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Tales of the Talisman 1.1 Tales of the Talisman 1.1: travel with us to distant lands where dragons roam free and people fight for honor. Keep your wits, for cunning is more valuable than steel as young Willow finds when she faces the dragon Black Wing, and Nidoleo discovers when he matches wits with a warlord from an invading realm. Unfortunately, not all are clever. As you will see, poor Nikki Tyler should have traveled with us before going to Germany. The talisman will transport you to these lands and beyond; from the distant past, onwards to the future!

Join us as we celebrate the debut of Tales of the Talisman, the new magazine of Hadrosaur Productions and LBF Books. Inside you'll find science fiction, fantasy and horror by such authors as G.O. Clark, Mark Fewell, Vera Searles, Wesley Lambert and Neal Asher, author of the novels Cowl and The Skinner. You'll also find poetry by Christina Sng, Jim Dunlap and Rhysling-nominee Gary Every.

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