A Heartfelt Invitation to Black Americans

by J. J. Johnson

Co-founder of The Ohio Unorganized Militia

I think it's about time to take a closer look at those "racist, anti-Semitic" militia groups; you know the ones, those hate groups that exclude membership based on race and ethnic origin.

One should wonder why the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center, or other "civil rights organizations" have failed to bring even one civil suit against the militia. Plenty of suits have been brought against the KKK. Answer: No Evidence!

The label of "Angry White Male" has been gratuitously assigned to us by the main-stream press; the same press that has painted Black males as illiterates, drug addicts and gang members; the same press that has depicted Black women as welfare mothers, prostitutes and junkies; the same press that keeps our focus on such grave national issues as Rodney King and O. J. Simpson; the same controlled press that is desperately trying to convince minorities and ethnic groups to fear and despise the militia.

I have never witnessed or heard of anyone being excluded from the militia based solely on their racial or ethnic ancestry. I have challenged the media to provide me proof of even one such incident. None have come forward.

So, if all these claims of racism and anti-Semitism are just so much media hype, exactly what is the militia's agenda and why should minorities and ethnic groups consider joining their ranks?

The militia is dedicated to protecting and defending the God-given rights and liberties of all Americans, which are guaranteed by the Constitution and enumerated in the Bill of Rights. This is the heart and soul of the militia and is also the reason I refer to it as "The Civil Rights Movement of the '90s". The very rights and liberties that our parents fought for and some even died for in the sixties are currently being held in utter contempt by our elected officials; not only as they apply to Black Americans but to all Americans.

The militia vehemently opposes the militarization of our law enforcement personnel; Those "peace officers" who can be found clad in their black Ninja-suits while they storm inner-city neighborhoods, indiscriminately shooting and beating residents as they fight their "War on Drugs".

We are fighting to keep the manufacturing industry alive in America. Self-serving politicians have exported far too many of the industries that once employed and sustained many inner-city residents and afforded them the opportunity to realize "The American Dream".

We demand a Judicial System free from corruption and bias; a Monetary System backed by gold and the abolishment of the Federal Reserve Bank which is leading all Americans down the path of slavery.

We refuse to relinquish our God-given right to freely posses personal firearms. Countless studies have shown that the most effective deterrent to crime is a well armed community. Make no mistake about it - Americans of African descent are being physically, morally, socially, and economically disarmed at this very moment. If allowed to continue, our social level, along with that of most other Americans, will be reduced to pre-Civil War status. Remember - If our ancestors would have been armed, they would not have been slaves!

And yes, we stand firmly against the United Nations and its desire to create a "New World Order", which promises to take care of the dark-skinned peoples of the world, because we're too uncivilized to take care of ourselves! The same U.N. which treats Africa like a "Continental Step-child" while it wrings its hands in pretended dismay over the outbreak of viruses that coincidentally appeared shortly after the World Health Organization immunized the African populace against small pox.

We use the First Amendment as a First Strike Weapon and therefore, arming you with knowledge is a primary goal of the militia, just as it was with Fredrick Douglass and Booker T. Washington. We have organized ourselves to loudly protest threats to our liberty, just as Cryspus Attucks - a Black American who was one of the first to give his life in the War for Independence (1776). And yes, we are prepared to stand down excessive force, just like Lemuel Haynes - a Black Colonial Militiaman from Boston.

It was the militia who stood against the illegal searches and seizures in the urban neighborhoods of Chicago, Boston, Kansas City, Shreveport and other American cities. It was the militia that demanded Congressional Hearings into the atrocities committed by our Federal Government at Waco, Texas that culminated in the gruesome deaths of some 80 Christians, many of whom were Black Americans. It was the militia who exposed a campout where Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agents passed out "Federal Nigger Hunting Licenses" and denied entry to their Black co-workers while the Black Congressional Caucus and other "Civil Rights Groups" remained noticeably silent. And it was the militia who welcomed the inclusion of this Angry Black American Male who neither has or needs a "Federal Hunting License" !

The KKK and the Aryan Nation neither invite or desire the presence of non-whites at their meetings. The militia does. The government controlled, main-stream press has deliberately created the fear and apprehension that keeps us apart. They fully understand and have implemented the undeniable truth found in the historic words of Benjamin Franklin: "Gentlemen, if we do not hang together, we will most assuredly hang separately". The militia does not hyphenate its membership. We are all Americans first.

And finally, if you wonder why you haven't seen more Blacks in the militia, it is because you have yet to accept our repeated invitations.

There is a welcome mat waiting for you. Join us.

J.J. Johnson

Ohio Unorganized Militia

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