Where Has All the Technology Gone?

Where Has All the Technology Gone?




Is that the best we can do? Mankind spent centuries searching for forms of energy that were cheaper and more convenient than windmills, water wheels, and animal power. Edison worked with DC power and invented the light bulb. Nicola Tesla gave us the alternating current we use in our power grids. Oil was discovered, the automobile invented, and we were free from the back-breaking manual labor that mankind had always known. We abandoned windmills for electrical power grids, alternating energy, cheap and reliable power. Why do some now want us to stop advancing, and embrace old technology? Could it be because they have perfected free and limitless power, and do not want it released to the public?

We do not have an energy problem, we have a political problem.

Has it ever occurred to you, as it has to me, that we are using the same old technology (only New and Improved!) that we have had for decades? Have you ever suspected that Government and Big Business are suppressing or buying up developments in technology?

Government and Mass Media are continually promising and proclaiming breakthroughs in medicine, energy, and electronics... but where are they? We have spent decades and poured billions of taxpayer dollars into research on the causes of cancer and other diseases. Has a cure ever been found for even one? Of course not. If a cure was found and released to the public, they would be putting themselves out of business.

Remember the "Department of Energy," created over 20 years ago, to promote new energy technologies? They have spent billions of taxpayer dollars, but where are the results? Last I heard, several years ago, they were still "studying the feasibility" of coal gasification - a technology that Nazi Germany used sucessfully in the last years of the Second World War. Fifty years later, government is still "studying" it to see if it works.

In the early 1980s, the government gave tax credits for energy saving devices, such as Solar Water Heaters and photovoltaic devices, and breakthroughs were expected at any time in the development of Solar Technology. Now, twenty years later, where has all that technology gone? It must have been classified and appropriated by the government, because we certainly haven't heard about it.

These are just a few of my thoughts on the subject of suppressed technologies that we have never seen developed. We hear of technological advances, and then suddenly, like yesterday's news, it is dropped from the front pages of the media, never to surface again.

It has been reported by some, on various Internet sites, that the government has developed, and uses, technology that is twenty years ahead of what has been released to the general public. When you consider how quickly advances are made, what is being hidden from the public must be revolutionary... which is why it is being kept from us.

The following story is well-known, on the Best Sellers list, and there was even a hit movie. It has been around for twenty years, but no one seems to have commented on or noticed what Tom Wolfe repeats over and over again in his best-seller, The Right Stuff.

the US Air Force has been going "into space" since the late 1940's


"Say, Ridley... make another note, will ya?" (if you ain't too bored yet) "... there's somethin' wrong with this ol' machometer..." (faint chuckle) "... it's gone kinda screwy on me..."

And in that moment, on the ground, they heard a boom rock over the desert floor -- just as the physicist Theodore von Karman had predicted many years before.

...The X-1 had gone through "the sonic wall" without so much as a bump. As the speed topped out at Mach 1.05, Yeager had the sensation of shooting straight through the top of the sky. The sky turned a deep purple and all at once the stars and the moon came out -- and the sun shone at the same time. He had reached a layer of the upper atmosphere where the air was too thin to contain reflecting dust particles. He was simply looking out into space...

Page 58, 59


The X-15 program had begun to pick up some momentum. There were even journalists coming to Edwards -- in the midst of this, the Era of the Astronaut -- and talking about the X-15 as "America's first spaceship."

Page 197

White and Walker had been chosen to push the rocket plane to its outer limits, which were envisioned as speeds in excess of Mach 6, or about 4,000 miles per hour, and, more important, an altitude of 280,000 feet. Just where "space" began was a matter of definition that had never been fully resolved. But fifty miles up was generally accepted as the boundary line. There was no atmosphere, no air, left at that altitude; in fact, once a ship reached 100,000 feet, there was not enough air remaining to provide aerodynamics. The X-15's target of 280,000 feet was 53 miles up.

How, then, could there be so much excitement over Project Mercury and so little over the X-15? .... the Mercury astronauts were national heroes without ever having left the ground -- all because they had volunteered to ride on top of rockets. Well . . . Walker and White and Crossfield, like Yeager before them, had already ridden rockets, from the X-1 to the X-15. And they had ridden them as pilots.

Pages 200, 201

That was back in August of 1955, and the newspapers talked about it for a little while, but now no one remembered, or comprehended, that all of these things had been adventures in manned rocket flight. With the Big Engine already on the way, the XLR-99 -- well, it was likely that if NASA would just pour the money and personnel and emphasis into the X-15 project and the X-20 project, the United States could have orbiting spacecraft in reasonably short order. Ships, vehicles with a pilot who took them aloft and brought them back through the atmosphere with his own hand and then landed them . . . on the dome of the world, at Edwards. It wasn't merely that the Mercury plan of a man in a pod splashing down in the middle of the ocean under a parachute was "dirty," primitive, and an embarrassing way for a pilot to come down, as the Edwards pilots saw it. It was also needlessly dangerous. A slight error in trajectory or timing, and he might hit the water scores or hundreds of miles off target...

It could even be argued that the X-15 pilots were a year or so ahead of the astronauts when it came to training for space flight...

Page 204

For the most part, the men involved in the X-15 program were realistic about the situation. Technically there was no reason why the X-15 should not lead to the X-15B or the X-20 or some other aerodynamic spaceship. Politically, however, the chances were not good and hadn't been good since October 1957, when Sputnik I went up. The politics of the space race demanded a small manned vehicle that could be launched as soon as possible with existing rocket power...

Page 205

As Joe Walker and everyone at Edwards knew, the "solid, long-range program" using the Titan was the X-20 or Dyna-Soar program, which would begin at Edwards as soon as the X-15 project was completed. The Air Force, which was in charge of the X-20 project, had never abandoned its hopes of running the entire manned space program.

Page 209


As a matter of fact, the Air Force had envisioned a major role in space ever since the first Sputnik went up, only to be thwarted by Eisenhower's decision to put the space effort in civilian hands. They now wanted to create a military program, quite apart from NASA's, using fleets of ships such as the X-20 and various "lifting body" craft, wingless ships whose hulls would be shaped to give them aerodynamic control when they re-entered the earth's atmosphere, and the Manned Orbiting Laboratory, which would be a space station. Boeing was building the first X-20 at its plant in Seattle. The Titan 3C rocket booster it would require was almost ready. Six pilots had already been chosen to train to take it into orbit.

Page 411, 412

In June the X-15, with Joe Walker at the controls, had achieved Mach 5.92, or 4,104 miles per hour, which brought the project close to the optimum speed - "in excess of Mach 6" - it had been aiming for. In July Bob White had flown to 314,750 feet, or 59.6 miles, 9.6 miles into space (50 miles was now officially regarded as the boundary line) and well above the project's goal of 280,000...

...soon there would be the X-20, and the X-20 would have a Titan 3 rocket's 2.5 million pounds of thrust, and it would be the first ship to go into orbit with a pilot at the controls from beginning to end, a pilot who could land it anywhere he wanted...

Page 414, 415

Tom Wolfe
The Right Stuff
Farrar * Straus * Giroux
New York

Ok..... what happened to the Dyna-Soar program, the X-20 with it's piloted space capabilities, the "lifting body" wingless ships??? Where did that technology go? That was thirty-five years ago, and we are to believe the Air Force has done nothing since? We are still sending astronauts up with the same old rocket technology developed in the 1930s and 40s.

Who knows what they are sending up, and where they are going, from places like Area 51. The governments of Russia and China may know, with their satellite capabilities; but American citizens are liable to be shot if they tresspass on restricted government installations, to find out what their own government is doing with their tax money.

Another thought. Why are we are the mercy of flood and drought, when weather modification and control were being perfected throughout the 1950's and 60's? Remember "Cloud Seeding"? It was all the rage back in the Sixties, but almost nothing has been said or reported about it for decades. When that happens, it is an indication that the government has taken control of the technology, and suppressed it.

How about energy technologies, automobiles, gas mileage, etc? No progress? The technology of the internal combustion engine was invented over a century ago. Try this web site for some "Eye Openers" on suppressed energy technology.... Energy Information

Inventions and breakthroughs are often briefly reported in the media, never to be heard from again. An interesting experiment is to browse through old microfiche records of newspapers, such as those kept by University libraries, and see what inventions and breakthroughs were reported, that have never seen the light of day.

In the early days of our technological age, especially just after World War II, before government had decided just what would and would not be classified or publically released, some interesting things were reveiled, such as this article in our local Las Cruces, New Mexico Sun News. Their front page of June 15, 1947 carried this interesting headline:

New Weapon Said Developed

"As awesone in its effects as the atomic bomb," said bio-Physicist James Marion Snodgrass today in referring to a secret Anglo-American war weapon he aided a group of scientists in developing.
Snodgrass, 39-year-old chief engineer of the motion picture division of the Dayton-Acme Co., Cincinnati consultant engineering firm, was reluctant to discuss the weapon but persistent newsmen in an interview extracted this additional information:
1 -- It is not connected in any way with the atomic bomb.
2 -- It is not a biological warfare weapon.
3 --Development of the weapon, started during the war, was not completed until after hostilities ended.

What kind of weapon would combine bio-physics with motion pictures, do you suppose?

Or this headline from the July 20, 1947 Sun News

No Disk, But Something Strange Flew Past House of Valley Woman

"Mrs. David Appelzoller of San Miguel, some eight miles south of Las Cruces in the Mesilla Valley, hasn't seen one of the "disks" or saucer-shaped objects others have reported seeing flying through the air in various parts of the western United States, but something whistled by her house so low she thought it was going to hit her head...
She was standing near the southwest corner of her house when she saw the white object, looking something like an electric light bulb, with yellow flame streaming out the rear. It was very low and traveled at a high rate of speed.
...The object came from the northeast -- in the direction of White Sands Proving Ground..."

During that summer, just after the first V-2 rocket was fired from White Sands, the local newspapers in Southern New Mexico were filled with stories of Unidentified Flying Objects being witnessed by citizens.

Have your ever heard of or seen an atomic powered tunnelling machine? No? Here is a picture of one, taken nearly twenty years ago.

Tesla’s Free Energy

And last but certainly not least... there is Nicola Tesla. Perhaps you have never heard the name... which is very common these days, but very unusual, to say the least. Unusual, because Tesla invented the AC power system we use throughout the world, the induction motors used in most of our electrical appliances, the Tesla Coil - the high voltage power supplies used in television and computer monitors.... and a Supreme Court decision proved he invented Radio before Marconi.

So why is he so little known? Perhaps because he also discovered free electricity that could be broadcast worldwide without wires, "death rays," the secrets of harmonic frequencies, and many other interesting things. Most of the facts of his life and discoveries can be found here, Nicola Tesla

The world, the media, and the Internet are just filled with examples of this kind, if people would just bother to search them out.... But having learned that they are living with the technology of the past, and that government and business are soaking them for all the income that can be sqeezed out of them, what will they do about it?

Sleepers Awake!

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