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Middle Cretaceous (2001 and 2002)

Here you will find issues of Hadrosaur Tales published during 2001 and 2002. Below each listing is a link to one or more places where the product may be purchased.

Hadrosaur Tales 15 Peer into Hadrosaur Tales' crystal orb and discern the secrets of magic, miracles, and love. Daniel J. Lesco introduces us to The Teak Man, a little warrior made of wood who seems immobile until the hour of greatest need. Join M.L. Archer as she explores the miracle of birth and discovers that miracles can sometimes be very frightening. Author Gary Every Every follows a midieval knight's quest for penance and finds magic along the way. Nina Muntenu tells a tale of love in a world dominated by computers and virtual reality. Travel with us as we explore themes of magic, miracles and love through the past, present, and future! This issue features stories and poems by Sheila B. Roark, Ken Goldman, David B. Riley, Mark Anthony Brennan, and many other outstanding writers.

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  • Hadrosaur Tales 14 Scientists would have you believe that hadrosaurs - the most successful dinosaurs ever - evolved over time. But, what if Jupiter had created hadrosaurs just as he created Venus? Do stories evolve over time or spring fully formed from the heads of their creators? The answer to this may be a little of both and is explored in Hadrosaur Tales 14. Join us as we explore creation, re-creation, and artistic muse in such stories as Bent Lorenzen's "Navajo Sunrise" and Rhys Hughes' "The Muse Ouroboros." These and many other stories of truth, beauty and the spirit await you in this issue of Hadrosaur Tales. This issue features the talents of Matthew Tolbert, Christina Sng, Mark Fewell and many other outstanding writers.

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  • Hadrosaur Tales 13 Hadrosaur Tales 13 is our special good luck issue. The hadrosaur on this cover is casting a good luck spell for issue 13 of Hadrosaur Tales. Are you really going to have good fortune if you read this issue? Well, if you read this issue, you'll be lucky enough to discover such fine stories as Bonnie McDaniel's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" about plans to recover a lost human artifact and Mark Anthony Brennan's "Earthers" about the quest for an Earth lost to most of humanity. You'll also find K.S. Hardy's delicious "High on a Cloud-Ringed Mountain" and Joanne Tolson's "The Making of a Myth." Hadrosaur Tales isn't likely to help you find your lost love or even your lost car keys, but you will find some excellent poetry and short stories.

  • Order issue: $4.00 (plus shipping)

  • On the cover of Hadrosaur Tales 12 is an idyllic scene. A graceful, unicorn-like hadrosaur has timidly come to a lovely woman. Why has she brought the hadrosaur here? Do hunters lurk in the shadows? Perhaps it's the other way around. Perhaps the hadrosaur has lured the lady. Allow your imagination to roam free. Inside Hadrosaur Tales 12 you will find stories and poetry of the imagination, some tragic, some comic, all thought-provoking. In this issue, there's a story of French missionaries encountering the powerful Native American Manitou. Prarie Dogs threaten the President and a witch gets even with an unfaithful spouse. Perhaps you'll even find a unicorn or two. Robert D. Rowntree, Jessica Gates, Lisa Negus, Robert Collins and many other excellent writers are featured in this issue.

    In Hadrosaur Tales 12, we accidentally ommitted a portion of Mark Fewell's story, "Strangers on a Timeline." The story was reprinted in its entirety in issue 14. Also, we have the ommitted section available on our corrections page.

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  • We know that the fossils of hadrosaurs tell stories of prehistoric times. But did the hadrosaurs themselves spin tales? If so, what tales would they tell? Perhaps, like the authors of Hadrosaur Tales 11, they would dream of distant worlds and distant times. Could hadrosaurs imagine people sprouting wings just as dinosaurs ultimately would? Journey with us to a distant future where money can buy the story of your own demise. Visit a different future where destinies are determined by the mood of the local witch. Do you suppose hadrosaurs could imagine mermaids or told stories of cowboys visiting Hell itself? Well, maybe not, but the writers of Hadrosaur Tales could. Hadrosaur Tales 11 features the talents of Randy D. Ashburn, Chris Wood, Tim Lebbon, Uncle River and more!

  • Order issue: $4.00 (plus shipping)

  • Hadrosaur Tales 10 was our special fifth anniversary edition where we explored the theme "Voyages of Discovery." Voyages of discovery take many forms. In this issue of Hadrosaur Tales you will find voyages to Mars, voyages through time and even a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean on the Titanic. Join us also for personal voyages of discovery such as when a baseball player learns to live with an extraordinary new pitching arm and a unicorn comes of age. Voyages of discovery always make the universe a bigger place. Sometimes we are frightened. Sometimes we are enraptured. Always our perception is enhanced. Hadrosaur Tales 10 features the talents of Gary Every, Taryn L. Hook, Bent Lorentzen, Vera Searles and many other wonderful writers.

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