Bizarre Movies

Which I Have Actually Seen

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

captures the essence of the genre -- some sort of genre. Bad aliens in clown suits. A gas.

Independence Day

Another "bad alien" flick. The geek saves the world by uploading Windows 95 to the
alien mother ship; it consumes all their resources so their shields don't work.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

has Susan Sarandon as the sweet young thing. Somewhat operatic.
True cultists know every word of the script, and most of the special effects are provided by the audience. When it was shown in my town, the audience's performance was absolutely dismal. You have to see it in a big city where they know what to do.


We're talking serious weeerdness here, by David Lynch.

Nine Lives of Tomas Katz

David Lynch meets Woody Allen? They had that in the program notes at the US Premiere, the 2001 Taos Talking Picture Festival ( It doesn't begin to describe this film. Best piece of dada I've seen in a long time. The name Tomas Katz does not actually appear in the movie anywhere, but the actor's name is Tomas. For whatever that's worth.

200 Motels

fun by Frank Zappa. Even has the movie equivalent of an instrumental break in the middle of a tune: a cartoon sequence with a duck, entitled "Dental Hygiene Dilemma".

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