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Site update: May 26, 2016

RL is still taking most of my attention, but the muse is still alive and kicking. I haven't noted a couple of minor updates with the blooper page over the last couple of years, and I still have at least one or two I need to load (gotta remember to dig them up!) The muse has tackled a number of ideas as well in this time but none of them have come to fruition - until now. It's just a short story. We were talking about Evolution on one of my Facebook groups, and I remembered the muse had played with this idea many years ago. So I dusted it off and shared what little I'd done. The response was just what I needed to wake the muse up. Finally completed, I'm happy to actually upload new fic here! I hope you enjoy!

Ideally Suited

Site update: July 28, 2013

Life helpng my daughter with her two little girls has been incredibly fun and crazy. Sorry it's been so long since I did anything major. The fic is still in the works, but RL is taking most of my time. Still, I've managed to do a few minor things, most not worth mentioning, and now this - I've added an SG-1 Bloopers page. You'll note it in the navigation banner on the main pages. It's just for fun. I hope you enjoy!

SG-1 Bloopers

Site update: November 20, 2011

It has been WAAAAAY too long. Sigh! Life got a little crazy for a while there. It's still crazy but in a completely different way now. I quit my job at the end of September to prepare for the arrival of my second grand daughter and the duties of full time grandma within the next week or so. (GRIN!) 'Means I have a little more me time - when I'm not busy cleaning the house. And I don't know what my free time will be like once the little one gets here. We really can't afford to do this but are praying the Lord will provide. He always has!
So I've finally found a little time to pick this story back up. Again, I'm sorry to have kept everyone waiting. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to find a happy meduim with demands on my time so I can keep it moving once again.

LLP#5: Playthings of a God - Part 2

I also updated the dictionary, adding words from Moebius 1 and 2. 'Don't know how I managed to miss it before!

Site update: May 17, 2011

It is time to begin the last book of this series. Unless ... nope, that's going to be a spin off. Bwahahaha!

LLP#5: Playthings of a God - Part 1

I also removed the old chapter links et al for LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines and uploaded the master document as a single file.
The posting numbers remain in the fic to act as built in book marks for anyone who wants to catch up with the story so far.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Site update: April 19, 2011

I have been struggling for well over a month now trying to figure out what loose ends here needed to tied up before I could move onto to the next book yes there is going to be another and exactly where I wanted my emotional end to fall, when I realized ... the reason I was struggling so much was that I'd already written it! The over-all story, at least this chapter of it, is done with everyone coming back into phase and the reader aware that they are relatively safe. The story of how Sam is healed - or not! - is going to be the main driving force behind events in the next book. This adventure has reached its climax and emotional denouement. I even managed to tie Ba'al into the last chapter. 'Still want to do a Jack and Danny scene but it is refusing to work here. It'll actually work better in the opening of the next book, so I really have only one thread I still need to follow up on.... Um, it's not ready to close out yet either. I've been planning a bit of a twist here for a while so I'm going to be leaving you with a bit of a cliffhanger. Okay, so it's a BIG cliffhanger. Short, but oh so sweet! VEG! Do you really expect anything else from me? Trust me, it could be worse. I promise to follow up on it quickly in the next book which, if RL will give me a break, should begin very soon. Thanks for reading, and for your patience. The story of Life's Little Problems is far from done but it's time to move to the next step in my little saga here.
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Epilogue

Site update: March 8, 2011, 2011

Sorry for the delay. Having a 7 month old grand-baby in the house is time consuming but ooooh! so much fun! Grin! So here's the next par at long last. Let's see if we can't firm up that ledge I left everyone sitting on... I hope you enjoy.
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 39

Site update: Feb. 9, 2011, 2011

Everyone is sick at my house at the moment; bronchitis or flu or whatever. This year is just not starting out real well for me. Sigh! I do hope it's going much better for everyone else.
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 38

Site update: Jan 27, 2011

Can't quite let everyone off the old cliffhanger yet....
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 37

Site update: Jan 13, 2011

Still recovering from the car accident. Nothing major, the foot is still sore is all. Work is crazy with manditory overtime last week. My grandaughter is 5 months old now and giggling. There isn't a sweeter sound in the world is there? VBG! Well, time to post another section here. Hope you enjoy!
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 36

Site update: Jan 4, 2011

RL is kicking my 'mikta' again. Literally. Well, not exactly ... more my foot. 'Had a bit of a car accident the other day and thought I'd broken it. No, just sprained my big toe. Who do you know who sprains their big toe?!! LOL! Ah well and praise God no one else was hurt and life goes on. Foreward ho!
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 35

Site update: Dec 28, 2010

Here's hoping everyone had a great Christmas! And remember on New Year's Eve - if you drink, let someone else who isn't do the driving. Let's keep going here. As always, thanks go out to my beta, Madders Ahatter, for her sharp eyes. Any remaining mistakes are all mine. If you catch any, please let me know.
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 34

Site update: Dec 16, 2010

I am sooooo SORRRRRYYYY for the delay here! I stopped posting last year exactly to prevent this very situation! ARGH! I wanted to get at least a few more chapters written so that when I posted 'major cliffhanger' I wouldn't leave everyone waiting too long. Unfortunately, Murphey apparently had other ideas. Yes, I am a victim of Murphey's Law. Days after I posted my little angst fest my computer crashed. BIG TIME! Sigh. Well, I'm back now. I think. Having to get used to a few new programs and ways to do things but at least none of my data was lost, thank God. So forward ho! As always, huge huggles go out to my beta, Madders Ahatter, for her sharp eyes. Any remaining mistakes are all mine. If you catch any, please let me know.
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 33

Site update: Oct. 25, 2010

Seriously. This is the part I wrote a year ago and decided I didn't dare post until I'd gotten a few more chapters done. (RL has made that a very hard proposition!) I knew that if I left the reader hanging off the edge here for too long, I'd be hunted down and lynched. The muse was being particularly evil when she handed me this plot twist. 'Course, I will be leaving you hanging for a little bit (veg!) - I do have a reputation to maintain after all. And a beta of part 33 to go over. As always, huge huggles go out to my beta, Madders Ahatter, for her sharp eyes. Any remaining mistakes are all mine. If you catch any, please let me know.
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 32

Site update: Oct. 21, 2010

At long last. Oh, what a year - plus a little! I went back to work after 16 years as a stay at home mom and became a grandmother. My real life is a little too real! Grin! But at long last I finally have a few more chapters to post here. Thanks for bearing with me and I hope you enjoy!
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 31

Site update: July 26, 2009

21 days. Well, I suppose that's better than 31, but still... sigh! Thanks for the patience. The muse gave me a couple of new twists she wants to play with so hopefully that will keep her motivated and producing faster.
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 30

Site update: July 5, 2009

Waaaay too long. Sigh! Too many distractions around, especially a couple of rather vision plot bunnies that won't leave me alone.I have got to get my posting speed on this one back up.
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 29

Site update: June 5, 2009

I've really got to work at increasing my posting speed, sigh!
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 28

Site update: May 16, 2009

Jeesh, but I am being slow lately! I have to say I don't like it anymore than you probably do. At least the problem this time isn't my computer. I was having headaches when I sit at the comp. too long and think it may be time for new glasses - or maybe my neck was out. Or maybe it was allergies! I don't know. They seem to have eased up now and I'm hoping to get the next chapter out more quickly. No promises though. RL has a tendency to sneak up on me and it is uncomfortably hot in southern NM right now with temperatures nipping at the 100F mark. 'Haven't gotten my evaporative cooler up and running yet.... Anyway, here we are with the next chapter at last. Thank you so much for all your patience and understanding. And especially for the kind and thoughtful words last month when we lost Precious. They were very much appreciated!
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 27

Site update: Apr. 19 2009

I am so sorry to all that this chapter has taken me so long to get out. A hard and frustrating month sadly culminated with the passing of my dear and beloved kitty, Precious. She was 15 and had been a part of our lives since she was 9 weeks old. Back in February, she was diagnosed with renal failure so we knew we were on borrowed time, but that didn't make the end any easier to accept when the time came. She's in a better place now, but we still miss here dearly. She will live on in our thoughts and memories. Thank you for your patience.
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 26

Site update: Mar 16. 2009

Sorry for the delay here guys! RL and a stubborn muse are ganging up on me!
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 25

I've also updated the entry for "shel'kek nem'ron" in the dictionary. THANKS Neo!!!

Site update: Feb. 22. 2009

'Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 24

Site update: Feb. 11. 2009

The last scene here just did not want to get written - sigh! And, when if finally came together, took a surprising twist on me. Ah, the joys of writing a WIP!
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 23

Site update: Feb. 3. 2009

Caught myself with a major continuity issue in part 22 here - I forgot about Cam's injury! (((Slaps head))) So a little rewrite and reupload. Unless you've already seen the old version, you'll never know what a screw loose I am! Bwahahha!

...Err, no body reads this page anyway, right?
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 22

Site update: Jan 31. 2009

More computer problems! Sigh! 'Using Hubby's system while he works on mine and having to adapt to a new FTP server and HTML helper. Fingers crossed that it all works properly....
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 22

Site update: Jan 14. 2009

'Little better turn around time this time. Grin! Thanks for reading. As always, let me know what you think!
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 21

Site update: Jan 9. 2009

Here's hoping that the beginning of the New Year has been kind to you. I've had a few internet connection difficulties over the last couple of weeks but hopefully those are resolved now. Thanks for the patience.
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 20

Site update: Dec. 28, 2008

Yeah, ouch! It's been a while. The holidays were hectic and wonderful. Sorry for the delay, but hope you enjoy the newest chapter. Spoiler Alert! We are now entering an AU version of the season ten episode 'Arthur's Mantle'
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 19

Site update: Dec. 5, 2008

*Slight* cliffhanger warning on this one - actually, I think it's more a case of strong foreshadowing. Shrug! RL is being rather busy this month but I promise to get the next part up as soon as I can. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy it.
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 18

Site update: Nov. 28, 2008

Sorry again for the delay. 'Hope you enjoy it!
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 17

Site update: Nov. 26, 2008

Well, I managed to add a few more words to My Goa'uld Dictionary. Otherwise, RL is keeping
me busy - monitor died and furnace blower went out - but I hope to have chapter 17 of LLP#4 up shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday.
I hope that everyone who observes it here, has a wonderful and safe holiday. Thanks again for the patience!

Site update: Nov. 16, 2008

RL is not being nice lately. Thank you for your patience!
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 16

Site update: Nov. 7, 2008

No cliffhanger warning this time - lol!
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 15

Site update: Nov. 3, 2008

A little bit of a cliffhanger warning on this chapter but I should have chapter 15 up pretty soon.
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 14

Site update: Oct. 30, 2008

'Gotta love it when the muse is being cooperative! LOL!
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 13

Site update: Oct. 28, 2008

LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 12

Site update: Oct. 18, 2008

LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 11

Site update: Oct. 14, 2008

Still plodding along here!
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 10

Site update: Oct. 11, 2008

My appologies for the delay in updating here. Once again, I suffered a catastrophic computer melt-down. I swear I can set a clock by when one of those is due to hit! SIGH! Lost the motherboard. And the power supply. And the hard drive.... Argh! (I learned a long time ago to back up the important stuff somewhere else.) Ubber-geek hubby and son have slowly been rebuilding it and, although it isn't all the way back yet, I am finally to a place where I can once again do HTML and update my site. So, for your patience here, you get to enjoy the 4 chapters LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines I've managed to write and post elsewhere in the mean time. Follow the links below or navigate your way over to my SG-1 fanfic page and read from there. And again - thanks for the patience! 'Hope you enjoy them!
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 6
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 7
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 8
LLP#4: Color Outside the Lines - Part 9