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The First Issues (Triassic)

Here you will find issues of Hadrosaur Tales published during 1995 and 1996. Below each listing is a link to one or more places where the product may be purchased.

Hadrosaur Tales 2 Hadrosaur Tales 2 was dubbed "Hadrosaur Tales: The Next Generation." This collection features all new poetry and stories including "The Odyssey of the Penelope Anne" by Ken Goldman and "Epilogue" by D.F. Lewis.

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    Hadrosaur Tales 1 Hadrosaur Tales 1 has four original short stories. The settings range from the present to the far future. This one's unique in that every author is a professional scientist. Unfortunately, this issue is out of print. However, there is an Adobe Acrobat e-book version available. The e-book comes on 3.5-inch PC-formatted floppy disk.

    "Loved your stories!"
    Ray Bradbury, in a letter to the editor and authors regarding HT 1

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