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The Animated Series:
The Legend Begins
Director: Eric Radomski, Kent Butterworth
DVD, Animated, Color
Not Rated
Warner Home Video
ASIN: B00005Y71J
Order NOW from
In the original five episodes of the Emmy-winning Batman The Animated Series, Batman must battle The Joker, The Scarecrow, Poison Ivy and more to protect Gotham City.
DVD Features:
      Theatrical trailer(s)
      How to draw Batman
      "Life on the Edge" game
      Animation tests
      Conversations with director Bruce Timm
      Full-screen format
Other Formats: VHS, VHS dubbed in Spanish
Taking a cue from the caped crusader's comic book rebirth in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One, this 1992 animated series saved the TV Batman from a fate worse than camp and drew an unexpected audience for an afternoon cartoon: adults. The initial five episodes gathered here feature such supervillains as Man-bat, the Scarecrow, and Poison Ivy, but the deliciously demented Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill) steals the show in his two appearances, especially in the twisted "Christmas with the Joker." Escaping Arkham Asylum in a rocket-powered Christmas tree, the clown prince of crime preempts a TV showing of It's a Wonderful Life with his own homicidal holiday treat. It's a solid start to a sleek, stylized, smartly written series that only improved with time. Ages 7 and up.
--Sean Axmaker
The Batman Superman Movie
"World's Finest"
Director: Toshihiko Masuda
DVD, Animated, Color
Not Rated
Warner Home Video
ASIN: B00005Y71G
Order NOW from
This feature-length 'movie' began as a three-episode story line on the animated TV series, a superhero crossover where Bruce Wayne visits Metropolis and the Dark Knight meets the Man of Steel for the first time. The two heroes mix like oil and water, the law-and-order Superman suspicious of Batman's rather ruthless methods; but they form an uneasy partnership when Lex Luthor and the Joker team up to take on the duo. To add a personal dimension to the already edgy rivalry, Wayne romances Lois Lane under Clark Kent's very nose. The stylized animation and sharp design of the TV series give the limited animation a sleek, smooth quality and an energetic sense of movement. Timothy Daly supplies the voices for Clark Kent and (in a deeper register) Superman, with Kevin Conroy performing the same vocal trick for Bruce Wayne/Batman; but Dana Delany only has to worry about one persona as Lois Lane. The once-and-future Luke Skywalker, cult film star turned voice actor Mark Hamill, provides the Joker's cackling banter.
--Sean Axmaker.
DVD Features:
    "The Joker's Challenge" game
    Conversation with producer Bruce Timm
   Original music montage
   How to draw Batman
Other Formats: VHS, VHS dubbed in Spanish
Justice League
Directors: Butch Lukic, Dan Riba
DVD, Animated, Color
Not Rated
Warner Home Video
ASIN: B00005Y71H
Order NOW from
The big guns in the superhero world join together to form the Justice League in this hour-long Cartoon Network presentation. When Superman leads the world into disarming the planet's warheads, huge buglike creatures land in several of earth's major cities and systematically begin destroying them, impervious to remaining weaponry.
The conflict pits Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawk Girl, and interstellar refugee Martian Manhunter against the evil aliens. They're the same shape-changing beings that desecrated the Manhunter's home planet centuries before, which gives the wise Martian insight into their mad methods. This series has proved to have the same widespread popularity as all the modern animated interpretations of the DC heroes.
DVD Features:
    Character bios
Other Formats: VHS
Complete Superman Cartoons: Diamond Anniversary Edition
DVD, Full color, Animated
Not Rated
Image Entertainment
ASIN: 6305943389
Order NOW from
The complete Paramount Superman cartoon classics collection of Max and Dave Fleischer, and more. All seventeen vivid color animation masterpieces fthat were shown theatrically between 1941 and 1943 are included on this single DVD. Renowned animators Max and Dave Fleischer spent over $100,000 to produce each of these catoons and every one has been transferred from mint 35mm prints to insure the finest possible quality.
1. Superman: Pilot Episode (Sept. 26, 1941)
2. Mechanical Monsters (Nov. 28, 1941)
3. Billion Dollar Limited (Jan. 9, 1942)
4. The Arctic Giant (Feb. 27, 1942)
5. The Bulleteers (Mar. 27, 1942)
6. The Magnetic Telescope (Apr. 24, 1942)
7. Electric Earthquake (May 15, 1942)
8. Volcano (Jul. 10, 1942)
9. Terror on the Midway (Sept. 18, 1942)
10. Japoteurs (Oct. 16, 1942)
11. Showdown (Nov. 20, 1942)
12. Eleventh Hour (Dec. 25, 1942)
13. Destruction Inc. (Feb. 19, 1943)
14. Mummy Strikes (Mar. 26, 1943)
15. Jungle Drums
16. The Underground World (Jun. 18, 1943)
17. Secret Agent (Jul. 30, 1943)
Starring the voices of...:
Bud Collyer ... Clark Kent/Superman
Joan Alexander ... Lois LaneFormat: Color, Animated
Jack Mercer ... The Mad Scientist
DVD Features:
    Full-screen format

Other Formats: VHS, DVD, DVD

This collection of fully restored, 1930s animated shorts from the legendary Max Fleischer are a real treat. For anyone who has grown up associating the Superman character with different phases of art direction in Superman comic books over the last 50 years, or best remembers the look of the Christopher Reeve films or the old television show, these 'toons will be a mini-revelation. Expanding on cues from the first generation of Superman comics, Fleischer immerses the man from Krypton in a marvelous blend of art deco, William Cameron Menzies-inspired sets, and edgy compositions that can't help but remind one of Fritz Lang-ian paranoia. Everything is oversized, blocky but rounded, ferociously modernist, and all too vulnerable. Superman's very function as a character in these highly dramatic and richly colored fables is both defending the overbearing, urban progressiveness and capital excesses of a young 20th century while also reassuring us that progress is not as indomitable as a man--at least a Superman. The DVD includes a bonus Fleischer short, "Play Safe," plus information about the restoration process, three choices of sound, complete history, synopsis, and credits.
--Tom Keogh
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