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Exclusive 5"
Batman Shadows
of Gotham
4 pack
by Hasbro
Order NOW from
ASIN: B00005UJS5
SKN: 488154
Includes Batman, Robin, Ra's Al Ghul and Talia.

After more than a decade of making Batman action figures, Hasbro has lost it's license to the popular DC Comics characters, and will stop making them after the end of this year. But until that time, Hasbro seems intent upon releasing as many new figures (and re-releaseing as many old ones) as possible. This set contains two new toys and two old ones (plus accessories), and is perfect for kids or collectors (like me). The re-releases are of Batman and Robin as they're seen in the New Batman Adventures (and Justice League) TV series. The new toys are of two fan favorites: Ras a Ghul and his daughter Talia. Who are they? Ras is a centuries-old criminal mastermind with extensive wealth, who knows Batman's true identity, and has broken into the Batcave several times. Talia's torn between her loyalty to her father and her love for Batman, and has helped Batman in the past, but also betrayed him to help her father. While Ras a Ghul and Talia aren't as well known as the Joker, Catwoman and others, they are major characters in the Batman lore familiar to followers of the comics and various animated TV series. The accessories included here are a disk-launcher for Batman, a rocket launcher for Ras, Robin's hover-sled, and two very small pistols for Talia. Like the other boxed sets, this makes a good gift for the Bat-fan, and is a perfect compliment to the Batcave playset and the Batmobile (also available from

Box Size (in inches): 22.9 x 6.3 x 2.0 Shipping weight: 0.85 pounds.
Silver Age Green Arrow and Speedy Deluxe Action Figure Set
by DC Direct
Order NOW from
ASIN: B000066G4C
SKN: 572441
If you remember when writer Dennis O'Neill and artist Neal Adams made "Green Arrow" one of the hottest comics of the Seventies (well, at least D.C.'s hottest comic), then the "Silver Age Green Arrow and Speedy Deluxe Action Figure Set" may be of interest to you. Not that these figures look anything like the realistic artwork of Neal Adams, but what else would you expect? The Emerald Archer and his young sidekick Speedy (not to be confused with Kid Flash) are shown in their Silver Age costumes of days gone bye. Actually the battling bowmen first appeared in November 1941 in "More Fun Comics" #73. The modern day Robin Hood is the roguish swashbuckler Oliver Queen, while Speedy is really Roy Harper. Green Arrow is 6 1/4" tall while Speedy is 5 1/2#. Both action figures have multiple points of articulation and you get bows for each figure, a boomerangarrow and a grenadearrow; but be forewarned that the quivers are non-removeable. Then, just to be different, there are small models of Green Arrow's Arrowcar and Arrowplane (Arrowplane. Haw haw. Get it? Arrowplane. Hee Hee). These are not bad looking figures but these have always been hokey looking costumes. I mean, what other superhero has a feather in his cap? The individual figure of the Green Arrow available from D.C. Direct is a lot better looking in the dark green outfit, but you do not get Speedy and there is an oversized bow.
Box Size (in inches): 8.8 x 12.5 x 2.8 Shipping weight: 0.65 pounds.
Action Figure
by DC Direct
ASIN: B000066G3Q
SKN: 572104
Order NOW from
When DC Direct gets them right, the figures shine. J'onn J'onzz, otherwise known as "The Martian Manhunter" is rendered beautifully. His is a powerful character, and that power is captured well in the pose and the sculpting. The colors are suitably muted. The character has enough articulation to allow for a few poses, although his rigid cape hampers most action. He can stand unaided, which is a primary value for a figure, and a sometimes rarity for the DC Direct line.
Box Size (in inches): 12.5 x 7.8 x 2.4
Shipping weight: 0.7 pounds.
Silver Age
Wonder Woman
and Wonder Girl
Deluxe Statuettes
by DC Direct
Order NOW from
ASIN: B000066G4D
SKN: 572449
This is not really a toy, more like two plastic statues. The figures are nice too look at, but have zero play value and are severely limited in poseability. Do not expect them to interact with any other figures. Also, they can not stand on their own, and require pegs in their feet to attach them to the base.

Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl look great. They are not truly faithful Silver Age representations, but are more of a mix of Silver Age design and modern female action figure sensibilities. The use of gold instead of yellow in Wonder Woman's costumer is very modern. Also, in the Silver Age, Wonder Girl wore a suit that mimicked Wonder Woman's costume design.

I do wish they were better. It would be nice if they could at least stand unaided, or could go into various poses. Of course, not many people care about this level of detail or mobility, and if you just want some cool Wonder Woman figures, you can't go wrong with these.

Box Size (in inches): 12.5 x 9.0 x 2.6 Shipping weight: 0.9 pounds.
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