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Major and Minor Goa'uld Gods of Stargate SG-1
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NOTE: Gray symbols are suggestions only! There were a lot of goa'ulds we never saw the Jaffa Tattoo for. Others were minor Goa'uld who never rose high enough in power to command their own Jaffa or they were killed off centuries ago and any symbol associated with them, died with their Jaffa - these are listed as 'No symbol.' Black symbols appear in various episodes.

Blue names are linked to their picture for visual reference. (Note: Goa'uld can change hosts!)

Black names have no visual reference in the series.

Amaterasu : n/ Japanese Sun goddess - The symbol I show here was worn by the Jaffa Arkad in Season 10's Talion - we are never told what Goa'uld he used to serve but the style would fit that of a 'sun goddess'. See also : New Order Mentioned as aligning with Yu to fight Ba'al in It's Good to be King. Presumed killed by replicators in Reckoning

Amaunet (Amonet, Amunet, ect): n/ Egyptian wind/protector goddess. Symbol is unknown but a snake similar to Apophis is likely. Symbiote controlling Sha're / Mate of Apophis; killed in Forever in a Day

Anubis: n/ Egyptian 'Jackel god' of the underworld who ate the souls of the unworthy in the afterlife. Symbol is a styalized Jackel head. Half-ascended being neutralized by Oma in Threads

Apophis: n/ Egyptian 'Serpent god'; ruler of the Night, symbol is a snake, enemy of Ra; thought dead many times but not killed until Enemies

Aries: n/ Greek god of war, symbol is a 'quadriga' (four horse chariot) Enemy of Ba'al and Anubis; killed in It's Good to Be King

Athena: n/ Greek goddess of wisdom, symbol possibly an owl, enemy of Qe'tesh, devoted assistant to Ba'al, symbiote of Charlotte Mayfield, See: Ex Deus Machina, Momento Mori

Ba'al: n/ Canaanite Sun god of fertility and protection; literally means 'Master' or 'Lord'; First seen in Summit, many clones running around.

Bastet (Bas): n/ Egyptian 'Cat god' similar to Hathor; also known as one of several 'Eye of Ra' (vengeance of/protector of Ra) The Tok'ra report her killed by Ba'al in It's good to Be King. See also: Summit and Last Stand

Belus : n/ (See also: Marduk) Enemy and killer of Omoroca / Tiamet. See: Fire and Water (See also: The Tomb)

Bynarr : n/ Minor goa'uld in the service of Sokar, Lord of Natu, killed by Na'o'nak / Apophis See: Jolinar's Memories

Camulus : n/ Celtic god of war; Historically his symbol is a wild boar; Enemy of Ba'al; Presumed killed in Zero Hour

Chalchiuhtlicue : n/ Aztec goddess of water and childbirth; one time goddess of Orbania, believed dead. See: Learning Curve

Cronus (Kronos): n/ Greek god of fate and the harvest; symbol is a bull's skull. Killed Teal'c's father. Killed by Teal'c in Double Jeopardy

Grannus (Gramnos, Gramnnos) : n/ Celtic god of healing, Goa'uld lieutenant under Camulus, killed by his own Jaffa. See: The Ties that Bind

Hathor: n/ Egyptian goddess of 'Sex, drugs and rock m roll.' Historically, her symbol is a sun between cow horns. We get a glimpse of it on some of the prisoner Jaffa in the episode Orpheus. Killed in Into the Fire

Heru'ur (Horus) : n/ Egyptian Hawk-headed god of light and the sky. Symbol is a war hawk. Enemy of Apophis. Killed in Serpent's Venom

Imhotep : n/ Greek architect / wannabe goa'uld System Lord, disguised as the Jaffa K'ytano; symbol is an inverted step pyramid; killed by Teal'c in The Warrior

Ishkur: n/ Sumarian god of storms (known as Adad to the Babalonians and Assyrians); one time god of the Sodan; fate unknown. See:Babylon

Isis: n/ Egyptian goddess of rebirth, medicine and femininity; mate of Osiris, killed when canopic jar broke in transit; symbol unknown, possibly an 'Isis knot' which is similar to an Ankh; See: The Curse

Ja'din : n/ Under-lord in the service of Cronus, killed when robot Daniel exploded See: Double Jeopardy

Kali (the Destroyer): n/ Hindu goddess of transformation; Symbol unknown, probably a 'saustika' (a reversed swastika representing transformation and good luck) See: Summit and Last Stand

Khonsu : n/ undercover Tok'ra working against Anubis, Egyptian god of the moon, symbol is a horned headdress. Killed by Jaffa in The Other Guys

Klorel : n/ Son of Apophis, symbiote of Skaara, removed by the Tollan in Pretense

Marduk (see also: Belus): n/ Babalonian god, often portrayed with a dragon/snake. According to the series, he was a particularly brutal goa'uld killed by his own priests, keeper of the 'Eye of Tiamet' before Anubis got it. See: The Tomb

Moloc : n/ Canaanite sun god, decreed all female infants of his Jaffa be sacrificed in fire. Symbol is a dot (star?) over three hills. Killed by gas in Sacrifices (See also: Birthright)

Montu : n/ Egyptian war god, symbol is a pair of crossed swords and a shield, Minor goa'uld once serving Ra, later serving Ba'al; fate unknown, mentioned in Origin

Morrigan : n/ Irish goddess of war and death on the battlefield; symbol is possibly a raven; seen at System Lord's Summit; she later capitulated to Ba'al and is likely in his service (or dead) as of It's Good to be King

Mut (Maut, Mot, Mott, Mat, Maat, Ma'at): n/ Egyptian mother godess of all (being both male and female); minor goa'uld trying to subvert naquadah while serving Ba'al. Symbol is likely a vulture, presumed killed in Prophecy

Nefertum : n/ Egyptian god, son of Sekhmet, god of creation for the Bedrosian people, his symbol is a blue lotus blossom, fate unknown See: New Ground

Nerus (Nereus): n/ Greek god of sea, shape shifting and prophecy, known for his gluttony, he has served Ba'al for centuries as a scientist and inventor. Presumed killed in Off the Grid

Nirrti : n/ Hindu goddess of death, well-known for genetic manipulations in her search for a hoc'tar/perfect host. Symbol is abstract... a crescent moon on woman's back? Killed in Metamorphosis

Nut : n/ Egyptian sky / mother goddess. An important figure in Egyptian creation myth and one of the oldest of the Egyptian gods. Ancient texts often refer to her as the mother of Ra. Others say that she is Ra's grand-daughter. She is also seen as the mother of Osiris, Horus, Isis, Seth and Nephthys. There are several symbols ascociated with her, the most common being that of a naked woman covered in stars arching forward. She was often painted on the inside lids of sarcophagi to protect the deceased. Refered to by Vala in Avalon Pt 1

Olokun: African god of wisdom, 'Owner of Oceans'; Symbol is unknown, possibly the African symbol 'gye nyame', representing the supremacy of god. Seen at System Lords' Summit. (See: Summit and Last Stand) He is referred to in Death Knell, the Tok'ra report him killed by Ba'al in It's good to Be King

Omoroca (See also Tiamet): n/ Babylonian (NOT goa'uld - Oannes) goddess of Water; Mate of Nem, killed by Belus See: Fire and Water

Osiris: n/ Egyptian god of life, death and fertility, symbiote to Sarah Gardner, serving Anubis, symbol unknown, possibly a djed, also known is Osiris' backbone; captured and removed from the host in Chimera

Pelops : Greek 'herald of the gods', god of the Argosians, he used nanites to speed their aging trying to create a hoc'tar/perfect host. This symbol was seen in the episode on the front of the chariot of his statue. Presumed dead. See: Brief Candle

Qe'tesh : n/ Originally a Simarian goddess, she became the Egyptian goddess of beauty and sexual pleasure, Vala's former symbiote, symbol based on relief in temple - I believe it's an amphora, sun, djed and lotus combined. One time ally/enemy of Athena, she was killed by a Tok'ra in aproximately 2002. See: Prometheus Unbound, The Powers that Be, Momento Mori

Ra : n/ 'Sun God' Symbol is an 'all-seeing' styalized eye, Supreme System Lord, killed in SGM

Ramius : n/ No direct Earth legend / possibly a bastardization of 'Remus' from Roman mythology who was the lesser of two twins who were nursed by wolves. His brother Romulus was the Founder of Rome. A minor independent goa'uld, he attempted an alliance with Tilgath but it failed when they were attacked by a Kull Warrior, Symbol is a water lily, Killed in Evolution

Sekhmet : n/ Egyptian goddess of war and menstruation. One time ally of Ra, exiled for plotting against him. DNA used to create 'Anna', symbol possibly a cobra. Killed in Resurrection

Selkhet : n/ Egyptian goddess of fertility, family and insects. Historically, she was the wife of Ra and responsible for guarding Apep in the underworld. As a Goa'uld we see her as Ba'al's lieutenant who is sent to the Hasara space station as a representative to the System Lords in the first scenes of Reckoning part 1; historically her symbol a scorpion - also the symbol of the Limvris. I assume there is a difference. Killed in Reckoning part 1

Seth (Setesh, Seti, Set): n/ Egyptian god of the desert/chaos, rogue goa'uld hiding on Earth running a cult, symbol is an imaginary beast, aardvark-jackal hybrid. Killed in Seth

Shaq'ran : n/ Goa'uld with no Earth legend, stole Pangar from Ra, killed by Apophis in approx. 1700 AD See: Cure

Sobek : Egyptian god of crocodiles, killed by Kali and Bastet, his head hangs in the throne room of Bastet's palace on Busbastis, Symbol is likely a crocodile. See: Summit, Last Stand

Sokar: n/ Egyptian god of the damned, outcast goa'uld who took on the persona of Satan, Symbol is a upside-down five-pointed star. Killed in The Devil You Know

Svarog : n/ Slavic god of fire, attended the System Lords' Summit, attacked Lantonia, defeated by the Sentinel. Symbol is a stylized frog, Fate unknown, presumed dead. See: The Sentinel

Tanith (Tanit): n/ Phonetician moon goddess, infiltrated the Tok'ra and used by them to feed the Goa'uld disinformation. Ally of Anubis. Destroyed Tollana. Killed by Teal'c in 48 Hours Symbol unknown. possibly a creasant moon.

Telchak (Chaac): Mayan rain god, creator of the goa'uld sarcophagus based on Ancient 'Fountain of Youth' device, Killed centuries ago by Anubis See: Evolution

Terok: n/ minor goa'uld in the service of Haru'ur who tries to break Teal'c, killed in Serpent's Venom

Thanos (Thanatos): n/ Greek god of death, one time god of Langara (i.e. Kelowna), inventor/experimenter with Naquadria, presumed killed in an explosion centuries ago. See: Meridian, Fall Out

Thoth: n/ (Hermes in Greek mythology) Egyptian god of wisdom and scribes. Engineer/Scientist working for Anubis, Symbol is probably an Ibis. Killed by Carter in Evolution

Tiamet(Tiamat) (see also Omoroca) n/ Babylonian goddess of water. The 'Eye of Tiamet' is referred to in The Tomb and Full Circle

Tilgath : n/ minor goa'uld (no Earth legend) attempted alliance with Ramius but was killed when attacked by a Kull Warrior, symbol possibly a thundercloud; Killed in Evolution

Unas : This one's probably a bit confusing because there's a race called the Unas. However, Teal'c makes specific reference to one in Thor's Hammer who, according to legend, was named 'Unas', meaning 'The First One.' (Probably long dead as he'd have to be older than Yu.) Neither of the two goa'ulded Unas we saw in Thor's Hammer or Demons was ever named.

Yu, Huang Shang Ti : Chinese god of Heaven and Earth, Jade Emperor, has helped SG-1, enemy of Anubis, senile. Killed in Reckoning. Symbol: the character 'Han', representing the concept of 'center', 'middle', 'heart', ect. (Thanks Cleo!)

Zipacna: Mayan god of the mountains, Serves first Apophis, then Klorel, then Anubis. Symbol is abstract ... two tents? Two penents? And, unusually, his First Prime's tattoo is slightly different from that of his Jaffa. Last seen in Last Stand


UNKNOWN: This symbol is seen on a white board behind Daniel in one of the instructional videos given to Eli in Stargate Universe, episode Air along with several other Goa'uld tattoos. I can find no other reference for it and cannot make out the writing above it. Any help identifying the associated Goa'uld would be appreciated!

Chulak Palace Guard: This symbol is seen on the foreheads to the Jaffa chasing after Sam and Daniel in the episode Bloodlines.

Corosh'nai: Goa'uld warning symbol that a planet has been contaminated. Seen in the episode There but for the Grace of God

Goa'uld Priest: This symbol is seen on the foreheads of the Priests of Chulak. Acolyte symbols were all black, but higher ranking Priests had a silver X within a black circle. See: Bloodlines.

Linvers: A faction of nine minor Goa'uld who were plotting to overthrow the System Lords, but were killed by an invention of Ma'chello. Dead for several months when discovered in the episode Legacy.

Pyrus (the God Slayer): a human who killed a Goa'uld and took on the role of a fake Goa'uld in an effort to keep the 'evil gods' from returning. It is unknown if he invented the symbol his fake Jaffa wear or if they merely kept using the symbol of the Goa'uld that he killed. Symbol is reminicent of the Myan culture. Died in Need. Succeeded by his daughter, Shyla.

Shol'va / Traitor: This is the symbol painted on the side of Teal'c's destroyed home, declaring 'this was the home of Shol'va' in the episode Bloodlines.