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The Marvel Comics Pirate
Series IB 6" Bundle II with Comic Book:
the Thing,
Prince Namor,
Dr. Doom, &
the Human Torch
by Toy Biz
Order NOW from
ASIN: B000063N71
SKN: 532261
Box Size (in inches): 18.75 x 12.75 x 11.0 Shipping weight: 1.097112 pounds.
Spider-Man Sky Rider Play Set
Order NOW from
Toy Biz
ASIN: B000065DGO
SKN: 466471 B
Figure included.
Box Size (in inches): 4.9 x 13.5 x 20.0 Shipping weight: 5.25 pounds.
Super Poseable Spider-Man
by Toy Biz
ASIN: B00005U2HR
SKN: 514848_A9C0EDFE00473FEBE034
Order NOW from
Editorial Review
Sporting 31 points of articulation, this is one of the best Spider-Man action figures out there. Double joints at the elbows and knees mean less exposure to the hinges, while finger and toe articulation allows for more realistic poses. Attention to detailing is obvious with the clean lines, good paintwork, and nicely sculpted gargoyle ledge. By clipping a string to Spidey's wrist, you can make him swing from the ledge. And then, with a push of the button, you can raise him back to the top. The gargoyle can be attached to the wall with a pushpin, but the included C-clamp allows the action to just as easily be attached to a table or windowsill. 
--A. Galindo
Box Size (in inches): 12.1 x 8.0 x 2.7
Shipping weight: 0.65 pounds.
Play tip: take two pieces of clear fishing line, wrap one end of one line around Spider-Man's wrist and attach the other end to a stationary object. Repeat with the other wrist and Spidey will look like he's webbing from ledge to ledge.
X-MEN: Evolution
6" Figure II: Storm
Order NOW from
Toy Biz
SKN: 239537_A9C0EDFDD3803FEBE034
Box Size (in inches): 7.7 x 21.2 x 3.5 Shipping weight: 0.7 pounds.
X-MEN: The Movie
6" Figure: Logan
w/ X-Ray Machine
Order NOW from
Toy Biz
SKN: 975184_A9C0EDFD86B03FEBE034
Editorial Review
Logan is an ordinary looking man, dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, but under his simple appearance is the untamed savagery of a wild beast. You can help Logan's inner animal emerge by squeezing his legs together as his stiff arms raise and his sharp hidden claws extend. Use your imagination and the freestanding x-ray machine to transform the 6-inch figure into the superhuman fighting machine known as Wolverine. With the press of a button, the x-ray shows his unbreakable adamantium skeleton. The machine works especially well as a stand for this mysterious action figure when he's on display.
--Lauren Bernard
Box Size (in inches): 1.5 x 2.0 x 6.0 Shipping weight: 0.8 pounds.
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