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Late Cretaceous (2003 through 2005)

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Hadrosaur Tales 21 Hadrosaur Tales 21: On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a hadrosaur in a pear tree! Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Brigid's Day, or just spend time with friends on New Year's Eve, the Winter Solstice is a time for renewal and reflection. In this last issue called Hadrosaur Tales you will find stories that reflect on life's choices. Sometimes we make career choices as Warren Tuttle does in a story by Tim Myers. Sometimes we must move to a new home as Joe Crestman does in Walt Trizna's "Plumbing Problems." Sometimes we must deal with that pesky soul dealer, the Devil, as does Mr. Bannister in a story by Uncle River. Whatever choices you face, join us as we move from the old to the new!

Alas, all good things come to an end, and this is, in fact, the last issue of Hadrosaur Tales. However, don't despair. Tales of the Talisman is coming later this spring and will pick up where Hadrosaur leaves off.

Hadrosaur Tales 21 features poems and stories by David B. Riley, Larry Petock, Sonya Taaffe, and Julie Shiel.

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  • Hadrosaur Tales 20 Hadrosaur Tales 20: Hadrosaurs are often depicted as peaceful, gentle dinosaurs. So where exactly does that idea come from? Just because they were vegetarians doesn't necessarily mean they were "nice." If hadrosaurs lived today, who's to say they wouldn't rumble with werewolves like those that inhabit Mark Fewell's "Some Bullets." Perhaps hadrosaurs would hang around with vampires like those in Les Reese's "Coffee Grounds." How would hadrosaurs come to the present? That's easy, they could travel on sound waves just like the Tyrannosaurus Rex of John Kiel Alexander's "Have Guitar Will Travel." No matter whether you believe hadrosaurs were naughty or nice, we invite you to join the hadrosaur gang!

    Hadrosaur Tales 20 features poems and stories by Uncle River, Jan Haffley, J Alan Erwine, and Jonathan William Hodges.

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  • Hadrosaur Tales 19 Hadrosaur Tales 19: The Mimbres Culture of Southern New Mexico was at its height around 1000 A.D. Their art was highly influential among the Pueblo peoples and depicted many types of figures including humans, birds, reptiles and... hadrosaurs? What would it mean if the Mimbres people depicted hadrosaurs in their work? Perhaps the fundamental struggle would be that of light and darkness as explored in "Temporal Mythology" by Jonathan Laden. Perhaps the important idea would be that hadrosaurs are related to birds, indicating journeys to far places such as one finds in Larry Petock's "Paradise." Perhaps the hadrosaur would be seen as a Kachina, manipulating natural forces much like Tim Kenyon's "The Weather Artist."

    Hadrosaur Tales 19 features poems and stories by R.J. Bronstein, Christina Sng, Lee Clark Zumpe, and Laurie Tom.

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  • Hadrosaur Hadrosaur Tales 18: Hadrosaurs peer skyward and see something bright in the night sky. Could it be a portent of doom? Perhaps it's an asteroid coming dangerously close to Earth. Could it be a guiding light? Perhaps it's a sign that a new king, a spectacularly crested hadrosaur, has been born. Perhaps it's a natural phenomenon such as Mars at close approach. In all events, it is awesome as are the stories and poems in this issue of Hadrosaur Tales. In this issue you will find such winter stories as David Riley's "Mister North" and Marcia A. Borell's "Gifts." However, winter isn't cold and snowy everywhere, sometimes there are sunny skies as you might find in Frank Andreotti's "The Sea Monster on Vega Three." Sunny skies in winter might even attract the gods as happens in Becky's Ham, New Mexico in Uncle River's "Millenium Fever." Hadrosaur Tales 18 features poems and stories by Rebecca Inch-Partridge, L.B. Sedlacek, Alessio Zanelli and many other outstanding writers.
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  • Hadrosaur Hadrosaur Tales 17: Halloween! Children seek candies and surprises at every door. Spirits, memories and stories drift on crisp air, perfumed with wood smoke. This edition of Hadrosaur Tales pays homage to Halloween spirits. Vampires inhabit virtual reality in Rochelle Mitchell's "Playing the Game." The Dead terrorize paleontologists in Mark Anthony Brennan's "Athabasca." A young woman seeks missing people in small town Michigan and finds more than she bargains for in "Picture This." These and other stories await you in this issue!

    Hadrosaur Tales 17 features poems and stories by Julie Shiel, Marcia A. Borell, C.J. Carter-Stephenson and many other outstanding writers.

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  • Hadrosaur Hadrosaur Tales 16: What if hadrosaurs built starships and couldhave watched the meteor strike the Earth at the end of the Cretaceous? "What if" questions are the stuff of science fiction and fantasy. Neal Asher asks, "What if missionaries went to other worlds to search for converts among sentient beings?" Michelle Scott asks, "What if you came across an abandoned town and found the automated machines surprisingly busy?" Mark Anthony Brennan asks, "What if America was part of the British Empire in 1935 and English Loyalists were fighting for their independence?" These and other "What if" questions await you in this issue.

    Hadrosaur Tales 16 features poems and stories by Mario Milosevic, Christina Sng, Nicholas J. Perry, Joy V. Smith and many other outstanding writers.

    Note: "The Thrake" by Neal Asher that appears in this issue received an Honorable Mention in Gardner Dozois' 21st annual edition of The Year's Best Science Fiction.

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