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NOTE: I am not a linguist and have no formal training in such. This dictionary is compiled from a variety of sources including transcripts, other dictionaries and information archives on the Internet as well as my own collection of DVDs (but does not include any Goa'uld that may have appeared in published books) - HOWEVER I didn't always agree with those other sources. No disrespect to anyone else's very hard work is intended; I simply heard it differently. As a result, some of my spellings and definitions vary from what can be found elsewhere on the net and are based largely on my own DVDs and my own uneducated phonics system. (For instance, many sites list '"ju'ju"(joo-joo) as meaning 'see' said by Kasuf and/or Skaara in the Stargate Movie - but try as I might, I can't hear a 'j' sound. It is listed here as "yu'yu".) Unless I was in strong disagreement, however, I stuck with the spellings which seem to be generally accepted in fandom. Additionally, I list many 'phrases' and I rarely part out the words. How words interact in a phrase appears to effect the meaning - parting them out can be impossible, 'though I will try if the word is used repeatedly. It is also my opinion that different words can have very similar meanings; or that one word may be used to mean two different things - much like 'I, me and my' all refer to the concept of self, or 'bit' can mean a tiny part, the past tense of 'bite', or a part of a horse halter. It doesn't necessarily reflect a lack of continuity. Many of the meanings I offer are based on situational and contextual clues.

All interpretations of sounds, spellings and meanings herein are completely subjective, and open to debate and change.

--Maj. Cliffhanger

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aé'ya: phrase 'Gather round' or 'come here' (Daniel) See: CotG
a'hétu ze'boy: phrase/ 'Close it!' 'Seal it shut!' (Kasuf concerning the gate to city) See: SGM
ah'shak do'mel ah'tanaht: phrase/ 'Swear an oath to solidify bond' (Apophis - translated by Jacob) See: The Serpent's Venom
ah'tera : n/ god See: SGM
ah'tera'tee : n/ gods (plural) See SGM
Ai : n/ 'I' (see also 'is'ta' and 'wae') See: SGM
ai'amein : v/ stand up, raise See SGM
Ai i'raé un'ai nes'nuf : phrase/ 'If I refuse?' (Daniel) See: SGM
Ai set'noh tei'ena joy: phrase/ 'I didn't tell them' (Shau'ri) See: SGM
Ai yeda'ai : phrase/ 'What is this?', 'May I see this?' See: SGM
a'kek shak ya'duru: phrase/ Possibly, 'They shall show respect with their deaths', 'They are too weak to live. [white haired Jaffa] See: Orpheus
a'kek, sholva: phrase/ 'You're dead/weak, traitor!' [Ra Jaffa] See: Moebius pt 2
a'lahz'la: v/ 'choose' or make a choice [priest] See: CotG
Al'kesh: n/ Goa'uld mid-range bomber
Aray kree: phrase/ 'Stay where you are' (kree adds emphasis) See: TBftGoG
Ar'ee kree: phrase/ 'Stand down', 'stop', 'be still', 'hold it!' (Kree adds emphasis) (Teal'c) See: TBftGoG
A'rehk traé'ahk ta'kek: phrase/ 'We do not surrender, even in death.' Said by Malek, translated by Teal'c. See: Allegiance
A'roo nah na'haé: phrase/ 'The day of our victory' (Skaara) See: SGM
a'roush: n/ 'Village' See: CotG
Ashrak: n/ Goa'uld assassin/hunter of the highest order (Teal'c) See: In the Line of Duty
Avidan: Phrase/ 'The Gods are just.' (Teal'c) See: Icon

Bal'dak, tauri: phrase/ Curse against Tau'ri
bas'ak: n/ Training ritual of Jaffa (Bra'tak) See: Family
Ben'ah, ya'wan ya'duru : phrase/ 'Kneel and show respect', 'Kneel, it is time to worship' (Teal'c) See: CotG
Bennaé bu'wah: phrase/ Possible curse or unhappy exclamation against fate. Kasuf says this when he sees a Hatak vessel landing on Abydos in Secrets
Bi'bo : phrase/ 'Do you want?' or 'Take!' See: SGM
bunnie and/or bunniewaé: adj/ 'Sweet' or 'very good' (Kasuf) See: SGM

Cah'lesh: n/ "one's soul" See: Need
cah'lok: n/ 'soul' See: (Teal'c) Need, (Bra'tak) Maternal Instinct
Cannon, Goa'uld: n/ (No Goa'uld name given) Death glider 'cannons'
Cannon Tower, Goa'uld: n/ (No Goa'uld name given) See: Point of View, Into the Fire
Chaa'hari: phrase/ (Abydonian) 'They are friends!' (Daniel) See: CotG
Chaapa'ai or Chap'pai: n/ Stargate (Daniel) See: CotG
Chaapa'ko or Chap'pako: n/ Supergate (Bra'tak) See: Flesh and Blood
Chac'til: v/ 'Scout ahead', 'check it out' (Apophis) See: Nox
Chel'ghol, Jaffa : phrase/ the 'gh' is a guttural 'h' sound. Both Apophis and Klorel uses this to greet a large group of Jaffa who then bow. Klorel's guttural sound is stronger than Apophsis'' but I think it's still the same greeting. See: Within the Serpent's Grasp
chel'nat: adj/ 'Very cool' (Defined by Daniel) See: Tok'ra, pt 1
Chel'nahk: v/ 'This one' or 'take this one' (Teal'c pointing at Sha're) See: CotG
Chel'nok: phrase/ You dare now/good luck (intonation is apparently important!) [Sha'krel] See: Redemption pt 2
Chel'nok met'for: phrase/ basically 'You dare? Release me. Now!' (Klorel) See: Within the Serpent's Grasp
chel'tee : n/ 'untrained warrior' (Bra'tak) See: The Serpent's Lair
cho'qua : phrase/ 'Understand?' (Daniel) See: CotG
Chula a'lahz'la: phrase/ 'Have you come to choose?' (Priest) See: CotG
chu'rata : v/ 'Run!' (Skaara to Sha're) See: CotG
Clah'mal cla'rok: phrase/ sentiment to the dying (Bra'tak to Mo'awk) See: Maternal Instinct
Cor'mahk: n/ Bracelets used by Cronus to bond a guard and prisoner together for transport (Teal'c) See: Avalon, pt 1
Corosh'nai: n/ Goa'uld warning symbol that a planet has been contaminated (Teal'c) See: There But for the Grace of God

Dal: v - 'don't' / won't
Dal shakka mel: phrase - 'I won't do that' and/or 'I die free' (Teal'c) See: Nox See also: shel'kek nem'ron
Dal ma'kalmah, shel'tii. Shel'tii! : phrase/ 'No, my child, wait. Wait.' (Shau'nac) See: Crossroads
Dal'shak kree: phrase/ 'Do not do it/say it!', 'Shut up!' (Teal'c) See: Crossroads
Death Gliders: n/ (No Goa'uld name given) Goa'uld extra-atmospheric fighter
del'mak: n/ a 'crystal' in crystal technology
dené'wah: phrase/ 'Good tasting', 'excellent', possibly 'thank you' (Daniel) See: CotG

Ees'tra: phrase/ 'Master' or 'My Lord' (Shak'l - a Jaffa in the service of Apolphis) See: Nox

Fi'né: v/ 'Finish!' See: SGM
Fire stick: n/ (No Goa'uld name given) Also known as a 'pain stick' - Goa'uld torture device

gal a'quel: phrase/ 'hand it over' or 'give it to me' [Jaffa commander] See: Homecoming
Goa'uld: n/ 1. A parasitic snake-like alien species 2. 'God(s)' (See also 'ah'tera' and 'ah'tera'tee')
Goe'too ghrel: phrase/ Insult which actually sounds surprisingly like 'go to hell', except for the guttural gh. At first, I actually thought that's what she said! (Nirrti) See: Fair Game
Goe'nahk: phrase/ Insult, something disparaging like 'idiot!' Said by Cronus to Jack when he breaks the rules of order in Fair Game
greshtah: n/ 'Outcasts' , 'Worthless servant' (Bra'tac) See: Bloodlines

Haka'sha: phrase/ angry response to a perceived insult (Jaffa) See: TBftGoG
Ha'kor cra ter'ak shree: phrase/ 'Banished to oblivion' (Teal'c) See: The Curse
Hak'tyl: n/ Name of planet of Jaffa women; lit. 'liberation' See: Birthright
Hara'kesh: n/ Goa'uld assassin's hand device designed to destroy a symbiote See: In the Line of Duty
Harcesis: n/ Child of two Goa'ulded hosts, possessing Goa'uld genetic memories (Kasuf, Sha're and Teal'c) See: Forever in a Day
Ha'raum: n/ 'Why?' (...was the village punished?') (Skaara) See: SGM
ha'shak or ha'sak: 1.) Goa'uld curse word, 'fool!' (Bra'tak) See: Threshold, Serpent's Lair 2.) Ha'shak, kree: 'Take him' or perhaps 'the fool is here.' See: Serpent's Venom
Hatak: n/ 1. Goa'uld mothership (Teal'c) See: Within the Serpent's Grasp 2. 'Attack at will' (Trofsky) See: Into the Fire / See also: ree'koh; ree'nuk tok, shek'tal
ha'taaka: n/ Insult used by Rya'c against his father, 'Vile one' See: Family
hai'é: n/ 'Enough!' See: SGM
hee'ato: n/ 'Walk on!' or 'keep moving!' (Ra guard) See: SGM
hahl kree: phrase/ 'Freeze!' (Jaffa guard) See: Upgrades
hel'mak: phrase/ enough or 'hold your fire' See: Warriors
hok: adj/ 'advanced' [Daniel] See: Rite of Passage
Hok'taur: n/ 'Advanced human' [Daniel] See: Rite of Passage
Hylk'sha: n/ Gods of the Underworld

im'shoy: v/ 'Hide!' (Skaara) See: SGM
infrum paup'ra koo'sar'ra'ray: phrase/ 'To enter by infiltration' (Daniel) See: Legacy
In'kot'wah or In'kot'wah son'waé: phrase/ 'listen' and/or 'I want to tell you' (Shau'ri) See: SGM
Intar: n/ transformable stun weapon used in training (Teal'c) See: Rules of Engagement
Ira be'bje?: phrase/ 'Is this for me? (Kasuf) See: SGM
Ista: n/ v/ subservient 'I am...' and/or could be a variant of ees'tra meaning 'Master, it is I...' (Daniel to Lord Yu) See: Summit

Jaffa: Goa'uld slave ground troops and incubators for their young. [Teal'c} See: CotG
Jaffa, kree. Der'ra na'daé' ko: phrase/ A false emergency Bra'tak uses to get the Jaffa to leave their posts and follow him. See: Family
Jaffa, kree'tii: phrase/ Curse against a Jaffa, possibly 'How dare you!' (Klorel) See: The Serpent's Lair
Jomo'mas'aqe: phrase/ meaning based on similarity to Jomo'saéqu and contextual clues - 'We will challenge and kill all who stand in our way' (Jaffa commander) See: Maternal Instinct
Jomo'sequ: phrase/ 'Challenge/Rite of leadership', a fight to the death for leadership (Daniel translating Katano) See: The Warrior, Birthright
Jomo'se'teliq: phrase/ training for kel'shakq'lo - a fight to the death See: Babylon

ka'dash: phrase/ 'Secure', 'arrest', 'find and hold' (Garshaw - Tok'ra) See: Tok'ra pt 2
Kai'ay, alans'bei: phrase/ possibly 'Enough, dial home' (guess! Said by Apophis) See: CotG
kak: phrase/ 'give me a weapon' [white haired Jaffa] See: Orpheus
Kalach tel'shek : phrase/ lit. 'Victory or death' See: Warriors
kalmah: n/ 'Child' (Teal'c) Varient: ma'kalmah: 'My child' (Shau'nac) See: Crossroads
Kal'shak: phrase/ 'Stand aside', 'Enough' (Kowolski to Teal'c) See: Enemy Within
kegalo: phrase/ 'Silence!' (Ra guard) See: SGM
ke'nel loc: phrase/ 'Bow!' (Ra guard) See: Moebius pt 2
kek: 1. n/ Death and/or weakness, interchangeably 2. v/ 'Fire' or 'kill' See: Orpheus
Kel: phrase/ 1. (Kel, Klorel?) 'How is...?','How does...? (Apophis to Jaffa) See The Serpent's Lair 2. (Kel, Amounet?) 'Where is...?' or 'Find...' (Apophis to Jaffa) See: Secrets 3. Klorel uses it as a greeting to ApophisSee: The Serpent's Lair Teal'c uses it to greet Apophis See: Point of View
kel'mah: n/ 'Sanctuary' [Apophis] See: Serpent's Song [Katano/Imhotep] See: The Warrior
Kel'mak, goa'uld. Kree'tak: phrase/ Possibly something like 'How do you do, my god. How may we servee' Kree adds immediacy (Trofsky) See: Into the Fire
Kel'mak'tak, Tau'ri : phrase/ curse against the Tau'ri, possibly 'Show no mercy/leave no sancutary, for the Tau'ri' (Klorel) See: The Serpent's Lair
Kelmar'toe'keem: phrase/ 1. Jaffa vow, literally 'revenge by the wearer of horns', a reference to a cuckold See: Family 2. possibly 'I will have revenge', Teal'c says this in parting to Cronus after their first meeting in Fair Game and again when wanting to kill Tanith in Crossroads
Kel nok: phrase/ friendly greeting 'Call me friend'. (Teal'c) See: Point of View
Kel nok'shree Jaffa : phrase/ 'Don't call me Jaffa' (Raleigh) See: Into the Fire
Kel nok'tiak, mah'waé: phrase/ formal friendly greeting. Possibly, 'Well met, I am not your enemy.' Teal'c uses this to greet Kasuf in Secrets
kel'no'reem: n/ Jaffa meditative/healing trance
Kel'sha: phrase/ 1. 'As you will' (Jaffa) See: The Serpent's Lair 2. Friendly greeting (Teal'c to Daniel) See: Crossroads
Kel shak : phrase/ 'All is well', 'fine' (Teal'c) See: Bloodlines, Secrets, Point of View
Kel shaka'mel : phrase/ 'Go to hell!'
Kel shakq: phrase/ challenge greeting. See: Point of View
Kel'shakq'lo: phrase/ A Sodan vengeance fight to the death See: Babylon
Kel'shek : phrase/ 'How/what do you do', 'report' Used by Heru'ur to greet his Jaffa(Teal'c in disguise) who responds 'Kel'shak' See: Secrets
Kel'so nok: phrase/ challenge combined with 'freeze!' 'hands up!' and 'Now!' (Jaffa) See: Within the Serpent's Grasp
Kel tauk'no : phrase/ possibly something like 'we are going, come!' See: Point of View
kin'drah: n/ Jaffa term meaning 'second in command' See: Birthright
koh'mah ah'ta: phrase/ 'I accept' or 'Your gift is acceptable' (Apophis to Heru'ur) See: The Serpent's Venom
koh'vahk: phrase/ 'break it up', 'return to your duties/work/posts' [White haired Jaffa] See: Orpheus
krante staff: n/ Shortened staff weapon used by the Sodan See: Babylon
Kree: n/v/adj/ 'Attention', 'concentrate', 'Yoo-hoo!'. Defined by Daniel in Point of View Also adds emphasis/importance to other words
Kree cho: phrase/ 'I have you' or 'you are captured', possibly an insult. (White haired Jaffa] See: Orpheus
kree hol: v/ 'go', 'do it', engage, execute... Kree adds emphasis
kree hol'mel: v/ negative of kree hol: wait, stand-by Kree adds emphasis (Jaffa, kree hol'mel. Hol'mel, Jaffa!) (Teal'c) See Point of View
kree ka: v/ 1. 'give it to me' Kree adds emphasis (Apophis) See: Nox 2. 'ready/aim', prepare to kill [white haired Jaffa] See: Orpheus
kree'kho: phrase/ ('Tok'ra, kree'kho!') Seth offers this much like a curse when he sees Jacob in Seth
kree ko: phrase/ ('Jaffa! Nok kree ko!') 'Jaffa! To me, now!' Kree adds emphasis (Klorel) See: Within the Serpent's Grasp
kree lo'sehk: phrase/ 'Stand ready', 'Act on my command' Kree adds emphasis (Jaffa commander) See: Maternal Instinct
Kree'na a'reek cree'nahk'ka, shol'va: phrase/ meaning unknown, except 'shol'va' - traitor. Cronus says this arrogantly in response to Teal'c when they first meet in Fair Game
kree nel: phrase/ 'Go see what is happening' Kree adds emphasis (Hathor) See: Into the Fire
Kree no'tel re nokia: phrase/ possibly 'look, we are under attack', possibly referring specifically to the Asgard. Kree adds emphasis/importance (Jaffa) See Point of View
Kree nok: phrase/ literally, this is 'Attention, now!' It is translated loosely by Daniel as 'Shut up'. [white haired Jaffa dressing down another Jaffa] See: Orpheus
Kree, ria'nok: phrase/ The public audience is over [Ra Jaffa] See: Moebius Pt 1
kree'shak she'nok: phrase/ 'I will not' or 'I refuse' Kree adds enphasis (Teal'c) See: The Serpent's Venom
kree shel me'lac : phrase/ 'guard them' Kree adds emphasis (Ishta) See: Birthright
kree tahl: phrase/ 'obey' Kree adds emphasis See: Serpent's Lair
Kree tak: v/ 'No!' or strong exclamation of denial. Teal'c yells this when MacKenzie triggers the memory of Daniel's death in fire. See: Fire and Water
Kree tak, Tok'ra. Kelmar'toe'keem. Kree!: 'Release me, Tok'ra. I will have revenge! Do it!' (Teal'c) See: Crossroads
Kree, tre lo'gawk: phrase/ 'Go see what's wrong', 'Don't just stand there!' [white haired Jaffa] See: Orpheus
Kree sak, lo'ko'mal, a'sak. Jomo'mas'aqu: phrase/ Meaning unknown; possibly. 'Be on guard. I will go first and will speak. We will challenge and kill any who get in our way'. (Jaffa Commander) See: Maternal Instinct
kree'sha: phrase/ 'Beware!', 'look sharp!' (Teal'c) See: TBftGoG)
Kree'shak: phrase/ Ashrak greeting to Jolinar, possibly 'too slow'. See: In the Line of Duty
Kree'shak shel: phrase/ Goa'uld greeting. (Heru'ur to Apophis) See: The Serpent's Venom
Krel'lahk : phrase/ 'Fall back' strategic withdrawal (Trofsky) See: Into the Fire
krel'nok : phrase/ 'Get others, now' (Teal'c) See: Point of View
Krel'tah remoc: phrase/ 'Slow us for arrival' (Klorel) See: Within the Serpent's Grasp

lah'tee: phrase/ 'evacuate', 'back home!' (Apophis) See: Point of View
lako harrah a'lahz'la: phrase/ 'They have come to choose' (Priest) See: CotG
lehk'tol: phrase/ 'Goodbye','dismissed' (Apophis) See: Within The Serpent's Grasp
Limvris: n/ a rival goa'uld group that opposed the System Lords, killed by one of Machello's weapons (Teal'c) See: Legacy
Loc'nel: v/ 'Over here' or 'search here' (Ra Jaffa) See: Moebius Pt 2
Loc'shok del'mark la'kree : phrase/ possibly something like 'Secure and watch him' or 'make sure he is secure and safe' Kree adds urgency (Hathor) See: Into the Fire
lo mak: 1. adj/v/ 'I am (identity)', 2. 'you' depends on how it is combined. Variant of 'mak'
lo ma'shem: phrase/ (May not be goa'uld!) to express appreciation through sexual intimacy (Freya) See: Divide and Conquer
lo'nok: v/ 'Hold', 'wait', 'beware' (Teal'c) Point of View
lord'shak kree, lo' goa'uld: phrase/ Tok'ra password (Rac'nor translated by Jacob) See: The Serpent's Venom
Lo'set'noh tei'ena joy : phrase/ 'You didn't tell them (what)?' (Daniel)See: SGM
Lo'taur: n/ Highest rank a human slave can attain; lit - 'you, human' (Teal'c) See: Summit

Mah'shak: n/ A wooden staff weapon used for training (Teal'c)See: Warriors
mak: adj/v/ '(i) am / (you) are / (they) are (identity)'; vairiant: 'lo mak' meaning, 'I am...'
ma'kalmah: phrase/ 'My child' (Shau'nac) Varient: kalmah: 'Child' (Teal'c) See: Crossroads
ma'kree: n/v/ 'Report', 'what have you learned?' (Apophis) See: Nox
M'al Sharran, Rite of: n/ A Jaffa ritual to find the truth by removing one's symbiote and going to the brink of death (Bra'tak) See: Threshold
Mash'a kree ak: phrase/ 'Hand it over at once!' (kree adds emphasis) (Jaffa) See: TBftGoG
Mas'taba: n/ Special fighting technique used by and required of Imhotep's Jaffa See: Warriors
Mee'la tu'tu: phrase/ 'Is everything all right?' (Kasuf) See: SGM
Mei'ya te'kek: phrase/ 'You die together!' (Ra) See: SGM
Mei'ye: phrase/ 'You watch, I'll show' or 'You'll see' (Skaara) See: SGM
mel: negative or opposite suffix; 'not', 'un-'
mikta : n/ 'ass' (Ares Boch) See: Deadman Switch
muu: v/ 'Look!' 'See, there!' (Skaara) See: SGM
My'ah'ka mah'fi: phrase/ Formal response to Kel nok'tiak, mah'waé, possibly 'It is my honor to welcome you' (Kasuf) See: Secrets

Na'binim: phrase/ 'What's that?' See SGM
Naé Jaffa nok: phrase/ I think naé may be a variation on ne'naé, which makes this 'No, Jaffa, not now' (Klorel) See: Within the Serpent's Grasp
nah be'naé: phrase/ 'Terrible!' (Skara re: smoking) See: SGM
nah'fee: adj/ 'Good' or 'right!' (Shau'ri) See: SGM
Na'onak: name/phrase/ This is the name Apophis goes by while a prisoner of Sokar. According to a couple of sources, it means 'No name' or 'Not a god,' however I am still looking for a cannon reference for this. See: Jolinar's Memories and The Devil You Know
Na'tera: n/ Abydonian name for 'Ra', possible 'first god' (see ah'tura') See: SGM
Na'tera ai'ya: phrase/ 'They are sent by Ra' or 'He wears the Eye of Ra' See: SGM
Naqahdah (Naquada) n/ quarzite metal element essential to the goa'uld, metal of the Stargate (first spelling here seen on screen in The Serpent's Lair)
Naquadria: n/ A highly unstable variant of naqahdah, invented by Thanos found on Langara/Kalowna See: Meridian
Na'wanna na'tera: phrase/ 'Ra punished us.' See: SGM
Nemen kree: phrase/ 'Do not!', 'Do not touch!' (Kree adds emphasis) See: Bloodlines
Nementh kree: v/ Do not dare! / challenge (Kree adds emphasis) (Tok'ra Ocker to Jaffa Artok}See: Allegiance
ne'naé: v/ 'No', 'stop!' (More Abydonian, but used by the goa'uld as well) See: SGM
Ne'taé noh mah'rei'en rok waé: phrase/ 'That you didn't want me' (Shau'ri) See: SGM
Ne'waé soy no'yan joy: phrase/ 'I am no longer amused!' (Ra) See: SGM
Nish'ta: powerful Goa'uld brain washing drug (Jacob/Selmak) See: Seth
nok : n/v/adj/ 'Now'
Nu'teh soy: phrase: 'Get away!' (Ra) See: SGM

Obi'tan, shweek! Shweek! phrase/ 'Identify yourself, speak! Speak! or '...fast! Fast!' (Bra'tac) See: Bloodlines
O'na kel has'ah: phrase/ 'Very good' or 'right away' (Heru'ur to Apophis, when told his 'gift' is acceptable) See: The Serpent's Venom
O'na kla'keela faruuk: phrase/ 'Your forces are great but not enough to take on the combined forces of the System Lords' (Heru'ur - Translated by Jacob) See: The Serpent's Venom
O'na koh'ka shag'na: phrase/ meaning unknown. Teal'c says this angrily to Cronus when they first meet in Fair Game
O'na rak: phrase/ 'I offer....' (Heru'ur translated by Jacob) See: The Serpent's Venom
O'nok Kree: phrase/ 'What now?' Stand ready/guard/beware. Kree adds emphasis (Jaffa commander) See: Upgrades
O'nok sha'kree shel Goa'uld: phrase/ 'Which god do you worship?' (Jacob) See: The Serpent's Venom
Orak: n/ Curse meaning 'unspeakable' See: New Order, pt 1
orak kree'toe ora'nesh: phrase/ nasty insult, following other insults which were loosely translated by Daniel. [white haired Jaffa] See: Orpheus
Ora'nok, Rite of: phrase/ An old Jaffa rite performed on the first eve of Shum'roha (honeymoon] requiring a sharp knife [Teal'c to Rya'c] See: Sacrifices

Pa'kree: phrase/ 'So what's up now? / what's up?' See: Nox
Pel'tak: n/ The bridge or control room of a Ha'tak
prata: n/ Puberty See: Birthright
Prim'ta (Prim'tah): n/ 1. Jaffa Ceremony of Implantation See: Bloodlines 2. a larval goa'uld


ral'tora'kee: phrase/ 'Good luck' See: A Hundred Days
Raé'nahk re'nuhk tok: phrase/ '(Royal plural) I command, begin the attack/bombardment.' (Zipacna) See: Pretense
Raé'nehk: phrase/ '(Royal plural)I live', 'I awaken', 'I assume command' phrase is exchanged between Apophis and Klorel See: Within the Serpent's Grasp
Ramahsee bie'ah wah'waé'ho: phrase/ 'We cannot let this happen.' See: SGM
ree'koh: phrase/ 'Attack' See: SGM
re'mok: n/ 'arrival' (Apophis) See: Within the Serpent's Grasp
Re'sapaé: Is this yours? See: SGM
re'tok: phrase/ 'Stop' See: SGM
raé'nook: phrase/ 'Stand ready to defend me' - possible variation on rin'tel nok [Moloc] See: Sacrifices
rhe'u: phrase/ 'Stay back!' See: SGM
rii'beh: phrase/ 'water' or 'drink' See: SGM
rin'nok: phrase/ 'Be still now', 'shut up now', strong 'No' (Teal'c) See: Within the Serpent's Grasp[Moloc's Jaffa to Teal'c] See: Sacrifices
rin'tel nok: phrase/ 'Defend/come to me, now!' See: Hathor
Ris'vi he'u: phrase/ 'Close the doors' See: SGM
Rok kree'nol, mak'tal : phrase/ possibly, 'we do it, he will die!' (Raleigh) See: Out of Mind
Roshnah: n/ drug which Aris Bock's people must take or die See: Deadman Switch

sarit: v/ 'Listen' or 'search' [Jaffa] See: Homecoming
sata cakes: n/ A kind of food; desert/treat (Teal'c) See: Family
satak: adj/ 'Great and mighty' (Daniel) See: Summit
sei'bu: v/ 'Come' (Skaara) See: SGM
sei'bu soy : phrase/ 'Come, quick!' See: SGM
sei'mu: v/ 'help', 'do it' See: SGM
Sei mu'ai: phrase/ (Abydonian) 'Help me' See: Children of the Gods
sei'mu'ee: v/ 'help me' (Host of Apophis) See: Serpent's Song
sei'nu: v/ 'wait' See: SGM
sept'kahn: phrase/ 'an execution' (Skaara) See: SGM
Set sek'kai soy: phrase/ 'I will do it myself!' (Ra Guard) See: SGM
sha'ka: phrase/ Meaning unknown. Possibly, a victory cry. One of Molok's Jaffa calls this out after another Jaffa has struck Teal'c down. See: Sacrifices
Shaka'a kree'hol'mel Goa'uld: phrase/ 'rejoice and wait upon the gods' (Teal'c) See: CotG
Shak'ra: phrase/ Jaffa greeting; See: Redemption pt 1
Shak'ti'qua : phrase/ 'What do you think you are doing?' See: Serpent's Lair
sha Lo'key: v/ part of an Abydonian wedding, to 'stand beside' i.e.'be my best man' (Skaara) See: Family
Sha'lokma'kor : phrase/ 'Get 'em/kill 'em' See: Serpent's Lair
shal'nok: phrase/ 'Very cool' (Teal'c) See: Tok'ra pt1
sha'mel cah'lal: phrase/ 'free your soul' or 'blessings unto you.' (Turok to Teal'c) See: Serpent's Venom
sha'shet shia'yu: n/ 'Sandstorm' See: SGM
shee'ka: phrase 'In the name of...' The actual line is, 'Moloc, shee'ka' shouted by a Jaffa after discovering Teal'c. See: Sacrifices
Shek kree : phrase/ 'For shame!'
shek'nah kree: phrase/ 'Surrender' (Ra Jaffa) See: Moebius Pt 2 [see also: shel'nok, kree. Kree nok, Jaffa]
shek'tal: v/ attack(s), See: Stronghold (see also Re'nuk tok)
shel kree: phrase/ 'Be quiet' or 'shut up' See: Birthright, Babylon
shel'kek nem'ron: phrase/ 1.) Code/greeting used among rebel Jaffa to indentify themselves. Teal'c to Mo'loc's warriors. See: Sacrifices Teal'c to Ba'al's forces at Dakara See: Reckoning pt 1 2.) "I die free!" Ryk'l, translated by Teal'c See: Birthright See also: dal shaka mel
Shel maka'zal: n/ Burial rite of the Sodan; See: Babylon
Shel mak shel ha'zar: Jaffa prayer for the dead; possibly 'Be at peace, my love' [Teal'c]See: Redemption pt 1
Shel'met: phrase/ A drinking toast See: Warriors
shel'na: phrase/ 'leave us' [Lord Yu's First Prime] See: Fallen
shel'nok, kree. Kree nok, Jaffa: phrase/ lit this is something like 'You now, attention! Attention now, Jaffa' - loosely, it's a command to surrender immediately. [One of Molok's Jaffa to Teal'c] See: Sacrifices
Shel no'rak: phrase/ 'Surrender', 'lower your weapons' or 'don't try it!' See: Orpheus See also: tal'beth
shel'tah: phrase/ 'Prepare the offering' (Ra Jaffa) See: Moebius Pt 1
shel'tak: phrase/ 'Prepare to attack' (Teal'c) See: Moebius Pt 2
shel'tek: phrase/ 'Prepare to leave' (Apophis) See: Secrets
shel'tii: phrase/ 'Wait' (Shau'nac) See: Crossroads
shes'ta: n/ Goa'uld/Jaffa currency See: Family
shi'bio di'u: n/ Strangers! See: SGM
Shin'tel: phrase/ Apophis basically asking Klorel 'what's up?', but more formal See: Within the Serpent's Grasp
Shol'va: n/ 'Traitor'
Shock Grenade: n/ a non-lethal pulse weapon
Shor'wai'e! Yahs! Yahs!: phrase/ 'Hurry up! Down! Down!' See: SGM
Staff weapon: n/ Primary weapon of Jaffa
shum'roh and/or shum'roha: n/ Jaffa equivilant to a honeymoon. [Teal'c to Rya'c] See: Sacrifices
sim'ka: n/ old fashioned word for Jaffa betrothal, possibly referring to chattel marriage. [Rya'c] See: Sacrifices
Sodan: n/ Warrior off-shoot of the Jaffa who haven't been indentured to a goa'uld in over 5,000 yrs, originally taken by Iskar. See:Babylon
Su'beh su'kii: phrase/ 'Why are you laughing?' See: SGM
swaic: phrase/ 'Understood?' See: Bloodlines

Tahk'lan: v - 'Give' [Jacob/Selmak]See: Show and Tell
Tahk'lan an Obi'wan: v - 'Return to base and get me what I need' [Jacpb/Selmak]See: Show and Tell
Takunitagaminituron: n/ or 'tak' - an automatic weapon (heat detecting) See: Deadman Switch
Tak mal a'rik ti'ak: phrase/ 'You will not be forgotten ' Said by Selmak/Jacob, translated by Teal'c. See: Allegiance
tal'beth: phrase/ 'Surrender' or 'Put down your weapons' (Bra'tak) See: Into the Fire See also: Shel no'rak
tal mak: phrase/ 'I am...'
tal'vak: n/ the name of the acid Ba'al used when torturing O'Neill. See: Abyss
ta'nah a'kel mal'tal, jo'rah nok shun: Phrase/ Ra says he 'will not tolerate such disrespt from my followers.' [Daniel]See: Moebius Pt 1
Tao've'nu: phrase/ 'You won't believe it/it's unbelievable' See: Nox
Ta'pwah Ra: phrase 'Ra is dead' or 'can't be Ra' See: CotG
Tauri or Tau'ri: n/ 'humans'; also 'first humans', ie 'of Earth'
Teal'c: adj/ 'strength'
tei'ta : v/ 'find' (Apophis: Jaffa, Shak'l ti'ta! - Jaffa, find Shak'l) See: Nox
Tek mal ti'ak: phrase/ Something like 'I remember/greet my friend' Said by Katano in greeting to Bray'tak. See: The Warrior (Similar to Tak mal a'rik ti'ak)
Tek ma'te: phrase/ respectful greeting/leave-taking (Daniel translates Rak'nor) See: The Warrior
Tek'ma'tek: phrase/ greeting, literally 'friends well met', we come in peace (Daniel translates Bray'tak) See: Warriors
Tek'ma'tet, kree!; tek'ma'tet: phrase(s)/ A challenge to fight in response to insult See: Warriors
Tel'kohl: phrase/ possibly 'forgive the interruption' (Jaffa) See Point of View
Tel kree'shak, gree'tah. Chel'tee'pa!: phrase/ Bra'tac is cursing out a Jaffa; I think it's something like, 'Now/do it - explain yourself! [kree adds emphasis), you worthless, untrained child!' See: The Serpent's Lair
tel mak: n/ Jaffa, a world 'devoid of/unable to support life' [Teal'c]See: Message in a Bottle
Tel mak'kree mak tel'ah : phrase/ (Partial - I am [emphasis] I am tel'ah) 'I am in charge here!' (Trofsky) See: Out of Mind
Telmar'toe'keem, tel'mak kree malk'to: phrase/ A series of insults, loosely translated by Daniel as 'cursed by the wearer of horns, you're poison, you're sloppy'... See: Orpheus
Tel ma'te: phrase/ greeting/leave-taking opposite sex (Teal'c and Shau'nac) See: Crossroads
Tel'met ori'en'te shree, tel'ma: phrase/ 'Our love does not end in death' (Defined by Daniel) See: Crossroads
tel'pac'rai: phrase/ 'Falling star' See: A Hundred Days
tel'shak: phrase/ 1. 'Now', 'Do it.' (Apophis) 2. Summons for help (Klorel) Both see: The Serpent's Lair
Tel'tak: n/ Goa'uld scoutship and/or cargo ship (Martouf) See: Joilinar's Memories
tel tek tray lo'tanok: Phrase/ Ra Jaffa response after Teal'c orders him and his men to surrender. A definite denial and possible insult.See: Moebius Pt 2
Thesh'no: Meaning unknown. This is what Daniel says when he goes behind the tent, having been told by Kasuf to go to talk to Sha're after the funeral in Forever in a Day. It could be someone else's name or 'Hello', 'good wife', 'beloved', ect... Open to interpretation.
Ti'b'yia: phrase/ 'This is yours' See SGM
tii'kree: phrase/ praise, possibly meaning 'Well done' (Katano after Rak'nor demonstrates his accuracy with a staff weapon)See: Warriors
ti'u: n/ 'Yes' See: SGM
tok: v/ 'against'
Tok'ra: n/ off-shoot of the goa'uld who fight against the System Lords; lit-'against Ra' See: In the Line of Duty
tre'ya: phrase/ 'He's here!' or 'Freeze!' One of Moloc's Jaffa shouts this when they find Teal'c. See: Sacrifices
tree lan taun'ik: phrase/ something like 'stand ready' or 'shoot him on my order'. (Apophis) See Point of View
Troop Transport: n/ (No Goa'uld name given) Large transport capable to carrying as many as two thousand Jaffa into battle
Tuat: n/ 'The underworld' (Daniel) See: Serpent's Song
tun'c ma'le: Great/super

Unas: n/ 'The First Ones'

Vash nel. Vash nel gel'nah: phrase/ Something along the line of 'this is pitiful,unacceptable, not good enough. Daniel states that Ra 'wasn't too impressed with the offering.' See: Moebius Pt 1
vel'tok hatak mel'shee: phrase/ A code or immediate evacuation order given by Anubis' ship to ground troops. Possibly, 'Stand against those attacking the mothership.' (Take it for what it's worth!) See: Home Coming
Vol'cuum: n/ Training device used to transmit a large holographic image. See: Rules of Engagement

waé: n/ 'Me' (see also: 'Ai' and 'Is'ta') See: SGM
we'muu: phrase/ 'try this' See: SGM
we'tou: phrase/ 'need' or 'give to me' See: SGM


yah a'la : v/ 'I understand' (A priest of Chulak)See: CotG
yahs : n/v/ 'Down!' See: SGM
Ya'wah so tei'ru? : phrase/ 'Where are they?' See: SGM
Ya'why wa'ra'ku: /phrase 'I was dead' See: SGM
yeb'yannan: phrase/ 'Forbidden!' See: SGM
yef seh'su: phrase 'Married?' See: SGM
Yem'yem mie'aé or Yem'yem mie'aé ah'tura'tee: phrase/ 'Take a good look,' 'Take a good look at your gods.' See: SGM
Ye'shek et'broy? : phrase/ 'What happened?' See: SGM
yon duru aree'k kek o'nak: phrase/ Said by Katano, followed by 'I would honor he who would kill his god' As related to other such phrases, I believe it's something like 'We show respect to he who does not surrender standing before us now.' See: The Warrior
yu'hie: phrase/ 'Come, see' See: SGM
Yuri'yeh ku'set: phrase/ 'What will you do?' See: SGM
Yur'yeh haé'rok?: phrase/ 'What are you drawing?' (Daniel) See: SGM
Yu'te'sie moy: phrase/ 'Don't be angry' (Shau'ri) See: SGM
yu'yu: v/ 'to show' something. (Skaara) See: SGM

Za'tark: n/ goa'uld brainwashed assassin (Anise) See: Divide and Conquer
Zat'n'katel: n/ Also known as a 'zat' - goa'uld hand weapon One shot stuns, two shots kill, three shots disintegrates (Teal'c) See: Within the Serpent's Grasp


It is interesting to note here that the Stargate Movie used a professional linguist out of UCLA to come up with the closest aproximation possible for Ancient Egyptian, which the writers of the series adopted as a variant of Goa'uld. According to a transcript of a question and answer session with Michaél Shanks at the Creation Convention in Chicago, Ill. dated Aug 24-26, 2007 (available at the Michael Shanks Online website], Michael fought for and got the writers to contact this same linguist for key scenes in Serpent's Song and Forever in a Day. As such, I've chosen to include both scenes here.

Serpent's Song - Daniel's prayer for the dying host of Apophis

Ah'ku'may de'ah'too. Koo'ra yum'mei'ah yAH'hay. Ee'pee'awk see'bee'u'sof'cow'oo. Ee'awk hee'mee'taw shee'ra oo'taw she'awk houn'noy'son. Hay'whoo. Hay'whoo.

I will speak the words of power and do the rites. You will be returned to Egypt with honor. You will pass through the seven gates and see your wife and children again and rejoice with them. Forever.
* * *

Yit'tee'yow tal'ti kee'pu neefu'dek du'ray'u ying'yahf. Ki'ek arcu'may

This funerary statue will take your last breath and carry your soul back to Egypt.
* * *

Forever in a Day - The interested reader may want to do a google search on the 'Book of the Dead' (Ancient Egyptian religious text, not the novel!) The writers deserve a big hand for capturing a lot of little details from it when creating this scene, such as Mot (the baboon) sitting on the scales and the weighing of the feather.

Kasuf's song/prayer/spell: NOTE - I do not know if Kasuf's words were writen by the liguist or not. Given the speed at which it is delivered, I have to doubt it. I choose to include it here for its simple beauty. Because this is half-sung / half-chanted, it is impossible to really hear word breaks. I have broken it into word-sections merely for display purposes. I wish I could slow it down and hear it better, but this is as close as I can get. Needless to say - there is no translation other than to say it is a spell for the dead.

Ankh'nu'na kre'ol kai'ay sah'kai sah'moy yah'ta'shaun zah'boy'yawn
mahn'tee'ah'boon nah kai yai'ir'rof ga'proh vee'il'ir'of'mai'yahn tawn'ah'hay

* * *

Daniel's prayer/intersession for Sha're:

I speak for Sha're who can no longer speak for herself.

Nee dee'du'aé goo'rah. Neerl'ill'u'waé moo'soo'raé'yah
I have spoken no lies nor acted with deceit

Yah'nahk sap'poo'u shur're ah'say'daé. Nu'taé ir're'inuf ses'shera'noon
I was once possessed by a demon who did these things against my will.

Yu'wah ya'sayd'ded broy'yif mane'ten ma'nay'waé yas'fay
The demon is gone and now I am without sin

Dee'ah peer'rah'tay a'sah'ku yaé'roo.
Grant me a place in your blessed dwelling.

If my heart weighs more than a feather, my heart still contains sin; if not, may my soul join the god. (Places feather on scales) By the trial of the Great Scales, thy heart is light. Thy soul has been found true.
* * *

Fair Game - I include the following here simply because it was an interesting exchange. My suggested translations are pure conjecture! Make of it what you will. This is a discussion between Nirrti, Cronus and Yu.

Yu : The Goauld System Lords are prepared to hear the Asgard proposal.
Nirrti: Onak areek kree (He has no right to speak for all.)
Cronus: Cor'rega ashee'mu (You're just mad he beat you to it, calm down)
Yu: Koh'na kree! Kee'na or'ree'eska (Silence! This puny slave shows more respect then you) He glances at Jack during this.
Jack: ...I thought we were all going to speak the same language here.
Cronus: Go'nahk! (Insult, something disparaging like 'Idiot!')
The goa'uld walk out in apparent disgust as Jack 'breaks the rules.'