Some of you Zombies ...
       ...had WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!!
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User submitted Zombie-rama PHOTOS
K9NUD "Boo" Photo of his cat "Boo" after a couple hours on 40M.  How can you be a Zombie at Halloween without a black cat?  Bob was one of our bonus stations, giving 34 stations those extra points with his KX3.
AB1IP "Slump" described his "Zombie Station" as
    A ghastly collection of dying, dead, and decaying parts are haphazardly bodged together by a madman dabbling in matters far beyond his understanding.  This monstrous thing is kept operational only by his supernatural stubborn refusal to accept the fact that it should have been laid to rest long ago.
Yup, Slump sounds like a Zombie alright.
Thanks for all the
zs003014.jpg zs003013.jpg
AF3Z "Glug" using his new
Penntek TR-45L with a sloper antenna.  Lightning bolt generator an optional accessory.
VE3DN "Fear" says he enjoyed the QSB (Quasi-Spookie Bands) of the Shuffle, though bands weren't all that great from his Ontario QTH.
K1LB "Slimy" working the band(joes) and 37 stations from NV for one of our million point stations.  Nothing like the harmony from a couple of Zombies.
zs003010.jpg zs003009.jpg
K7PD "Vincent" operating from Utah with his trusty ATS-4 and working stations on 40/20/15M with his 40M end-fed wire and Navy flameproof key. Nice QRP station. Says the first QRP event he's worked in years with so much activity.
zs003008.jpg zs003007.jpg
KQ4BBC "Fang" is a new CW operator and first time QRPer working his first Zombie Shuffle, but says it won't be his last.
Yes, Fang, pretty much how we all looked for those first CW QSOs. 
KS4KCC "Rot" -shuffling around the bands.  You're looking good Rot.
Who's your mortician?
VA3LMI "Nazgul" with a nice, neat station and the happiest looking Zombie goul I've ever seen!!! 
Had to look this one up.  Nazgūl is from
J.R.R. Tolkien's  Lord of the Rings. They were once men in middle earth that turned into sadistic immortal creatures that wreak death and destruction on mortals after corrupted by wearing "the ring" (now owned by Gollum). That's getting pretty deep for us average Zombies, but the likeness to VA3LMI is striking. 
W4NLT "Boris" took a bite out of the bands by working 56 stations and a 2,441,893 score.
K7TQ "Spud" shared an enjoyable note received from KI4DEF "Fungi" after their Zombie Shuffle QSO. That's what it's all about, working and making friends on the air, new and old.  K7TQ is one of our original Zombies from day one and I don't think Randy (err, I mean Spud) has missed one of the last 26 Shuffles.
QRP friendships are forever . .
Zombies even longer!
NA5N "Bruja" (pronounced Bru-ha) is Spanish for a witch or wizard.
Not exactly Zombie related, but ...
Photos of the October solar eclipse that was right over my head in New Mexico.  Photos were taken only a few feet away from my 5BTV vertical used in the Shuffle, overlooking my CanAm Maverick side by side.  Temperature went from 80F to 63F in 10 minutes during totality.