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The PROPEOPDEMREPDG Department of Aviation Extravaganzas Presents:
Aerial Photos of Diego Garcia...
Get up off your beach chair, climb in our special photo-recce plane, and enjoy the view!
Show your wife and/or husband and kids exactly what the durn place really looks like!
Show them exactly where you worked, fished, snorkeled, and passed out on the beach!
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O.K., here's the way this page is set up -
The latest and greatest photos (from 2006) are posted full size, but shrunk in visible size (so they'll fit on the page you're looking at).  They are actually much larger, so if you download the photo, you'll see it in all the glorious detail.
Older photos are shown as thumbnails - just click on the thumbnails to go to a bigger, clearer photo!

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DG is at 07.18.22S 72.24.45E

DIEGO GARCIA - The Whole Ball of Wax

Here's a 2006 photo, looking South:

Here's one looking North:

Here's a good oblique shot.

Below:  This is a controlled mosaic compiled by the Naval Reconnaissance and Technical Support Center from January 1965 Photography (pre-buildup).  The island probably hadn't changed significantly since it was converted into coconut plantations in the 1700s.  Many thanks to Kirby Crawford who writes:  "The original measures 28" x 42", and is made up of a large number of aerial photos taken from an aircraft.  This was one of the few pieces of information we had about DG before we sailed in for our 1968 - 70 program."  The detail photos (down below - click on the thumbnail for a better version) are of Eclipse Point (now downtown), East Point (the Plantation), and Point Marianne (now the airfield and Camp Justice).

Diego Garcia 1965 Recce

Click on these thumbnails for bigger and better versions:

Main Base Area
                        1965Pt. Marianne

Diego Garcia from NW 1987Diego Garcia
                        from South

Left Above:  Looking Southeast.
Right Above:  Looking Northwest.

Diego Garcia
                        from NorthDiego Garcia from

Left Above:  Looking South.
Right Above:  Diego Garcia photographed from the Space Shuttle "Atlantis" (1980s?).

Diego Garcia from
                        North, low angleDiego Garcia
                        from North 2

Left Above:  Another aerial from the Northeast.  From "The Friends of the Chagos" CD (with permission)

Original photo by 'JETMAN' - "I would have shot it in late 1989 or early 1990 from an SH-2F at an altitude of 10,000 ft.  It was about 50 degrees at altitude.  Used a Bronica for the negative version.  Also have it in Kodachrome 25 shot with my Leica."

JETMAN also has a great sense of humor.  Read his "Tattler" newsletters for Dodge from that period right on this website!

Right Above:  A shot from just about due north.

Diego Garcia
                        from NE

Left Above:  Looking Southwest.


Camp Justice is the Tent City in the foreground.


As seen from the first C-130 to arrive, which then flew an "orientation" flight around the island the next day.  Many thanks to Chaplain Larry Sellers for this photo.

Above:  Diego Garcia Runway 31 in 1972

Below:  Diego Garcia Runway 13 in 1973

Above: CAG 5 propaganda picture from April 1979.  Shows the original configuration of the airfield before RBRM built the "Space Shuttle" runway in the early 1980s.  They first built an interim runway (now the taxiway) and then widened the old runway.

Below:  A Postcard showing the current runway configuration - taken during DESERT STORM.  Note the SAC Ramp in the far distance is full of tankers and bombers.

This is a photo of the main developed part of the island.
Click on it for a huge, very detailed enlargement!




Here's "Downtown" September 1973.  From NMCB 74's "Beaver Tale" (via Vidge Villanueva).  The caption reads:  "Take one last look at your home for the past eight months, and take a deep sign, because with any luck at all, you'll never have to see it again.  The camp as shown in this picture will be torn down when the Seabees leave for good in a few years.  As you can see, it was a beautiful place but easy to leave."

Here's a photo I downloaded off some site - sorry for stealing it!  Downtown, about 1979

Here's a couple of Cathy Hines' photos (these ones are of Downtown, 1984).

Cathy Hines
                      Photo of Downtown, Lagoon-side, 1984
Cathy Hines'
                      photo of downtown, 1984



Here are Carl Villanueva's pictures of the plantation in 1972 (click on the thumbnail for the full size photo):
                        overhead 2 1972Plantation
                        overhead 1972
Here's another CAG 5 propaganda photo - The attack on the plantation, April 19, 1979:



Here's Turtle Cove and T-Site, 2006:

Below:  The "forbidden zone" (Brit Side) taken by Cathy Hines in 1984.  Things were pretty slow in those days, and the NAF Helo Det would give folks rides around the island for photo shoots.

                        Point Diego Garcia

Here's a photo of the GEODSS Site at the South end:

This is the GPS/ARTS site:


Thumbnails to click upon!

Here are some shots that are now sold as postcards at the Ship's Store on the island (photos are probably from the early 90's):

Diego Garcia beachDiego Garcia
                        downtown 1985

Above left is the southeast beach (the point of land on the left is the location of the Plantation), and above right, the Officer's Club (under the trees in the foreground).

                        1985Diego Garcia Yacht Club 1999

Left Above:  The Plantation.
Right Above:  The Diego Garcia Yacht Club in 1999.

Date:         Tue, 28 Dec 2004 04:23:52 -0800
From:         "Asief" <>
I couldn't help but notice your website and thought you might need some new pictures of Diego Garcia, I just recently left there after being station there with the USAF for 4 months so here are some new pictures hope that sheads new light into your memories.   It is mainly a B-52, B-1, and B-2 base now. I have more recent pictures let me know if you are interested in seeing them.

Approaching the Island on 15 Feb 04

Global Security page on pre- and post-Tsunami Dodge:
To see a satellite shot of DG after the Tsunami:
For a REALLY high resolution, sub-meter image of the airfield taken in March 2003, go to:

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