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Hacking, or more specifically Cracking, is an attempt to gain unauthorized access to another computer, or to interfere with the function of that computer. These activities are a violation of federal laws. ZiaNet will not allow anyone to use our service for illegal activity.

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Identifying the Hacker

We need information to positively identify the hacker. This normally requires an IP Address and time-stamp. Identifying a hacker by name or email address is unlikely. All but the most inept will take measures to hide their identity. We identify hackers logged in to ZiaNet by IP address in the security log files. Without this information, the identification is very weak. You may use a tool like NukeNabber to identify the hacker. See the NukeNabber home page for instructions on how to install and use this program.

Paste the results of the log, which shows IP Address and time stamp, into the window below. We will investigate and/or contact you by phone or email.

Incident log: