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Use the SPAMFilter on the zianet mail server to dramatically reduce the unwelcome email you get.
ZiaNet Technical Database Search

Over 300 articles the most common problems and how to resolve them, plus how-to instructions for the most popular Internet software.
Email Setup Instructions

Here is a list of instructions for how to set up different email clients to to download ZiaNet email.
Publishing your Web pages

A guide to how to publish your web pages on Zianet.
Support by Phone

You dial a local number to reach knowledgeable, friendly people who can help.
Support by Email

Report a problem or ask a question by email.
File Archive

A collection of the most useful files. A local download for speed and convenience.
Introduction to the Internet

Here is a collection of helpful links showing you what's on the Internet and how to do various things.
From the support desk...

A series of articles on the how-tos, where-fores, and other interesting tidbits of exploring and using the Internet.