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Just for Fun

Have you ever longed to insert yourself into a due South fic? With these due South Mary Sue and Marty Sue Generators, well... now you can! Just click the buttons to create a Mary Sue/Marty Sue that anyone would be proud of! You'll solve world hunger and hammer out lasting peace in the middle east without even breaking a sweat, have the main character of your choice at your beck and call, die nobly to save an innocent, or bring your favorite pair of star-crossed lovers together when no one else can. A true Mary Sue/Marty Sue is totally perfect afterall, how can you possibly fail? (Heavy tongue-in-cheek here, guys - have fun! That's what these pages are all about!)

These pages work best with Internet Explorer. It will run with Netscape, but Netscape doesn't like it and three of the fields will 'disappear' on you. I'm still trying to figure out why...

Mary Sue Generator

Marty Sue Generator

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(Scripts adapted from MaggieFic.com located at MaggieFic - Thank you kindly, Maggie!)