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OUR LOVE STORY #37In the late 1960's, back when comics were an ubiquitous product, most companies made an effort to reach as wide an audience as possible by publishing many different kinds of comics.  Marvel Comics, who was making a strong challenge against industry leader DC, made an aggressive move into the romance market with two titles-- OUR LOVE MY LOVE #12STORY and MY LOVE.  Stan Lee, Roy & Jean Thomas, & Gerry Conway-- Marvel's A-List writers-- provided the scripts.  Their best artists-- John Buscema, John Romita, Jim Steranko, & more-- provided the visuals.  Look for these two series, and others, with the Back Issue Comic Search.
Take romance comics from the 1950's, erase all the original captions and word balloons, then rewrite them with a modern sensibility. Chris Knowles' HALO is the touching story of an angel who falls in love with the woman he watches over.
Andi Watson, of GEISHA fame, provides us with a new novel-- BREAKFAST AFTER NOON.  Romance within marriage? Leland Myrick offers up the SWEET Collection, a volume of short stories.
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