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Spidey's Debut! AMAZING FANTASY #15The Comics Partnership that Ended Over a Philosophical Dispute!
Nearly everyone's heard of Spider-Man these days--created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko over 40 years ago (!)-- but ever wonder what happened to Steve Ditko? Why did he leave so abruptly after issue #38--just when Ditko's Last! AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #38SPIDER-MAN was becoming Marvel's best-selling comic?
Steve Ditko was and is an Objectivist.  When writer Stan Lee decided to unmask arch-villain Green Goblin, he wanted it to be someone The Goblin Unmasked! AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #38significant in Spidey's life.  Artist Steve Ditko disagreed:  He wanted the Goblin to be a nobody--because he wanted to show that anyone could have been the villain.  But writer Lee was also Editor-in-Chief Lee, so he got his way.  And Steve Ditko just quit and walked away, never looking back.
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