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Deming Friends of the Library

    Deming Friends of the Library
    July 25, 2000
    301 South Tin Avenue
    Deming NM 88030

    For more information contact:
    Deming Friends of the Library


    Deming Friends of the Library announce their Fourth Annual Open Orthographic Exposition Competition,
    better known as the Adult Spelling Bee. This exciting contest will be held at the Marshall Memorial Library in Deming,
    at 9:30AM on Saturday, January 27, 2001.
    There is a $50.00 Grand Prize in the Professional Division, and fame and glory for the Amateur Division.
    A nominal entrance fee will be charged, to benefit Friends of the Library.

    Unlike stand-up elimination spelling bees for school children, answers to this Adult Spelling Bee are in writing, so all contestants
    spell the same group of 35 words. Nobody will be embarrassed by any imperfections in their orthography, since papers need not be handed in unless the contestant wishes to claim the fifty-dollar Grand Prize.
    This contest is Luna County''s leading intellectual challenge of the year, and will especially appeal to those who know their salvia from saliva!

    See if you know any of last year''s words:
    analogous, occurred, sarsaparilla, eunuch, resuscitation, maraschino, corrugate, coruscate, frieze, predecessor, irredentism, cacique, fricassee, zwieback, felucca, reveille, atlatl, lattice, embarrass, reminisce, hebdomad, cuneiform, gastrocnemius, poinsettia, vexillology, tessellation, fascicle, miscegenation, myrmecologist, psephology, sjambok, paparazzi, louche, dickcissel, libeccio.

    If you think you might have gotten 25 out of 35 right (the winning score) plan on trying out for the $50.00 prize, or some lesser prizes, on Saturday, January 27.
    Supposing you only get two or three right, at least you can have fun and support a worthwhile organization.

    Deming Friends of the Library is a club open to everybody. Its aim is to support Public Library services for the good of the community.

    For more information, call or visit the Marshall Memorial Library. The telephone number is 546-9202.