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The Marvel Comics Pirate

Action Studio
by Lego
Order NOW from
ASIN: B000063EP4
SKN: 523537
Now you can bring the excitement of the Spider-Man movie home with the Spider-Man Action Studio. Help the web-slinging wonder give the police a hand by webbing up the bank robber. The LEGO Studios camera crew is on hand to catch all the action as it happens. Included with this set are Spider-man, a bank robber, police officer, police cruiser, bank, and more.

Okay, I'll admit that I don't have the Lego moviemaker, but this set is fun as a standalone. The only movie-related aspects are a director with his camera and lighting stands as well as a CD-ROM with (I assume) effects and sounds to enhance the moviemaker (if you have it). Let's start with Spider-Man -- I am a big Lego fan and comic book fan so this set is a match made in heaven. You have a lego Spidey minifig as well as a web and a long string of webbing for him to swing around with. Another minifig you get is Peter Parker -- he has a neat reversible head so on one side he has glasses and on the other he is without glasses. Peter comes with a camera that fits neatly into his hand. The other minifigs are the director, a bank robber, and a police officer with vehicle. The scene is a bank so there are pieces to represent money. I wasn't interested in anything but Spider-Man and Peter Parker so the rest of the set was a bonus. This will fit in with your town set perfectly. I took one star off because the police car has stickers that you have to place on the pieces when I'm certain lego is capable of printing the various markings directly onto the pieces. That might cause trouble -- I opted at first not to stick anything on the car and then when I tried to. . .it was painstaking. Be certain to pick up the Green Goblin & Mary Jane set, because while it is neat to have Spider-Man trap a bank robber in his web, its even better to have him fight a super villain! I think this is one of the best pieces of movie related merchandise because fans of the movie or the comic or both will enjoy this set.

Box Size (in inches): 11.4 x 11.3 x 2.4 Shipping weight: 1.15 pounds.
Spider-Man vs the Green Goblin
by Pressman Toy
Order NOW from
SKN: 508360
Wage battle against Spider-Man's archenemy, the Green Goblin, in this exciting board game based on the Spider-Man movie. Up to four players can join in the action with the objective of defeating the Green Goblin. But before players get to the final battle, they must collect five Spider-Man tokens throughout trips around the board to gain strength for the final showdown. Numerous pitfalls, twists, and turns await you well before then, however. Contents include game board, plastic building with Spider-Man and Green Goblin figures, Spider-Man power tokens, Green Goblin game cards, game die, Spider-Man movers and stands, and instructions.
Box Size (in inches): 15.8 x 10.5 x 2.1 Shipping weight: 1.9 pounds.
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