Silver City

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SILVER CITY - In 1870, silver was discovered in the hills just above the cienega (marshy area). Ten months later Silver City was established and grew to one of the biggest mining towns of the era. Some of the legends to emanate from Silver City include such characters as Billy the Kid, Ben Lilly, Judge Roy Bean, William Hearst and Geronimo to name a few.

Today, visitors enjoy the moderate year-round climate which provides a perfect setting for golf on the beautiful public course, for the students that attend WNMU, for touring the many art galleries and museums, and for the exquisite dining in and around this beautiful area.

PINOS ALTOS - Just 6 miles north of Silver City is the quiet town of Pinos Altos. Once a booming mining camp, there are many historic buildings and you can even stop for a drink at the original saloon.

GILA CLIFF DWELLINGS - This unique area of prehistoric cave homes gives a glimpse into the lives of the Indians who inhabited these caves in the 13th and 14th centuries.

CATWALK - The Catwalk at Glenwood follows the route of the 1897 pipeline to carry water to the town of Graham. An unusual 250' metal causeway clings to the sides of Whitewater Canyon.

CITY OF ROCKS - Rising mysteriously from the desert floor, is a striking result of the geological process of erosion. Essentially it is a sheet of reddish lava which has been eroded by water into the likeness of a city with streets and buildings.

FORT BAYARD - This is a historic post dating back to 1863. In 1899 it was transformed into a U. S. Army General Hospital and treated tuberculosis patients.

For more information, visit the Silver City Chamber of Commerce.