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Yes, Gentle Readers, there's always competition in the sarcastic parody business...
Here's JT's version, from his stay in the PROPEOPDEMREPDG circa 1989.
I guess there's something about the place that brings out the worst in us after all!



Gorgo Diecia Tattler

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O.K.  Here's the deal with the Tattler. 
JT sent me this stuff way back in 1998 and it was cutting edge technologically because JT, who is still to fearful to use his own name even after 2 decades,  produced this muckraking yellow-sheet using the only MAC on the island!
Yes boys and girls of the 2010s, there was a time when Apple was a very minor player in the world of desk tops!  Remember - this was LONG before the invention of lap tops, let alone iPads, etc., ad nauseum....

JT saved his work in Adobe's PDF format, since no one else in the world used  MacIntoshes in those days (although now it is the most profitable company in the world).

So, you'll need Adobe Reader to see the Tattler in the links below.
If you don't have Adobe Reader already, then something is really, really wrong with you because everyone saves everything in PDF format these days!

Click on the links to the issues below for more hilarity, unless of course you are a computer Luddite:

Volume 1, Number 2.  Spring 1989

Volume 2, Number 1.  Summer 1990

Volume 2, Number 2.  Winter 1990

What?  You don't think there is a Gargo Diecia or a Tatler?  Here's proof - JT beside the terminal, and the editor's offices:


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