complaining that she had extreme difficulty with her vision.

Robert Stack: "Dotty would spend the next three days in the hospital. They diagnosed her with "a severe inner ear infection."

Sunny: "For some reason, as we were going out the door, I remembered the substance, and I wondered if perhaps it might have had some sort of effect on her. So, I opted at that moment to take a sample of the gelatinous material to the hospital."

Robert Stack: "A lab technician found the first startling clue. The substance contained human white blood cells, but exactly what it was could not be determined. The goo was promptly forwarded to the Washington State Department of Health for further analysis."

Mike McDowell (Microbiologist, WSDH): "It was very uniform. There was no structure that we could see visibly with a microscope. I set it up on various microbiological media and attempted to isolate bacteria."

Robert Stack: "Mike McDowell discovered that the sample was literally teaming with two species of bacteria, one of which make its home in the human digestive system."

Sunny: "The initial speculation was that it might have been human waste from an airliner, however that was out, because under FAA regulations aircraft waste matter is dyed blue. This material was not blue, but crystal clear in color."

Robert Stack: "The blobs rained down over Oakville six times over a three week period. Dozens of people took ill and many animals died after coming into contact with the toxic droplets. But the nature of the substance, and any connection it may have had with the outbreak, remained a mystery. Dotty took a sample of the material to a private research lab."

Tim Davis (Microbiologist, Amtest Labs): "Here we have sample 128-76. I saw what I think was a eukaryotic cell, which was basically a cell that has a definable nucleus and is present in most animals."

Robert Stack: "Translation? The goo was alive. How in the world did living matter make its way into the clouds? It was as mind-boggling as the substance itself. Perhaps inevitably, the finger of suspicion was pointed directly at the military. The Air Force denies any knowledge of the substance, or any involvement in creating or dispersing it. Local residents, however, don't buy it."

Sunny: "We had a significant number of military aircraft flying over the home prior to this happening."

Dotty: "Every day almost, there were low flying helicopters that were black in color. We kind of thought it might have come from them."

Maurice: "They let off things in the air all the time here. There's testing done all over the place. There are places you can't go into."

Robert Stack: "Translation - germ warfare. However, it seems unlikely, given the severe international restrictions regarding experiments with biological weapons in populated areas. At present, it is impossible to say what this goo was or where it came from. Unfortunately, all samples of this substance are gone, making further study impossible. Perhaps the answer will come someday soon, when the skies open up over another small community, and the blobs once again fall to earth."

Media coverage of these events didn't stop there. A Seattle television station show called Evening Magazine also broadcast a story on the goings-on in Oakville in 1997. The Seattle Post Intelligencer had stories on August 18th and 20th in 1994 shortly after the original Unsolved Mysteries broadcast.

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