In Memory of Mr. Bob

A Poem -- written by some guy in Cleveland decades ago:

Cat ...

Sitting in grass ...


This is the page of Mickey Amadeus Bob, also known as Meow Baba.
Mr. Bob was the Head Cat around here for fifteen years, and a helluva nice guy.
He was the son of Parsley and Mushroom, and the brother of Jammers, who lives in South Dakota.

May 2, 2003 -- we are totally saddened to report that during the night
Mr. Bob was attacked and killed by canine terrorists. He was interred
this morning with flowers, herbs, and tears. Friends and fans may send
marbles or catnip to Mr. Bob, c/o Bear, PO Box 422, San Antonio NM 87832.


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Bob as spunky little guy:
Bob as a youngster


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Bob's Favorite Song:

Take Meow To The Ball Game

Bob's Favorite Teams:

Blue Jays



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