Morris Dees -- Child Molester, Pervert, and Liar?

Part II

        H. Morris' Sexual Appetite

   Maureene was literally force to file suit for divorce in March, 1979,
because of Morris' obstinate refusal to give up his mistress who he was 
then supporting and who had become pregnant by him.  However, Maureene
did not give up her marriage easily.  Prior to Morris' permanent 
involvement with the McGaha woman, Maureene had endured a long series 
of degrading incidents which evidenced Morris' voracious and eclectic 
sexual appetite.  Since early in their marriage, Morris repeatedly bragged 
to Maureene that with his looks and his money he could have any woman 
he wanted, and he constantly bragged about women propositioning him 
(R. 350, et seq).  [Some insight into the size of Morris' ego is provided 
by his letter of January 22, 1979, to "Ham" Jordan (a copy of which he 
sent to Vicki) in which he makes application to be appointed Attorney 
General of the United States to replace Griffin Bell, giving as one of his 
principal qualifications the fact that "... all my life, I have been a 
winner."] (Pl. Ex. 91).  Later in the marriage he repeatedly told her of 
women that he had had sexual intercourse with during the marriage (R. 354).  
He said further that he enjoyed trying to turn on gay people and he 
expressed a desire to have an experience with a gay (R. 354).
    Early in the larriage, Morris gave her a book on "Open Marriage" and 
started encouraging her to have sexual intercourse with other men 
(R. 419-420). During the year or so after they were married, Maureene 
became aware that her husband was having an affair with a woman name 
Becky Logan (R. 458).  During the same period, she began receiving 
anonymous telephone calls concerning her husband and a black woman 
in town (R. 459).
   A. Dianne Hicks.  In his deposition, Morris admits that in
the spring of 1973 (Morris depo. p. 27), or during the summer of
1973 (Morris depo. p. 25), he had an affair with Dianne Hicks, a
Mobile lawyer who was working for the Southern Poverty Law Center
(Morris depo. p. 25).  He had sex with her during a canoe trip down
the Tallapoosa River (Morris depo. p.25), and also in Brewton where
they were working together on a trial (Morris depo. p. 26-27).
   B. Cathy Bennett.  in the fall of 1974, Morris brought to
the family home in Mathews a girl named Cathy Bennett who was a
psychologist who had worked with Morris on several cases (R. 284).
She stayed in their home in Mathews for about a week, during which
time theu had Bobby Kennedy there as a guest (R. 285).  Maureene was
suspicious of her husband's relationship with this girl (R. 286),
and later Morris admitted having an affair with her (R. 1325).
Morris told Mrs. Dees that his affair with her was over in December,
1974, But she later found that he and Cathy continued to conduct an
affair in Atlanta where Morris lived for a period during the Jimmy
Carter campaign (R. 287, 291).
   C.  Judith Rogers.  in the fall of 1977 (R. 1344), Morris
and Maureene held a Little Theatre party at their home, attended by
Dr. Rogers, a Montgomery physician, and his wife Judith, who is a
criminal psychologist (R. 292, 1344, 1345).  During the party Morris
admits that he took Judith into a back room of his house, while the
party was going on, and had intercourse with her (R. 1344, 293).
   D. Deborah Levy.  In the spring of 1976, Morris invited to
the house Deborah Levy who worked for the American Civil Liberties
Union in New York, and the man with whome she lived in New York,
Michael Gaas (R. 299, 303).  The Southern Poverty Law Center was
considering starting a magazine in opposition to the death penalty,
and Morris was interviewing Deborah Levy for the job of running the
magazine (R. 301).  She was not hired for the job, but she and her
boyfriend did visit the Dees home in Mathews for several days on two
different occasions (R. 301).  in August, 1976, Morris and Maureene
took them on a canoe trip down the river (R. 202-203).  After
supper, they had all gone to bed in sleeping bags, when Maureene
woke up and found Morris and Deborah naked, having sex on the
sandbar (R. 306).  Morris turned to Maureene and insisted that she
have sex with the other man. (R. 306).  Later Maureene went back to
sleep and woke up shortly before dawn, and found Morris and Deborah
having intercourse again right next to her (R. 307).  While having
intercourse with Deborah, Morris leaned over and kissed Maureene (R.
308).  The next morning Maureene objected strongly to the night's
events and stated emphatically that she did not want anything of
that nature to happen again (R. 309).  The following month, in
September, 1976, she and Morris went to New York for a tennis
tournament and to take one of the children to a special school in
Boston (R. 310).  Over Maureene's objections, Morris insisted upon
visiting Deborah Levy and Michael Gaas (R. 310).  While the group
was having dinner together in a restaurant Maureene, returning from
the restroom, overheard Morris and Deborah making plans to be together
the following afternoon (R. 315).  Later when confronted with this
Morris admitted having such plans (R. 320).  Later in a conversation
among the four of them, Morris stopped the conversation in the
middle and said to Michael Gaas "I've just got to tell you this
because I feel bad about it.  I want to tell you that Deborah and I
were planning to go off this afternoon and make love and I just want
to tell you that." (R. 322).  This embarassed Maureene and made her
furious (R. 324).  Gaas responded that if that's what Morris was here
to do he should just get up and go do it, following which Morris and
Deborah got up and went into the bedroom where they remained for
about forty-five minutes (R. 325, et seq).  While they were gone
Maureene had sexual intercourse with Michael (R. 326).  Afterward
Morris left the apartment, returned in about thirty minutes and hit
Michael in the face (R. 327).
   E. Pamela Horowitz.  In the spring of 1977 Morris planned a
trip to Kentucky and invited Maureene to go with him, knowing that
she could not go becuase she was in rehearsal for a play (R. 330).
Over Maureene's objection, he took with him, on his motorcycle
Pamela Horowitz, a lawyer working for the Southern Poverty Law
Center at that time (R. 331).  He drove the motorcycle and she rode
behind him from Montgomery to Kentucky, and they were gone for four
or five days, during which they shared the same hotel accomodations
(R. 331-332)   F. Charlie Springman (homosexual).  On August 11, 1978,
Maureene and Morris' tenth anniversary, they were having dinner at
the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C., and afterward had drinks in
the bar (R. 333, et seq).  In the bar, they saw Charlie Springman,
who Maureene knew as a Regional Coordinator for the National
Endownment of the Arts (R. 335).  She had told Morris that Springman
was gay, but Morris had never met him.  When they saw him in the
bar, Morris suggested inviting him over for a drink (R. 335).  After
a while, to Maureene's surprise, Morris suggested that Charlie come
up to the room with them (R. 336).  In the room, they drank wine and
talked, and Morris unbuttoned his shirt to the waist (R. 336).
Charlie tried to leave several times but Morris wouldn't let him (R.
337).  Finally Morris proposed that Charlie spend the night with
them (R. 337).  Mrs. Dees protested, and put on her robe and
nightgown to go to bed (R. 337-338).  Soon Charlie and Morris were
in the bed naked, with Maureene in the middle with her gown on (R.
338-339).  Springman and Morris hugged and kissed, and Morris tried
to get Charlie to have relations with Maureene, but Springman was
physically unable to because he was not interested (R. 340).  In
fact, no one made any effort to have sex with Mrs. Dees during this
incident (R. 341).  Springman kissed Morris' penis, and in fact,
Morris complained that he bit him and that it hurt (R. 340).  Morris
kissed Springman on Springman's penis (R. 341).  After about thirty
minutes they all went to sleep (R. 342).  When Maureene woke up the
next morning, Morris was gone (R. 342), but Springman was still
asleep in the bed.  After five or ten minutes Morris returned and
found Maureene crying.  He apologized for the incident and said that
he would not let anything like that happen again (R. 343).  Morris
denies parts of this episode, he admits its essential features:
Morris admits that he invited Springman to the room (R. 1571); that
Maureene put on a nightgown and robe and got into bed (R. 1537);
that Morris got into bed with nothing but his underclothes on (R.
1575); and that Springman got into the bed naked (R. 1590).
   G. Morris' Step-Daughter.  Holly Buck, Maureene's daughter
by a previous marriage, is eighteen years old (R. 728).  She was
seven years old when her mother and Morris married, and she has
lived with them in the house at Mathews from then until the
separation (R. 728).  Holly testified that, in the summer of 1977,
Morris attempted to molest her in the following incident (R. 729):
One night Maureene and Morris were sitting drinking wine and
discussing a case Morris was trying.  She was with them.  Around
eleven or twelve o'clock Maureene went to bed and Holly stayed up
with Morris discussing the case.  Morris kept offering Holly wine,
some of which she accepted.  At Morris' suggestion, they went
outside to the pool, and he suggested that they go for a swim, but
Holly was tired and declined (R. 731).  She went to her room and
then went into the bathroom.  Looking out the window, she saw Morris
in the bushes beside the bathroom window looking in (R. 731).  She
said "Morris, is that you", but he said nothing and ran away (R.
732).  Two months later, she was asleep one night and Morris entered
her room from Ellie's room, through the bathroom.  He was in his
underwear and he sat on the bed where Holly was lying on her stomach
facing away from the door.  He touched her on the back and woke her
up.  He told her that he had brough her a present, and he presented
her with a vibrator.  He plugged it in and said he had brought it to
her.  He proceeded to rub it on her back and said, "Let me show you
how to use it" (R. 733).  She said that's not necessary, but he
started to place it between her legs when she raised he voice and
said no loudly.  He then took the vibrator and left (R. 734).  All
he had on was a pair of bikini underwear shorts (R. 734).  About two
hours later, she had fallen back asleep and he came back in (R.
735).  He brought the vibrator with him, plugged it in and said
again, "Let me show you how to use it."  He tried to show her again
by putting it between her legs, but she raised her voice again and
he stopped.  He took it and left (R. 635).  She did not tell her
mother about this incident until the separation when they moved out
of the Mathews house in the spring of 1979 (R. 736).
   H. Morris' Future Daughter-in-law.  Karen Sherman Dees is
Morris' daughter-in-law, who is married to Morris' son Scooter
(Morris, III) (R. 345).  Before Karen and Scooter were married, when
they were eighteen or nineteen, which was three or four years ago,
an incident occurred on Mother's Day at the family home in Mathews
(R. 345).  The Dees had Karen and Scooter to dinner at the house,
and they cooked out (R. 346).  While Scooter and Maureene were
cleaning up and washing dishes, Karen and Morris went out to go
swimming (R. 345).  Five or ten minutes later, Maureene and Scooter
started down the path toward the pool, with Maureene in front.  As
she approached the gate, she could see Morris and Karen standing
with their arms around each other with no clothes on, and Morris had
an erection.  Maureene immediately turned and told Scooter that she
did not want to go swimming and the two of them headed back to the
house without Scooter having seen anything (R. 347).  Later, Karen
and Morris returned from the pool, fully dressed, and the group
stayed in the den for a little while (R. 349).  Morris got up and
went to bed, and Maureene joined him a few minutes later.  While
lying in the bed, Maureene looked up and saw that Karen had entered
the room (R. 349).  She didn't have any clothes on but had a towel
or sheet wrapped around her (R. 350).  She came over and got in the
bed on Morris' side (R. 350).  Nothing happened, but she remained
there for about ten minutes, and eventually got up and left
(R.350-351).  Morris told Maureene that he just couldn't understand
why she came in the room (R. 351).
   In 1974 and 1976, after Maureene had become aware of some of
Morris' infidelities, she had two brief sexual liasons; one with
Charles Morgan, with whom she was co-starring in a Little Theatre
production, and the other with Steve Denton, who was visiting in
Montgomery for a tennis tournament.

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