Some of the nice soapbox comments received – in no particular order
KS4KCC ROT –  BOO and RG (an SKCC event) were the calls of the night. What a fun event. Shuffling is much better than sprinting. Fewer parts fall off that way. 
N9IVI IGOR – Thanks for a great time. BOO!  Igor.
K6MW "Woo" – What a great time! Even got a call from the Grand Templar himself, NA5N. It was fun explaining to friends and family that Zombies do have class. The Shuffle helps bring my CW skills back from abysmal to so-so.  I'll be back.
KØEMT BEAR – Made a handful of enjoyable contacts. Thank you for putting on the Zombie Shuffle.  72, "Bear"
VE3CBK CRITTER – Great fun along with spooky band conditions. Lots of spooky QSB.  Thanks for putting on this great event.
N9EEE IGOR – Zombies mumble. They could never do this on SSB!
N1BRL CASPER – Being new to CW the scariest part was to actually touch the key and transmit in CW. Had a blast.
N2DA GORT – TNX fer the QSOs, fellow Zombies!
W4CMG CAT – (Short for Cathy) Fun event with not as much time as I had hoped to work it.  40M was hopping. Added a couple new QRP to my SKCC log.
NJ6Q FESTER – Thanks for such a fun event.  I am always amazed at what can be done QRP! I am already looking forward to next year.
K1RWT ROZ – I'll try to be a better Zombie next year.
VA3RKM BOBO – Another fun outing. Thanks.
W2LJ VLAD – Thanks for doing this every year. It is without a doubt the most fun QRP event of the year.
AB1IP SLUMP – Here's my entry and I assure you my pitiful score total is not an accurate reflection of the amount of fun I had.
WA5BDU OLD NICK – It was a good year for the Zombie Shuffle. Lots of activity and propagation was decent. I used my IC-7610 turned down to 5W and a 134 foot inverted L.
N3RTW FATTY – I operated for part of it at a Boy Scout camp. People kept tripping over my radial and my antenna would stay up so I shut down very early.
KQ4BBC FANG – This was a fun competition perfect for my CQ skills which I can send at 20 wpm but my solid receive is only around 13 wpm. There were some really fun names out there and surprised how many contact I made with just 5 watts.
K8NGW ROTTY – I could only shuffle for a couple of hours, but still lots of fun.
N5DCH FESTER – I didn't get to work as many Zombie as I had hoped, but sure had fun with what I did manage to do. I was doing Zombies and SKCC random gram at the same time, depending on who could hear me.
N5IM LURCH – Bad QSB ... couldn't' copy all the bloody numbers ... but had fun! 72
K7TQ SPUD – Most radio fun I've had in a long time! Lots of cool names and many old friends.
AB8FJ BUZZ – Have enjoyed operating the Shuffle since the first year. Have always used my area code. The addition of the crazy names makes this event more fun. Always great fun.
N5IB ROUGAROU – Rougarou is a sort of Cajun boogeyman or werewolf. Thought at first to stop at 13 QSOs but got addicted and had to go twice as scary with 26. Nice to hear some old familiar allusions nd some new ones as well.
AB9CA FANG – I always get a kick out of the names the guys pick. Thanks much for doing the work to make it possible. Best event of the year.
N9NM NESSIE – Always really enjoy doing this event, but this year the weather did not cooperate. Storms rolled in just as I was making my first QSO and had to QRT because of loud thunder nearby.  I hope to do better next year.
N8KR BOOGER – A lot of activity. Amazing what one can do with 5 watts.  FUN!!!
K4EAK VLAD – This was a ton of fun and I actually laughed out loud at a couple of the Zombie names. 
KJ4ASE MORT – First Zombie Shuffle. I love this one and the rules are great.  I especially enjoyed some of the names over the air.
KA5CIW CASPER – Felt OK to get NJ with 5 watts from NM. I can't usually hear NA5N at all, as you are on the other side of the Sandia mountains from me.
VA3NU LURCH – I was able to shuffle around the bands for about one hour as Lurch. Heard lots of Zombie activity and had lots of fun. Hope to be reborn next year in the Zombie Shuffle.
VA3LMI NAZGUL – Well,the bands kinda sucked after dark, but it was still a lot of fun. Helps my skills too, so thanks for organising.
N2TNN DRAQ – Very fun event once again.  I heard nothing out west. Also,it was nice handing out the Bonus points.
KG5IEE BIGFOOT – One of my favorite events of the year. Fun to hear all the great names.  CU next year.
N8RVE YETI – Once again I thank both you and Jan for hosting this event. My granddaughters (7 and 9) give me funny looks when I talk about working this event. They tell me there are no real Zombies.
KO4UHE TUTT – This is my second year as a QRP ZOMBIE. But, Elvira, that pumpkin can't be real.
WB3GCK BONES – The Zombie Shuffle is always a good time. Thanks you and Jan for putting on this wacky event.
K3ES MUDD – This was a blast. Life is too short not to QRP!
N8QT MAGUA – I hope to be able to spend more time chasing Zombies next year.
KC6EOA BRAD – Fun times. It was fun working QRP for a change.
WØDCX FUZZY – First time doing Zombie Shuffle. Random wire was hung poorly last night and I could not manage to get a good match on 40 meters. Now that was scary!
K2FP NICK – Here is my wimpie log. Been with you since the beginning. #493
KØTTW BRAM – This was my first year as a Zombie. Lots of fun.
WD7Y CASPER – I have worked the Zombie in the field last two times, this year too cold and windy. Stayed home in Reno, NV.
Looking forward to next year.
KA9P HANNIBAL – What idiot picks an 8 character name for a QRP contest. Not an Excel user, so that was the scariest part of the experience.  Great fun.
W8TWF ZEK – I'm a new CW op so this was a great experience.
NN4K SPOOKY – A fun event. My first time to operate it. Thanks for the QSO's and CU again.
KQ4DAP IMP – First time in the Zombie Shuffle.  I think I got this added up right.
NØIMJ WOLF – First timer on the Zombie Shuffle. Had fun working QRP CW.
The great goofy Zombie names just about blew up my Spell Checker!!!