K5AM homebrew radio


This transceiver took three years to design and build; 1990-92. It has dual VFOs, dual-receive, digital read-out, IF shift, RIT, RF speech clipping and filtering, panel-adjustable CW offset, a 250 Hz CW filter, a sensitive integrating squelch for 6 meter DX, a no-pop, no-click AGC circuit, a non-crunching noise blanker, and QSK with no dit shortening, no lag, and 50 wpm break-in ability. It uses 142 transistors, 189 integrated circuits, 236 diodes and one 200 watt tube. No microprocessor, no synthesizer, and no phase-lock loops; no phase noise, no spurs, and no birdies. This photo shows only the main 40 MHz tunable IF section; the three front-ends, for HF, 6M, and 2M, are on separate rack panels.

Circuit Details

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