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Spam is unsolicited email, advertising, usually commercial in nature. ZiaNet makes every effort to minimize the spam you receive. It is not possible to block all spam. See below for more information.

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Forward Spam mail messages to the address below.

Most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) try to reduce spam in any way possible. In order to deal with spam we must trace it to its source.

It is not possible to identify and block all Spam. For one thing, the people who are doing this move frequently and change the names they use in order to avoid detection. Most ISPs, including ZiaNet, do not tolerate spamming by their customers. There are some; however, who do not control spam, and even some who specialize in it. These are easy to identify and block. Messages from them are returned with a warning that they were rejected for spam activity.

We do provide a free SPAMFilter for all ZiaNet accounts. Please visit our SPAMFilter service page to add this service to your own account.