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Agate nodules and crystal geodes, the finest in rarity and quality in the world!

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Located two miles before Rockhound State Park on Rockhound Road (Highway 143)Baker Thunderegg with stalactites, Deming, New Mexico
6235 Stirrup Rd SE
Deming, New Mexico   88030
(575) 546-4021
What Are Thundereggs (Lithophysae)
Where To Find Thundereggs (Lithophysae)

How To Dig Thundereggs (Lithophysae) 
The Collection of the Geode Kid
How To Determine Proper Orientation for Successful Cutting
Baker Thunderegg Basics
Where To Find the Basin Range Volcanics Geolapidary Museum and Rockshop

Contribution to Petrochemical-mineralogical Characterization of Alteration Processes within the Marginal Facies of Rhyolitic Volcanics of Lower Permian Age, Thuringian Forest, Germany

Baker egg with stunning agate colors and banding, Deming, New Mexico
Baker egg with incredible agate colors and banding, Deming, New Mexico Baker Thunderegg, Deming, New Mexico

Baker with great agate and dark crystals, Deming, New Mexico

Baker Egg within an Egg, Deming, New Mexico

Tilt agate thunderegg, Rockhound State Park, Deming, New Mexico

Sagenite in carnelian agate, Baker Egg Mine, Deming, New MexicoDetailed descriptions of rare and bizarre formations are provided with many of the specimens in the museum collection.  In addition, we have a shop with fine thundereggs from many of the locations in the museum for sale-- geodes, nodules, and agate from New Mexico and the Western United States.

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Basin Range Volcanics Geolapidary Museum
6235 Stirrup Rd SE
Deming, New Mexico   88030

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