The New 'Polish' Workshop/Toyshop

This 728sf building was constructed in 1991 to be utilized as a workshop and/or garage.

Until April 2000 the building was being used mostly as a workshop and occasionally as a garage.


We decided that it was time to add another vehicle, so we have turned the very large workshop into a smaller one (500sf) and we divided the room. We subsequently (2001) have added another vehicle to this building, so now it is a workshop, detail area and vehicle storage.


Below are links to the on-going process of the conversion from a workshop to workshop/toyshop (garage).

See how the workshop appeared up until April 2000

See the progress of the remodeling project May - June 2000

Check out the finished project - The New ' Polish' Workshop/Toyshop and see what vehicle we decided to buy.

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