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Madman Adventures Collection
by Mike Allred
Paperback: 110 pages
Kitchen Sink Press
ISBN: 087816314X
out of print
Madman is the ginchiest!

With this collection Mike and Laura Allred are just hitting their stride: the writing is tremendous, the art is superb, and the story makes you deeply care about this peculiar anti-hero who always seems just on the verge of chickening out. Highly recommended-- you'll read it at least a dozen times!

by Mike Allred, Mike Baron, Steve Rude,
& Bernie Mireault
Paperback: 80 pages
Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1569714045
Two of the wackiest crossovers in the tortured history of comics -- Nexus Meets Madman and Madman/The Jam -- are now stuffed kicking and screaming into a single package, bursting at the seams with rampaging robots, giant insects, optical illusions, and... well, the Gloved One. A four-alarm rush-hour pileup masterminded by the freshest creative talents in the industry. Boogaloo, baby!
This snappy collection of Madman guest appearances in the equally-cultish "Nexus" and "Jam" books makes a pleasant addition for fans and collectors of these respective authors and artists. As an introduction to either Madman, the Jam or the world of Nexus, it can be a little jarring, with only the basics to fill in newcomers. Still, the art is vibrantly alive and the stories zing along like a neighborhood big wheel race. It's not unusual for comics these days to have an attitude about them, but in these stories the feeling is one of pervasive whimsey. Bernie Mierault and Allred have collaborated before (and continue to do so) on the short, "Dr. Robot" and the one issue "Everyman". They share an artist's empathy and enthusiasm for their creation that leaps off the page in the back and forth collaboration of the two heroes. The universe within Mike Barron & Steve Rude's"Nexus" is already so hyper-detailed and complete, the only room left is for Allred to supply Madman with his trademark "ginchy" dialogue. But it's not such a bad thing. Bound together the stories have the effect of an exhibition of classic "Amazing Stories" pulp fiction art crossbred with the eye-popping post-modernism of Roy Lichtenstein. So, if you like what you see here kids, there's worlds of boundless artistic joys to be found in each one of these giants of modern comics own works. Check 'em out!
The G-Men from Hell
by Mike Allred
Paperback: 136 pages
Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1569715815
Frank Einstein has never led a normal life -- as far as he knows -- but lately his topsy-turvy times have been undeniably loony. In this fourth collection chronicling the life of comics` coolest undead guy, Frank goes from holiday giddiness to super-secret paranoia, friends become enemies, and sworn enemies become ... saviors? In this tome of 136 colorful pages, Frank makes amends with a beatnik ghoul, meets Santa Claus, gets his house fixed up, and goes on an unexpected adventure. It turns out fellow undead foes, Mattress and Crept, have gotten themselves in a snag, and it`s up to Frank to find out what`s up. Mysteries are explained, but there`s plenty of confusion to take its place. It`s a kooky book -- take a look!
From the Publisher
Judging from his polished and highly-accessible art, it might seem that Mike Allred has been drawing comics his entire life, but the popular writer/artist behind Madman and Red Rocket 7 actually came into comics relatively late in life. Allred's first career choice was broadcast media, and during a stint as a news reporter in Europe in the mid-'80s, he began storyboarding an original screenplay in his spare time. That storyboarding gave way to a new interest in graphic storytelling, and soon the ambitious Allred had created a small library of compelling alternative comics. Eventually, with the hopes of creating a character his young children could enjoy, Allred dreamed up the sweet and surreal Madman, a comic series about a Frankenstein-like character who finds new life as costumed superhero in the zany world of Snap City. Allred is a talented artist who enjoys creating music and filmmaking in his spare time. He lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife Laura (the award-winning colorist on most of his books), and his three children.
The Oddity Odyssey
by Michael D. Allred
Paperback: 144 pages
Kitchen Sink Press
ISBN: 0878163158
With Bonus Flip-Action Corners!

All too often, the creative talents behind comics waste their energies trying to put out what they believe the public wants to read. But the best work comes when one writes from the heart, and few do this better than Mike Allred. Madman is a hero like no other, and his charming, witty, and above all sincere journey of self-discovery will captivate you from beginning to end. The art--what can I say--it's great! A must-own.

208 pages
Dark Horse Comics, Inc.
ISBN: 1569713472
From the creator of MADMAN

Here is "hi-sci-fi" adventure for fans of pop culture.  This edition features a never before seen, 16-page gallery of rock 'n' roll portraits.

Fleeing a distant planet and the marauding extra-terrestrial conquerors taking it over, the original Red Rocket crash-lands on earth, near a coastal Oregon city. Near death, his robot guard made six clones to ensure that his lineage would continue. Each was imbued with a special aspect of the original`s personality.

Beginning in the mid-`50s, Seven wanders through the history of rock `n` roll, fulfilling a prophecy foretold in the scripture of a distant world. Red Rocket 7 goes on to make musical history with the biggest names in rock and roll--from Elvis and the Beatles to David Bowie, Nirvana, and more. Life isn`t just a party, though, because the evil Enfinites are on his heels the entire time.

Click HERE to order the Superman/Madman Hullabaloo by Mike Allred
by Mike Allred
Paperback: 96 pages
Dark Horse Comics
Co-published with DC Comics
ISBN: 1569713014
The Man of Steel meets the Man of Madness as two of comics’ most unique and revolutionary heroes cross over (and how)!  In each of their respective universes, Superman and Madman are involved in scientific experiments, the results of which propel the unsuspecting superbeings into one another’s worlds. The only thing is, each takes half of the other with him —creating two confused heroes and one big Hullabaloo!
The New York Daily News calls The Superman/Madman Hullabaloo! 
"...a contemporary classic!"
Can you imagine a Superman comic book in which another superhero, while sitting on a swing in a park, asks Superman if he believes in God? If you can, you might think it would be very difficult to pull off without being entirely silly (in a bad way). Well, give Mike Allred a great big prize for his wonderfully enjoyable and off-center comic book The Superman Madman Hullabaloo! Not only is there a conversation about the existence of God, this story features mutant underground street beatniks, a super zombie, a health-food food fight, and a skyscraper with legs. That Allred could get away with writing and drawing such a subversive take on one of the most tightly controlled characters in comics is, as Matt Wagner says in his introduction, a testament to the "Allred chutzpah."  Perhaps you are wondering what sort of hullabaloo this is. Mike Allred's lovable hero, Madman—a chap whose real identity is unknown even to himself, and who has no real superpowers—runs into Superman. Literally, in a cross-dimensional vehicle, he runs into Superman.
That collision leaves them both a bit mixed up, and they're going to have to go from Snap City to Metropolis and back to solve this one. It's no wonder the back cover proclaims this book is "more bizarre than Bizarro."
—Jim Pascoe,
New Beginnings
by Peter Milligan & Mike Allred
Paperback: 112 pages
Marvel Books
ISBN: 078510819X
They're rich. They're surrounded by groupies. They're hounded by the paparazzi. They have their own franchise souvenir store. Rockstars? No. Movie Stars? No. Superheroes? Absolutely. Like rockstars they're bought and sold by a multi-million dollar conglomerate. Like movie stars they're pampered and spoiled. That's why the X-Force have to be put away and replaced by a new batch of heroes.
Peter Milligan's brilliant story starts out with a bang and never lets up even to the last page. His impressions on the cult of celebrity and how it manages to corrupt even the most noble hero is sheer genius. Mike Allred's art has improved ten-fold since Madman and Red Rocket, and that's saying a helluva lot.

The new X-Force seem to be teetering between the forces of sheer greed and vanity against the old school principles of valiant herodom. The age old dilemma: to stay true to your ideals or sell out. The suicidal leader of the team is The Orphan, who bears an intentional resemblance to Kurt Cobain. Standing between her selfish desires for fame and fortune and her need to do the right thing is U-Go Girl, who reluctantly develops a crush on The Orphan. Will she be seduced by the sacred or by the profane? Read on. You won't be sorry.

Dimensions (in inches): 0.30 x 9.94 x 6.70
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