ZiaNet - Business Services

We have the tools it takes to get you on line and connected to your customers.
We offer a full range of services from Email to Web hosting.

Dial-Up Service

Our standard Dial-Up service package for 56K modems.
High Speed Access

Find out about DSL, ISDN, and Wireless services available in your area.
Technical Support

Helping you get the very best of our service is our most important job.
Dedicated Connections

We provide services for Dedicated (24 hour) connections, from 56 modem to a T1.
Web Hosting

ZiaNet will host your Domain. We have very high bandwidth and excellent technical support. If http://www.yourbusiness.com is what you are after, please consider us.
ZiaNet's Co-location Pricing

If your services need access to high-bandwidth connections at an economical price, our Co-Location services might be just what you are looking for.
Business Directory

Businesses listed on ZiaNet
Simple Web Page

For an inexpensive one-time fee, we can develop your personal or business web page.
Large Business Accounts, Policy

ZiaNet has special requirements when dealing with large business accounts. If your business has more than one Dial-up connection or more than five email accounts, we must apply a couple of special conditions when it comes time to change a password or to add or remove accounts.

Web Directory

If you already have a connection to the Internet but need a place to put up your web page(s).